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Drowned in Sound ⚓️
RIP Jesus, you would have loved #BandcampFriday
02 Apr, 08:34 AM UTC
Chris Catalyst
It’s ACE FRIDAY - which means my new album KALEIDOSCOPES is OUT! I am immensely proud of this titanic technicolour dreamboat. Download it now at https://t.co/AcnRHluwjT - it’s #BandcampFriday, so they waive their fees to support artists during the pandemic. Share it if ya dig. X
02 Apr, 07:38 AM UTC
Kim Kelly
It’s #BandcampFriday, and Greek antifascist black metal phenoms @YovelBand will be donating all proceeds from the day to aid an imprisoned member of the Anarchist Collective Masovka (Μασόβκα) in Athens 🖤 #blackmetalfortheoppressed https://t.co/MVI4XHtpSl https://t.co/k8uCSoueVi
02 Apr, 07:05 PM UTC
本日は #BandcampFriday です。 rei harakami作品の音源を、WAVやAIFFでも購入可能です。 明日の16時まで、売上が全て、ハラカミさんのご家族とレーベルに還元されます。ぜひこの機会に、サポートして聴いて頂けると幸いです。 https://t.co/llqUNlNs6V https://t.co/PCBiF4lHL8
02 Apr, 11:36 AM UTC
RT PINNED acousticConductor
My 3rd album "I Can Be With You" is now available at https://t.co/KpQr4gIYK3 #BandcampFriday #nonbinarymusicians https://t.co/g7Tv17NPAh
02 Apr, 07:00 AM UTC
its #BandcampFriday and ‧͙⁺˚​*​・༓☾𝓈𝑜𝒻𝓉𝒸𝑜𝓇𝑒☽༓・​*​˚⁺‧͙ will 𝒪𝒩𝐿𝒴 be available 𝙏𝙊𝘿𝘼𝙔 consider it an NFT, except you can download the songs for $3.33 and laugh in all ur friends faces when i delete the album and 𝘜 *𝓗𝓐𝓥𝓔 𝓘𝓣* https://t.co/6eyktqxE4D
02 Apr, 07:04 AM UTC
Meishi Smile
Our New Album “Ressentiment” Drops May 14th! LP Pre-Orders Are Now Up For #BandcampFriday (100% Revenue to Artists Today) Includes 💿 Exclusive Ltd. Edition Demo CD (10+ Tracks) We Also Have “Artifacts of Resent” 📼 A VHS w/ Tons of Vids + More https://t.co/wee1grWAMY 🖤⛓ https://t.co/byj4SntS6j
02 Apr, 03:00 PM UTC
Jazz Is Dead
The long awaited 6th installment of our #jazzisdead series is here. The 🎷🐐 @bartz_gary’s full collaborative album with @AdrianYounge and @AliShaheed OUT NOW. Purchase via @Bandcamp today and support us directly as they waive their revenue fees for #bandcampfriday https://t.co/w40Oiozu2d
02 Apr, 01:07 PM UTC
Check the Rhyme
Doing a giveback today for #BandcampFriday Drop your (or an artist you like) Bandcamp links (individual projects or singles only) & I'll select 10 at random to support (pay for). Get those submissions in by midnight. https://t.co/ZTQLZoAvB6
02 Apr, 07:41 PM UTC
b o u t .~ 007
Hoje é dia de #BandcampFriday Dia onde o bandcamp repassa todo o valor das compras sem desconto prus produtores Não lancei nada novo hj, mas tem bastante coisa lá no meu perfil :) https://t.co/uUyVZL6NUE https://t.co/uUyVZL6NUE https://t.co/tqBdMp9s63
02 Apr, 02:25 PM UTC
i just turned 24 today & i just dropped a album EXCLUSIVELY ON BANDCAMP #BandcampFriday https://t.co/ybPIdcfOJR (will be on dsps 12 pm EST) https://t.co/FYYNTLwoKw
02 Apr, 05:54 PM UTC
RT PINNED acousticConductor
#BandcampFriday https://t.co/KpQr4gIYK3 #AutismAcceptanceMonth I'm a autistic / transgender musician! Help me pass my first album's download count this Bandcamp Friday!! https://t.co/AvR31evbdC
02 Apr, 08:41 PM UTC
dj genderfluid
omgggggggggg so happy i have some new music to share on #bandcampfriday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the loft remixes drop today on @WETTRAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope u enjoy them rave angels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox dj genderfluid https://t.co/pLriAr3ql2 https://t.co/zp0FRtNTmr
