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Troy Aikman
Looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot of Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns in the years to come
16 Dec, 03:52 AM UTC
Skip Bayless
Baker Mayfield did just enough to win again, this time in a nationally televised road night game in one of the loudest stadium's. His fire is contagious, fueling the defense as well as the offense. Best rookie QB by far.
16 Dec, 04:35 AM UTC
Top 10 Most Dangerous Things in Human History 1. Baker Mayfield 2. Chuck Norris 3. The Black Plague 4. Nuclear Weapons 5. Cobra Venom 6. Razor Scooters to the Ankle 7. Hue Jackson being your head coach 8. Dinosaurs 9. Global Warming 10. Banana Peels
16 Dec, 04:45 AM UTC
NFL Research
Highest passer rating in the red zone this season: • Drew Brees - 117.2 • Baker Mayfield - 117.1 • Patrick Mahomes - 113.3 We’ll just leave that there... #Browns @Browns
16 Dec, 05:43 AM UTC
Skip Bayless
Baker Mayfield is changing life for Browns fans. Ever since Hue Jackson vs Todd Haley was eliminated, he has taken it up to a whole 'nother level.
16 Dec, 01:34 AM UTC
NFL Update
Baker Mayfield drops a DIME to Breshad Perriman (former Raven bust) for a 31-yard TD NFL Update's photo on Baker Mayfield
16 Dec, 01:29 AM UTC
Sports Nation Ohio
Browns win. 6-7-1. Still have a playoff chance. I love Baker Mayfield. Sports Nation Ohio's photo on Baker Mayfield
16 Dec, 04:28 AM UTC
Zac Jackson
There are Browns Starter coats and Baker Mayfield t-shirts all over Denver.
15 Dec, 03:56 PM UTC
NFL Research
Games with 2+ Pass TD this season Baker Mayfield - 7 All other 2018 1st Rd QBs combined - 8 #Browns @Browns
16 Dec, 03:54 AM UTC
Barry McCockiner
Baker Mayfield is making every team that passed on him in the draft regret it.
16 Dec, 01:28 AM UTC
Barry McCockiner
Baker Mayfield winning 6 games with the Browns in his rookie year is more impressive than anything Tom Brady has ever done.
16 Dec, 04:28 AM UTC
Andrew Hawkins
Remember when everyone called the reports of the Patriots trying to trade up for Baker Mayfield crazy?
16 Dec, 04:43 AM UTC
Ken Carman
First Browns win over Denver since 10-8-90. Nearly five years before Baker Mayfield was born.
16 Dec, 04:29 AM UTC
Keith Britton
#Browns Baker Mayfield on NFL Network on Freddie Kitchens: “He just is who he is. And if you don’t like him, he doesn’t really give a damn.”
16 Dec, 04:46 AM UTC
Sooner Gridiron
What are you gonna do when Baker Mania runs wild on you? Baker Mayfield 👏👏👏👏👏 Baker Mayfield 👏👏👏👏👏 Baker Mayfield 👏👏👏👏👏 #BoomerSooner | #Browns Sooner Gridiron's photo on Baker Mayfield
16 Dec, 04:46 AM UTC
92.3 The Fan
Baker Mayfield to the city of Cleveland
16 Dec, 04:32 AM UTC
Cleveland Browns
Baker Mayfield at the podium
16 Dec, 05:02 AM UTC
Aaron Goldhammer
Browns coaching wins: Gregg Williams - 4 in 6 games Hue Jackson - 3 in 40 games Browns QB wins: Baker Mayfield - 5 in 11 games Previous 9 starters combined - 4 in 54 games (one of those was Baker in relief of Tyrod)
16 Dec, 04:52 AM UTC
Jordan Zirm
Baker Mayfield has turned Breshad Perriman into Calvin Johnson wow what a time to be alive
16 Dec, 01:30 AM UTC
Keith Britton
With that TD to Callaway, #Browns QB Baker Mayfield in red zone this season: 16 TD 0 INT
16 Dec, 03:49 AM UTC
Tony Grossi
When told the Browns last won a game in Denver in 1990, Baker Mayfield shrugged & said, ‘And I was born 5 years later ‘
16 Dec, 05:55 AM UTC
Sooner Gridiron
Baker Mayfield's second TD pass of the game gives the Browns a fourth quarter lead. #OUDNA | #BoomerSooner | #Browns Sooner Gridiron's photo on Baker Mayfield
16 Dec, 03:50 AM UTC
Enrique Garay
Me encanta la resurrección de estos #Browns de la mano de Baker Mayfield Y me imagino esta maravillosa #NFL los próximos diez años con Mayfield, Mahomes, Josh Allen. Trubisky, Goff, Wentz, Luck, Carr. Qué maravilla.
