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Check the Rhyme
Props to Erykah Badu for following up a classic debut w/ Mama's Gun. Recorded in the Soulquarians era, Dilla, ?uestlove & James Poyser have a prominent role on the project. Songwriting + production are on point Standouts: Bag Lady, Time's a Wastin Happy 20th birthday Mama's Gun
21 Nov, 05:43 AM UTC
@RatedRnB @fatbellybella In Love With You. Bag Lady. Orange Moon. Didn’t Cha Know. Green Eyes. And On. Time’s A Wastin. Cleva. The whole fucking album honestly. A whole ass masterpiece. 🥺🧡
21 Nov, 08:27 AM UTC
My Villa
@RatedRnB @fatbellybella Bag Lady, On & On, In Love With You, Didn’t Cha Know
21 Nov, 06:40 AM UTC
Candice Frederick
Didn't Cha Know and Bag Lady are my two
21 Nov, 01:24 PM UTC
kfc twigs
...& On, Cleva, Bag Lady, Orange Moon, Time’s A Wastin and Green Eyes are all my favorite songs on here too because the album is... flawless
21 Nov, 11:55 AM UTC
Brandy Angelou
I'm in love witchu, bag lady, cleva, didn't cha know, times a wastin, green eyes
21 Nov, 01:20 PM UTC
🧶The Asexual ADOS🧶| ♌️🌞|♏️⬆️|♍️🌙
green eyes, time's a wastin', cleva, bag lady, …&on.
21 Nov, 01:23 PM UTC
MaBinti (diehard fan of the 2020 NBA Champions)
AD 2000, Didn’t Cha Know, Bag Lady
21 Nov, 12:58 PM UTC
EL Brooks
@RatedRnB @CherriLoveWaves @fatbellybella 1. Orange Moon 2. Bag Lady 3. Didn't Cha Know Nothing like a live Erykah Badu show. The blending of the voices & lyrics melts you
21 Nov, 02:19 PM UTC
bag lady, didn’t cha know, AD 2000
21 Nov, 01:51 PM UTC
Rya B🖤
Green Eyes, Bag Lady, Time’s a Wastin’....
21 Nov, 12:43 PM UTC
That was cute
Bag lady, didn’t cha know, in love with you
21 Nov, 12:08 PM UTC
Yellow Ivy
Didn’t Cha Know In Love With You Bag Lady
21 Nov, 11:54 AM UTC
Bag Lady is the truth. if you don’t hear the message you might got to much baggage on ya. pack light. remember: let it go.
21 Nov, 02:41 PM UTC
Dravid Mills
@ScottMorrisonMP (smoke) Best get the self confessed bag lady of Boothby @NicolleFlint to review the constitution.
21 Nov, 02:21 PM UTC
Listen....Bag Lady, Green Eyes, ...& on, Didn’t Cha Know, In Love with you......Mama’s Gun is a MASTERPIECE.
21 Nov, 02:21 PM UTC
@BoneLover1025 @fatbellybella Jam too! Bag Lady is kinda my theme song tho
21 Nov, 02:15 PM UTC
Didnt cha know, booty, and bag lady
21 Nov, 01:58 PM UTC
Kim Heath
@BrownieLB_1 I haven't worn anything but bag lady clothes since March - live being this comfy all the time!
21 Nov, 01:54 PM UTC
This Album is everything!!!!!! @fatbellybella my fav’s on this album is 1. Bag Lady 2. Didn’t Cha Know 3. & On
21 Nov, 01:53 PM UTC
Sierra Bravo
Kiss Me On My Neck, Green Eyes, Bag Lady
21 Nov, 01:49 PM UTC
Tia Mack
The harmonies in Bag Lady still amaze me to this day. The story behind it ❤️❤️. Whole damn album was insane.
21 Nov, 01:19 PM UTC
Ditnt Cha Know, Bag Lady & Orange Moon 🙌🏽
21 Nov, 01:18 PM UTC
Michelle Milewski
Bag Lady still hits me so hard.
21 Nov, 12:35 PM UTC
Scoobert Scooby Doo🦃🐕🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️👻🚙🔎
@RatedRnB @fatbellybella Didn’t Cha Know. AD 2000, Bag Lady. Love the whole thing!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
21 Nov, 12:03 PM UTC
In Love With You Bag Lady Green Eyes
21 Nov, 11:19 AM UTC
Jas. ✊🏾
Orange Moon Didn't Cha Know Bag Lady Green Eyes... Really the entire album is 😫 🙌🏾. Thank you @fatbellybella!🙏🏽
21 Nov, 11:05 AM UTC
tis the season 🎅🏾🎅🏾🎅🏾
Orange moon, didn't cha know, in love with you, bag lady, cleva, ad2000, times wasting The whole album, hell! Lol
21 Nov, 02:45 PM UTC
@BordeauxBlackVA Lets see. Deep voice thats so silky smooth you want to wrap yourself in it? Check! Dominant attitude with a pinch of the ever lovely sass? Check! I think youve got this one in the bag lady! And im sure that devs and listeners alike appreciate that kind of passion for your work!
21 Nov, 02:45 PM UTC

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