02 Apr, 02:30 PM UTC
Today is Bandcamp Friday everyone, feel free to drop the link to your band/project below. #BandcampFriday https://t.co/liSu2jfHlJ
02 Apr, 05:17 PM UTC
2:00AM Wake Up Call
It’s #BandcampFriday and I’ve got lots of cool things happening!! First, some live/acoustic cuts of songs from my upcoming LP6 Mall Fantasy. I’m super proud of these plus all $ goes to @intransitiveAR. Available for 24 hours only so go listen now!!! https://t.co/UNIue0JqxM 1/3 https://t.co/V6C9Np3Cvo
02 Apr, 01:00 PM UTC
Imka | Bio-Data Musician
Manyara for #BandcampFriday Use any of these codes below for a free copy of my plant-based album, "Manyara" when you use this link https://t.co/ANUgsF6Mfd Download codes: kavp-b39q n6g8-wx6z myu3-wp86 9t5m-hrbk y5yu-gd5t t6kv-uh2b tzn8-jjwx 2yat-yycp uhf3-kf9t (1/2)
02 Apr, 08:52 PM UTC
D̷ ̷R̷ ̷O̷ ̷I̷ ̷D̷ ̷R̷ ̷O̷ ̷Y̷
DROIDROY - 自己修復/Regeneration https://t.co/x6znlV2LSO https://t.co/x6znlV2LSO https://t.co/x6znlV2LSO #BandcampFriday https://t.co/ePajOlIl27
02 Apr, 11:16 PM UTC
Chel Wong's Back On Her Bullshit 🏳️‍⚧️ 🎵
The Now-Nominated OST for WATCH THIS SPACVE can be picked up for this months #BandcampFriday! Pick it up and my entire discography for under $20! (BandcampFriday is a day they waive their % cut, making it a great day to support artists!) Get it here: https://t.co/tjlHMeGodO https://t.co/tdbowGVRl9
02 Apr, 04:28 PM UTC
本日16時まで、決済手数料を除く売り上げの100%がアーティストとレーベルに還元されるbandcamp friday のキャンペーンが開催中です。 よろしくお願いいたします! #BandcampFriday https://t.co/HSH1LB0VXv https://t.co/3CRrfPKBhx
03 Apr, 12:11 AM UTC
My new album "I don't do games but I love them" just released !! https://t.co/naKyNgF0bb #chiptune #8bit #videogames #SunVox #BandcampFriday https://t.co/EBdtVfl6Zv
02 Apr, 06:15 PM UTC
#BandcampFriday 504090 | DFNS x OLASEGUN https://t.co/2yR4udRi5R
02 Apr, 01:22 PM UTC
Just copped @BloodmoneyPerez new joint. Support the homies #BandcampFriday https://t.co/0YlBRakODt
02 Apr, 07:36 PM UTC
daniel dekay |🔴LIVE|
spending the first hour of stream finishing up my #BandcampFriday cart then drinking beer & making (guitar) noise while hanging with the best community in the world. live now til late at https://t.co/a8OO4uEz61 🤘🏼 @TwitchMusic @Bandcamp
03 Apr, 12:17 AM UTC
Available on https://t.co/kPzdYPEXxX kindly go check them out. #BandcampFriday https://t.co/T00uK3kEl4
02 Apr, 07:21 PM UTC
Armageddon Speaking
if you like my tunes and my taste in tunes you're gonna love this. #BandcampFriday https://t.co/63LOMLxwc1
02 Apr, 08:05 PM UTC
I Am Snow Angel
▶︎ Drive Until I Find The Sun | by ⁦@AngelaSheik⁩ .... wow this is catchy. Support artists on this #bandcampfriday !!!⭐️⭐️⭐️ https://t.co/0kK1ezyZup
02 Apr, 06:10 PM UTC
Thankful for #BandcampFriday! My latest on @Bandcamp, "Mind Things"... #ambient #electronicmusic https://t.co/9qbaRdqFm3
02 Apr, 04:53 PM UTC
Trip Jacker
⭐️Just in time for #BandcampFriday⭐️ My latest track Neon Lights is now available on Bandcamp #newmusic #synthfam #EMAlliance #indiemusic #electro #synthpop #synth #NewMusicFriday #np https://t.co/Db5XlymQ7t
02 Apr, 03:28 PM UTC
THIS, a new album from David Breather: #BandcampFriday https://t.co/RXLRyGdRW6
02 Apr, 04:01 PM UTC