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Super 70s Sports
Super Sky Point to Jim Bouton, who wrote a book that I read when I was fourteen that changed my life. When you get to heaven, smoke ‘em inside, Bulldog. #BallFour #RIP @Super70sSports's photo on #BallFour
11 Jul, 12:29 AM UTC
Baseball by BSmile
"Ball Four" author Jim Bouton talks with Johnny Carson about the knuckleball on The Tonight Show! (1977) #MLB #BallFour ~ RIP Jim... https://t.co/Cbq3jiF0sS
11 Jul, 01:04 AM UTC
Baseball by BSmile
RIP Jim Bouton - The former #Yankees pitcher and author of the all-time classic baseball book, “Ball Four”, has passed away at age 80. #MLB #BallFour https://t.co/WBMTz8NCRy
11 Jul, 12:03 AM UTC
Baseball by BSmile
In 1978, "Ball Four" author Jim Bouton completed a major league comeback with the Atlanta #Braves, getting a win vs. the San Francisco Giants! #MLB #BallFour ~ RIP Bulldog... https://t.co/ySLMuVfsUy
11 Jul, 12:45 AM UTC
Behind the Bag
“I can still remember Pete Rose, on the top step of the dugout screaming, “F**k you, Shakespeare.”" RIP Jim Bouton, the bard of baseball #BallFour https://t.co/Ma3XRPClb1
11 Jul, 06:39 AM UTC
Mikey Adams
The first 2 Major Leaguers I ever met were Dick Radatz and Jim Bouton in 1964. It was awesome to hear them talk about hitters. Later Jim Bouton came on @PlanetMikey and did an hour of great radio with Bill Lee. #BallFour #TheWrongStuff RIP Mr. Bouton and thank you. @MikeyAdams420's photo on #BallFour
11 Jul, 12:29 AM UTC
David Wild
#RIPJimBouton. #BallFour was one of the first books I ever read. #JimBouton made me love baseball AND writing even more -- because it showed me that both pastimes were enjoyed by real people. I am forever thankful he had the balls to write the truth. @Wildaboutmusic's photo on #BallFour
11 Jul, 01:03 AM UTC
Howard Weiner
RIP Jim Bouton . I wouldn't be a writer if it wasn't for Ball Four. He signed this copy of Ball Four for me after pitching a semi pro team to victory in July 96, Saugerties, NY. #ballfour https://t.co/udnpcuX17d
11 Jul, 02:58 AM UTC
Baseball Almanac
#RIP Jim Bouton [https://t.co/m1TyZ2z9Fp]. The Bulldog. RHP for #Yankees, #Pilots, #Astros, #Braves. 20-game winner in '63, won 2 #WorldSeries games in '64, but best known for his book, #BallFour. Go beyond just his stats on #BaseballAlmanac. #Topps @BaseballAlmanac's photo on #BallFour
11 Jul, 11:43 AM UTC
Dave Phillips
RIP #JimBouton He was way ahead of his time. From #BallFour 50 years ago https://t.co/F8nUqCFDbh
11 Jul, 02:50 AM UTC
Rich Tettemer
I was lucky enough to interview Jim Bouton a couple of times. He was funny, insightful & forever young. He's now smiling once again and reunited with his daughter Laurie. RIP Jim. https://t.co/xLjSOCOUIJ #JimBouton #BallFour #Yankees @MLB
11 Jul, 11:09 AM UTC
Maureen Milliken
Wow, #RIPJimBouton I found #BallFour when I was 13 at the house of someone I was babysitting for (a minister no less!) and never looked back. Probably read it three times before I was 20.
11 Jul, 10:38 AM UTC
Gottfried Emmanuel Schmer 🇦🇹
Nostalic memories of #JimBouton, #Mickey Mantle, #Yogi Berra & the rest of#NY #Yankees in #BallFour. Required reading for #mlb #fans. #RIP #journalism #best #book #Reading #readAwrite #BaseBall #BaseballLivesHere #bestseller https://t.co/1uzyRs8yhS
11 Jul, 08:58 AM UTC
Wearing this today as a tip of the cap to Jim Bouton. #RIP #BallFour #Pilots @streakersports https://t.co/mhz97Vo8Lk
11 Jul, 11:21 AM UTC
Paul Lombardo
RIP Jim Bouton, who was a great mentor to my cousin Rich who, under him won over 250 senior men’s Baseball games as a starting pitcher after age 50.. #BallFour
11 Jul, 08:39 AM UTC
Patrick Sperry
From my signed copy of Ball Four by Jim Bouton. #BallFour https://t.co/F65GUaeAID
11 Jul, 12:19 PM UTC
Dom Barlow
#BallFour changed the way I think about athletes. RIP Jim Bouton
11 Jul, 12:12 PM UTC
jay cowit
#BallFour and #Bouton are so important well BEYOND baseball or sports....that someone was willing to speak truth about how an institution works, and how it's stars are flawed, in a way that would cost him so much is utterly heroic. It stands the test of time more than most.
