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Kevin Acee
Major change on #Padres coaching staff: Darren Balsley to be replaced by Larry Rothschild.
08 Nov, 05:36 PM UTC
AJ Cassavell
The Padres continue to shake up their coaching staff. They’ve hired Larry Rothschild as pitching coach, replacing mainstay Darren Balsley.
08 Nov, 05:46 PM UTC
MLB Trade Rumors
Padres To Name Larry Rothschild Pitching Coach
08 Nov, 05:41 PM UTC
Save you a click: Padres hiring Rothschild as pitching coach. Balsley remains in org to work with minor leaguers, but takes a step back to spend more time with family. Hoffman and Barajas will remain with the team in undisclosed roles.
08 Nov, 05:45 PM UTC
Kevin Acee
“It’s hard to distance myself from the Padres. This is tough for me, growing up in San Diego, knowing this team is going to do well. I would like to help in any aspect.” Updated with reaction from Darren Balsley that make clear why he’ll be missed.
08 Nov, 06:24 PM UTC
Henry Schulman
Whoever gets the #SFGiants managing job would be very wise to consider Balsley. He has been a wonder worker in San Diego. Worked very well with his pitchers and got high marks from them.
08 Nov, 05:59 PM UTC
Keeping Balsley in the organization is a double win, nice work Preller
08 Nov, 05:39 PM UTC
Bill Shaikin
Darren Balsley had been the Padres' pitching coach since 2003. Rick Honeycutt had been the Dodgers' pitching coach since 2006. Both have been moved to new roles in their organizations.
08 Nov, 05:46 PM UTC
Marie Coronel
Darren Balsley may still be donning @Padres minor league brown. Per @sdutKevinAcee, Darren Balsley will be a special assistant working with @Padres minor league pitchers now that Larry Rothschild will serve as pitching coach.
08 Nov, 06:16 PM UTC
maybe now balsley can fix that man in the mirror
08 Nov, 05:57 PM UTC
Marie Coronel
Looks like Darren Balsley won’t be wearing brown...Larry Rothschild in & Darren Balsley out as @Padres pitching coach. Per @TheAthletic & @sdut. @10NewsCoronel's photo on Balsley
08 Nov, 06:07 PM UTC
Mister P
@LybargerBrewery @hochalicious @thestevenwoods Acee says Balsley will still be working with us on a different role, and wants to spend more time with his son who's about to start playing for SDSU.
08 Nov, 06:16 PM UTC
Tony ⚾️🐠
Sorry to see Balsley go. Good dude, great coach. Made some magic out there with some of the younger guys. #Padres
08 Nov, 06:19 PM UTC
William, washing kegs again
@hochalicious @thestevenwoods Balsley most likely is not the best in the business, and Rothschild brings manger experience. The staff needed a new voice and I guess not all of them can be young and new.
08 Nov, 06:13 PM UTC
Most likely scenario - Balsley asked AJ Preller to give him a lesser role so he could spend more time with his family.
08 Nov, 06:02 PM UTC
Ryan Cohen
@SimpleAsNat_ @R2C2 According to Acee, Balsley will still be working with minor leaguers in the Padres system. He wants to be closer to his son: "looking to spend more time with his son, a senior in high school who has committed to play at San Diego State."
08 Nov, 06:00 PM UTC
Billy C.
Confession: I’ve been a closet Balsley hater for a couple years now.
08 Nov, 05:53 PM UTC
Michael Nooris 🏌
Did Balsley find out he lost his job on Twitter?
08 Nov, 06:26 PM UTC
@hankschulman Let’s finally name a manager so we can make good coaching hires - like Balsley and others.
08 Nov, 06:25 PM UTC
John Macander
@NationPadres At least Bals staying with the Pads in a different capacity..... Padres to hire Larry Rothschild as pitching coach; Darren Balsley to work with minor leaguers
08 Nov, 06:06 PM UTC
Tyler Stoop
@thestevenwoods Balsley still on staff, maybe a meeting of minds?
08 Nov, 06:06 PM UTC
Hector Trujillo
@DSmithShow A very Balsley move
08 Nov, 06:05 PM UTC
“The Period Guy”
@crazycharisma Balsley stays in org.
08 Nov, 06:01 PM UTC
Paul Goldstein
@hankschulman That would be a Balsley thing to do.
08 Nov, 06:00 PM UTC
@AJCassavell Balsley is stepping down to a lesser role by request. Not fired. Relax.
08 Nov, 06:00 PM UTC
Nat Higgins 🧢
@AJCassavell Balsley was not the problem. I really don’t get this.
08 Nov, 05:59 PM UTC
Ian Reynolds
@RyanCohen24 @R2C2 I too feel mixed. Absolute great hire. However, I love some balsley
08 Nov, 06:38 PM UTC
Pog Lankford
@amsullinger @CalvesForDays @DSmithShow McGwire quit to spend more time with his kid so flying out to Ft. Wayne every now and then probably fits what Balsley wants.
08 Nov, 06:33 PM UTC

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