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me comforting bakugo's mother after the death of her son @kleptofancy's photo on Bakugo
07 Aug, 02:27 PM UTC
Katsuki Bakugo. Manga: My Hero Academia [Ch.362] https://t.co/jvvvKrIeb3
07 Aug, 06:03 PM UTC
kremit || Commissions Full
Its funny how Bakugo's mom has so much porn partly because so many people hate Bakugo https://t.co/3CB759NHYo
07 Aug, 05:45 AM UTC
Athena-av art🧡💚New Stock & Preorders September 4
“_Losing a heart_” . #Izuku #bnha #mha #Deku #bakudeku #BKDK #ktdk #katsudeku #Bakugou #katsuki #KatsukiBakugo #Bakugo https://t.co/EogeOmvrRl
07 Aug, 09:16 PM UTC
Tort Elini
You can clearly see the fingerprints/bruises on Bakugo's neck from when Shigaraki strangled him 😭😭😭 ajkshdkashjdad HORIIIIIIIIIII #MHASpoilers #MHA362 https://t.co/xLFCjqVHYH
07 Aug, 03:25 PM UTC
Rin || Cms open || cliffhanger kween
#ktdk #bkdk more steampunk x fantasy au with blind deku how do they greet each other for deku to recognize bakugo? aside from his voice? bakugo lets deku caress his face https://t.co/ISAkWpHF02
07 Aug, 09:44 AM UTC
Kurai ⟠
If Horikoshi brings back Bakugo from this I want y'all to keep the same energy y'all had on Tabata with Hori https://t.co/u8qientn7w
07 Aug, 04:13 PM UTC
Deku consolando a la mamá de Bakugo https://t.co/VllS8L4GoQ
07 Aug, 02:26 PM UTC
My heart breaks for them too, they believed in Bakugo the most. They were responsible for him. Aizawa lost a friend, and now he has to add losing a student when he tried so hard to prepare them to avoid the same tragedy. Fuck. https://t.co/TgIhNXT9HD
07 Aug, 05:47 PM UTC
It's so tragic that bakugo could never allow himself to be the fan he always wanted to be around all might when they first met #MHA362 https://t.co/i8GNwIycPj
07 Aug, 03:11 PM UTC
akami 🪐
youre telling me bakugo died before the nigga that talks to animals
07 Aug, 06:20 PM UTC
Justice 💥 | COMMS OPEN | CW: Fruits Basket
Game Over. - Chp 362 Coloring! - #mha #MHASpoilers #mha362 #僕のヒーローアカデミ #bnha #bakugo https://t.co/mscKGaG0Z4
07 Aug, 09:21 PM UTC
“y’know, I think bakugo is the worst mha charact-” https://t.co/j79pRH2VhD
07 Aug, 02:07 PM UTC
Despite everything, Bakugo has without a doubt always been one of the best written characters in the series, it feels surreal seeing him finally come to accept the insecurities that he had. He couldn't have had a better ending to his character arc https://t.co/BT3ocpaY2H
07 Aug, 05:38 PM UTC
This scene of Endeavor and Bakugo training from the OVA is dope https://t.co/JSt9vRpejd
07 Aug, 02:35 AM UTC
𓍊𓋼 rae 𓋼𓍊
white lily #MHA362 #Bakugo https://t.co/WrgcOTx6qs
07 Aug, 10:39 PM UTC
Darkraimola 🥊Simbolista eterno🕊️
Estas fans de Bakugo.... https://t.co/PhHYnF2Tm7
07 Aug, 07:09 PM UTC
Most posts in the Horikoshi trend are "I believe in the words of Horikoshi sensei regarding Bakugo Katsuki (Jump Festa)"
07 Aug, 04:54 PM UTC
Larry Rohan🦋
*muere Bakugo* Deku automáticamente con su mamá https://t.co/RRTs8hGRlm
07 Aug, 10:54 PM UTC
アルハムドゥリッラー 🈴️🇯🇵
#MHA362 Katsuki Bakugo est l'un des plus grands personnages de sa génération. https://t.co/Cq9vIQtF5Z
07 Aug, 05:14 PM UTC
Praying Hori PoV switch. I can’t handle another week all about Bakugo discourse 😭
07 Aug, 05:20 PM UTC
vee @ ❤️‍🔥
endeavor 🤝 bakugo hating the fucking rain https://t.co/kLh3JXhqQE
07 Aug, 08:36 PM UTC
sab - hiatus 📌
GENTE ALGUEM FAZ UMA AU DE CASAIS ASSIM Ó. sla, kaminari tava saindo do quarto do shinso na mesma hora que o kirishima tava saindo da do bakugo. ai eles ficam naquela de "eu n conto se vc n contar" mas ja que alguem descobriu, eles podem falar sobre isso
07 Aug, 05:51 PM UTC
Bakugo’s death needs to be what Ace’s death was for One Piece. You absolutely should never take this back.
07 Aug, 11:19 PM UTC
My Hero Academia's latest cliffhanger shockingly killed off one of the biggest characters in the series: https://t.co/MXTmbDONao @ComicBook's photo on Bakugo
07 Aug, 08:35 PM UTC
rosie🌹 | kacchako-fan
I can't believe that after months later we are figuring out more things of this shot. Not me never connecting the dots that Bakugo here is under the rain??? 😭 https://t.co/9WDtxtJmvQ
07 Aug, 09:32 PM UTC
vani 🐼
y'all remember that tiktok of the person who was wearing a mask that had the jamaican flag on it and someone asked them in the comments if it was bakugo themed
07 Aug, 11:58 PM UTC
@Moon_KingZero Diosito por favor que sea todoroki y bakugo AMÉN
07 Aug, 11:58 PM UTC