11 Jul, 11:59 AM UTC
Eric Magnuson
I was sad to learn that Jim Bouton passed away. His book #BallFour is poignant and deservedly legendary. But his life was far more interesting than just that chapter. This wonderfully written obituary by Bruce Weber seems a fitting tribute. #SeattlePilots https://t.co/lXbWcRc08D
11 Jul, 11:55 AM UTC
Bryan Marquard
Pitcher Jim Bouton's "Ball Four," published when I was in junior high, was a necessary antidote to childhood illusions. Terrific obit by @MattSchudel in @postobits @washingtonpost @bernsteinobits #JimBouton #BallFour https://t.co/Xdzx2NhNK3 via @BostonGlobe
11 Jul, 11:31 AM UTC
Demetrios Boutris
#JimBouton never let #BallFour' repercussions ruin him #JimBoutonRIP #LoveBaseball ⁦@aucoinderek⁩ ⁦@MLB_PLAYERS⁩ ⁦@Yankeeshttps://t.co/IUlaVqYOVM
11 Jul, 10:55 AM UTC
Robert Kaufman
#BallFour was one of the first books I ever read that was not assigned by a teacher. It's cliche but it changed the way I looked at sports, at writers, at athletes. This book & #PortnoysComplaint made me a reader.I wish love strength & vivid memories to his family. TY #JimBouton https://t.co/yGEMls6GkE
11 Jul, 09:32 AM UTC
Patrick Sperry
@Nojesrom That copy was stolen in the Cayman Islands about 8 years ago. The pages were literally falling out of the book because it had been read so many times by so many of my friends. #BallFour
11 Jul, 12:29 PM UTC
Patrick Sperry
One of the best pets of #BallFour was you can read it in a manner of what happened on this day during the 1969 season. To commemorate Jim Bouton’s death, July 10th’s entry. It was a good one. https://t.co/odpqSyR7oe
11 Jul, 12:27 PM UTC
@fmmercogliano @keithhernandez The first novel I ever read. My grandfather gave it to me when I was 8. I couldn’t put it down #BallFour
11 Jul, 12:25 PM UTC
Central Lancers Baseball
RIP Jim Bouton. You were a classic #MLB #BallFour
11 Jul, 12:24 PM UTC
Daniel Fogarty
RIP #JimBouton. #BallFour was and still is one of my favorite books. A masterpiece of sports writing.
11 Jul, 12:12 PM UTC
АЛЛАН🦁(like Mets est. 1962)
RIP Jim Bouton. “Ball Four” is and always will be in my library #BallFour
11 Jul, 12:06 PM UTC
Doug Miles
Remembering Yankees pitcher and author of "Ball Four" Jim Bouton who passed away at 80. https://t.co/nIlBbyak3x via @YouTube #jim bouton #ballfour #yankees #dougmilesmedia
11 Jul, 11:59 AM UTC
Jen McCatLady
Now Jim Bouton. #BallFour #Yankees https://t.co/ENY4L1WdPc
11 Jul, 11:57 AM UTC
Ellie Crystal
As we all like to tell our stories, Bouton's book #BallFour was a combination diary of his 1969 season and memoir of his years with the Yankees, Pilots, and Astros in a world where people are not supposed to tell what happens behind the scenes. https://t.co/nQRWP4Gdv1
11 Jul, 11:57 AM UTC
Stuart Shiffman
As the tributes to Jim Bouton come in, we should also remember Jim Brosnan whose book The Long Season paved the way for Bouton. #BallFour
11 Jul, 11:55 AM UTC
Jay Kondrk
RIP #Jimbouton before my time playing but loved #BallFour. Killed joe torre in it lol
11 Jul, 11:51 AM UTC
Bryan Marquard
Jim Bouton in his later years, captured poignantly and precisely in words and photos by Stan Grossfeld. An amazing profile. #JimBouton #BallFour @BostonGlobe @GlobeMetro @BGlobeSports @big_picture https://t.co/hWql2CFQrU via @BostonGlobe
11 Jul, 11:35 AM UTC
Rip Nottmeyer
A tip of the cap goes out to a good pitcher and one of the game's greatest characters in JIM BOUTON. #BallFour #ImGladYouDidntTakeItPersonally https://t.co/Ai4caXJqMg
11 Jul, 11:35 AM UTC
Paul Badertscher
So very sad. #BallFour had a huge impact on me as a teen - I’ve re-read it more than any other book. Bouton taught me that pro athletes can have a world view, and be articulate and funny as hell. 1/2 https://t.co/Bz6skf36BB
11 Jul, 11:29 AM UTC
David Koeppel
#JimBouton, Author of Tell-All Baseball Memoir #BallFour Dies at 80. Such an important book for me. So funny and influential. https://t.co/qXrR3iPm0b
11 Jul, 10:58 AM UTC
Book Collecting Now
Before #BallFour, sports memoirs were mostly generic, ghostwritten Triumphs of the Human Spirit rushed out immediately after a player's breakout season. After 1970? Publishers demanded dirt, color, life, the real story. #JimBouton improved an entire subgenre of books. R.I.P. https://t.co/edFU6zJRFp
11 Jul, 10:30 AM UTC
WFTV Channel 9
'#BallFour' author, former pitcher #JimBouton dead at 80 | Read more: https://t.co/fJ7FbH2MEj @WFTV's photo on #BallFour
11 Jul, 10:20 AM UTC
Daniel Paisner
game-changer... #JimBouton #BallFour https://t.co/nBndWp66u9
11 Jul, 10:15 AM UTC
Joseph DeCaro
#Yankees pitcher and #BallFour author #JimBouton dies at 80 https://t.co/fibept7u87
11 Jul, 10:11 AM UTC