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Jerry Jeudy⁴
Bama WRU
18 Oct, 02:57 AM UTC
shannon sharpe
Every Bama wr can RUN FAST.
18 Oct, 02:46 AM UTC
Navajo Nation needs rides to vote, can anyone help?
18 Oct, 06:07 AM UTC
Jill Biden For FLOTUS
Can We Please get @DrBiden to 1M followers before November 3rd? Pass it on.
17 Oct, 05:35 PM UTC
Alexandra Chalupa
Steve Bannon is a terrorist more dangerous to the United States than Osama bin Laden ever was. He belongs in a high security prison for life. Any journalist or news outlet treating him as anything but a code red threat is aiding and abetting the enemy. Everyone is on notice.
18 Oct, 03:12 AM UTC
Georgia Bulldogs
Today is about who we are. Beat Bama. @UGAAthletics's photo on Bama
17 Oct, 01:01 PM UTC
제가 친구들한테 선물을 받았는데요...더보기
17 Oct, 02:58 PM UTC
Simone Eli
Kirby post game: “They out-coached us.” I love seeing people show respect to their parents.
18 Oct, 04:38 AM UTC
Alabama Football
Make it ✌️TDs @DeVontaSmith_6 Bama: 41 | Georgia: 24 #BamaFactor #RollTide @AlabamaFTBL's photo on Bama
18 Oct, 03:15 AM UTC
John Walters
Bama has allowed 72 points in the last 6 quarters. Their 2011 team allowed 105 in 13 games.
18 Oct, 01:51 AM UTC
The Checkdown
Bama defense comes up big again 💪 @AlabamaFTBL (via @SEConCBS) @thecheckdown's photo on Bama
18 Oct, 03:12 AM UTC
Stephen Garcia
Also, if I were to play against this bama defense, I woulda thrown for at least 3bills and 4tds. And that’s after an all nighter.... again. @StephenGarcia's photo on Bama
18 Oct, 03:32 AM UTC
Bleacher Report CFB
Georgia blows its third straight halftime lead vs. Bama: - 2018 CFP National Championship: led 13-0 - 2018 SEC Championship: led 21-14 - Tonight: led 24-20 (via @CBSSports) @BR_CFB's photo on Bama
18 Oct, 03:50 AM UTC
Ross Dellenger
#Bama and Georgia, Saban vs. Kirby, have now played 180 minutes of football over three games since 2017. The Bulldogs have led or been tied for 149 of those minutes, including 30 minutes in this game. They are 0-3.
18 Oct, 04:12 AM UTC
Sunce bamu da kishi, matsorata ne bama iya taimakon kanmu, almajirai ne, bamu da ilimi sai yawan banza 😭 Karya ne! Karya ne!! Karya ne!!! Mu nuna musu yawanmu bana banza bane kamar yadda muka nuna musu a lokacin zabe! AREWA MU FARKA! #EndInsecurity #SecureNorth #Achechijamaa
17 Oct, 08:50 PM UTC
Greg Renoff
~Remembering Edward Van Halen~ R.I.P. EVH Photo © Kevin Estrada
18 Oct, 02:36 AM UTC
Sunce bamu da kishi! @alinuhu bama bukatar muryarka akan Arewa, baza mu roqe ka ba! Yan Arewa sai da 'yan Kannywood sannan zamu sa wadannan hashtags #EndInsecurity #SecureNorth #Achechijamaa din suyi trending? We've the numbers, let's make it happen guys! Come on Arewa 💪
17 Oct, 08:31 PM UTC
Muhammad M Abba
Ali Nuhu's mother is from Bama LGA in Borno. A town that's ravaged by boko haram crisis. It was recently the people relocated after spending good 4 years in the IDP camp. I just wish she's alive to hear what her son said on security matter in north. #SecureNorrhNow #EndInsecurity
18 Oct, 06:50 AM UTC
Neal Boortz
In the 80s had a hot air balloon. Red with the Atlanta Flames “A”. Close enough that For several years Alabama invited me to fly out of the quad before their homecoming game. Always carried a Bama cheerleader. Interesting times.
18 Oct, 12:59 AM UTC
American Life🎣🐬💦⛈️🌧️🌩️
Public health officials in Minnesota have designated Donald Trump’s rally in the state a COVID outbreak after 367 people have been sickened. via @politicususa
18 Oct, 08:58 AM UTC
Jeffrey Levin
Covid delayed a wedding, upended jobs and took a loved one — all in one Nevada family: Covid-19 upended the León family's lives, delaying a wedding and disrupting jobs. But the biggest loss by far was the death of their mother.
18 Oct, 09:52 AM UTC
Jeff Rabinowitz
John Leguizamo slams Latino support for President Trump: 'It's self-defeating and selfish': John Leguizamo slammed Latino support of President Trump in a new interview with Real Time’s Bill Maher. “Latin people for Republicans are like roaches for Raid. Let’s just get real,”
18 Oct, 10:36 AM UTC
I’m done. If you’re a Bama fan, fucking tell me so I can delete your punk ass. Cheating ass scum bags
18 Oct, 02:57 AM UTC
Strictly Winners
🍰💰🏈9-0 Last 9 SAT. Cakes💰 🍰🏈💰3-0 CAKES TODAY 🍰💰💰 💰🍰🏈Miami over 46 💰💰💰 💰🍰🏈Ole Trash Under 78💰💰 💰🍰🏈Bama over 57 💰💰💰💰 DIDNT NEED THE 4th quarter for ANY OF THEM !!!! 😩🍰😩🍰😩 Stop playing with me! FR ! 💯 BLOW THIS UP ! 🙏🏾🚨 Retweet + Like 👍🏽❤️
18 Oct, 02:59 AM UTC
This the only dude I’ve seen on here that pull for a team 1-2 got beat by one of the worst teams in the SEC and still talking shit about Bama. Like you that ignorant bro. It’s gonna be a blow out.
18 Oct, 05:57 AM UTC
Ai bama fushi kadai ba Banda tallace tallace ba abunda ya iya🙄
18 Oct, 10:33 AM UTC
Alexander Stefka
„Bama“ ... Bäume in manchen, nicht allen, Regionen Österreichs. #ichgebeauf
18 Oct, 10:36 AM UTC
Biden Army
@EricTrump Biden bought in 1975 for $185,000, spent 21 years renovating and sold in 1996 for $1.2 million.
18 Oct, 09:51 AM UTC
George Somerville
In 4 weeks time we will be well into moving day at the Masters, a full slate of SEC games (incl Bama v LSU), the BIG10 will be underway & PAC12 will have started. And y’all thought 2020 has been a bad year....
17 Oct, 09:32 PM UTC
비계친구함 나랑 파는 애 겹치는애들만
18 Oct, 10:33 AM UTC

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