16 Dec, 04:28 AM UTC
92.3 The Fan
Baker Mayfield to Antonio Callaway - touchdown. #Browns⁠ ⁠up 17-13! 92.3 The Fan's photo on Baker Mayfield
16 Dec, 03:49 AM UTC
Daryl Reaugh
Baker Mayfield and the Browns were crossing over to their plane as we trudged out on tarmac to ours. He was a bit giddy (and feeling dangerous no doubt) and brazenly stated to us that he could play goal. I don’t doubt him. #winner #boomer
16 Dec, 06:29 AM UTC
Keith Britton
#Browns Baker Mayfield on Kobe Bryant expressing Mamba mentality to team Friday: “I have a tremendous about of respect for Kobe. There’s nobody else in the world like him. It was so awesome to get to hear from him. I really enjoyed it.”
16 Dec, 05:10 AM UTC
Baker Mayfield's not messing around 😤 (via @thecheckdown) @bakermayfield #Browns FanSided's photo on Baker Mayfield
16 Dec, 01:32 AM UTC
Cameron Grant
Baker Mayfield looking at the Broncos. #Browns Cameron Grant's photo on Baker Mayfield
16 Dec, 03:53 AM UTC
Bob Pompeani
In his first year on the job, Baker Mayfield has 21 TD passes. The first #Browns QB to pass for 20 plus TD in 11 years = Derek Anderson
16 Dec, 06:06 AM UTC
Glenn Moore
Freddie Kitchens and Baker Mayfield #Browns Glenn Moore's photo on Baker Mayfield
16 Dec, 03:51 AM UTC
Owen Lademann
In #Browns⁠ 6 wins this season QB Baker Mayfield is 114/165 (69.09%) 1,443yds 11TDs 2INTs with a QBR of 113.27 So far this season he’s thrown for 3,065 yards with 21TDs and 11INTs with a QBR of 92.6
16 Dec, 06:58 AM UTC
Post Sports
Baker Mayfield has the Browns — yes, the Browns — still in playoff contention after knocking off the Broncos
16 Dec, 06:45 AM UTC
Going with Cleveland tonight Baker Mayfield Nick Chubbs Landry these them Dawg Pound Browns
16 Dec, 07:07 AM UTC
Nobody can squash a Kanye/Drake fake Twitter feud like Baker Mayfield can #Browns CleWest's photo on Baker Mayfield
16 Dec, 07:12 AM UTC
Anthony Leidy
Imagine getting paid to give your insight about football and then claiming Baker Mayfield isn’t 1st overall talent
16 Dec, 07:14 AM UTC
Soulja Mimz
Baker mayfield did what Johnny Manzeil couldn’t
16 Dec, 07:10 AM UTC
CFB Data Lab
@MoveTheSticks Bailing on any QB this soon is silly. With that said, other than Baker Mayfield they have all played like garbage so far. Not surprising, but if there have been flashes for the others they’ve been just that: flashes.
16 Dec, 07:10 AM UTC
H Man😉
Baker Mayfield is soo so good
16 Dec, 07:07 AM UTC
⚾️ Sierra ⚾️
Baker Mayfield is such a smokeshow
16 Dec, 07:06 AM UTC

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