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Angry Staffer
That statement was so insane you can almost see Bannon sober up in disbelief
17 Sep, 04:52 PM UTC
Kate 🤍🇺🇸
Marjorie Taylor Greene told Steve Bannon she has been the “most effective member of Congress this session.” I agree. She effectively lost all her assignments, and effectively got herself canceled from society.
17 Sep, 04:20 PM UTC
Mr. Newberger
@RonFilipkowski @HStarshot HA. Even Steve Bannon did one of those Oliver Hardy looks to camera.
17 Sep, 01:34 PM UTC
Brian Klaas
This is why it baffles me that some people believe the best course of action is to just ignore Trump, Bannon, or Lindell. They are dangerous; they’re plotting to destroy democracy; and millions of converted zealots are listening for cues. We can’t just pretend they don’t exist.
17 Sep, 04:02 PM UTC
Joe Walsh
How can you tell America is in real trouble? Because Steve Bannon has a podcast and it gets “tens of millions of downloads.” Enough said.
17 Sep, 06:26 PM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
Ah look, the folks from Breitbart - which worked with white supremacists behind the scenes, via Bannon and Milo - are here to tell me about ‘gaslighting’ on the subject of white supremacist violence. Gotcha.
17 Sep, 02:48 PM UTC
Gabe Sanchez
Marjorie Taylor Greene: “I have been the most effective Member of Congress this session” Steve Bannon: 👀
17 Sep, 04:14 PM UTC
@RonFilipkowski Honestly, the most disturbing thing about this is that bannon still has any kind of forum and is not in jail. That in itself is really fucked up
17 Sep, 01:25 PM UTC
Badd Company
Bannon just keeps outing them🤷‍♂️
17 Sep, 04:41 PM UTC
D Villella ❄️
Notice even Bannon gave her the side-eye over that lie.
17 Sep, 02:00 PM UTC
Jennifer Cohn ✍🏻 📢
24/ I believe Bannon was arrested just before Trump’s PA visit. Will confirm tomorrow. I’ve got to sleep.
17 Sep, 05:28 AM UTC
Marjorie Taylor Greene tells Steve Bannon she has been the most effective member of Congress. Even Bannon is like gurl please stop it.
17 Sep, 03:10 PM UTC
Jennifer Cohn ✍🏻 📢
23/ Ernie Preate is a convicted felon. He represents Frank Scavo who organized buses to the insurrection from PA and who listed incriminating messages to social media during it. Sourced thread. Again, the Preates are very close to Bannon.
17 Sep, 05:25 AM UTC
Mike...Thats my name
@RonFilipkowski Even Bannon knew that was bs
17 Sep, 01:33 PM UTC
Ricky Davila
Why in the hell is QAnon terrorist Marjorie Taylor Greene on criminal Steve Bannon’s propaganda outlet lying about how her effectiveness to cause chaos when they should both be in prison for inciting insurrection and committing sedition. So tired of this shit.
17 Sep, 05:33 PM UTC
Mark Judson For Congress - Scorched Earth Dem 2022
"Even Bannon" is trending! I presume it's just a typo of "Evil"?
17 Sep, 02:58 PM UTC
Bannon’s show—which he uses to encourage Trump supporters to take over election processes—reportedly gets tens of millions of downloads.
17 Sep, 03:19 AM UTC
Jennifer Cohn ✍🏻 📢
22/ Read. Ernie Preate is from Scranton too. His daughters effectively run the PA GOP. The Preates are tight with Steve Bannon. One is his press Secretary.
17 Sep, 05:23 AM UTC
The USA Singers
When you’re too crazy for Steve Bannon… @TheUSASingers's photo on Bannon
17 Sep, 02:55 PM UTC
It's #ConstitutionDay and the Founding Fathers would be disgusted with DeSantis and Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick hawking Regeneron. Even Bannon does not know a d*** thing about the U.S. Constitution. RT if you agree #DerelictDeSantis is killing his constituents.
17 Sep, 02:55 PM UTC
cynara menezes
nos EUA, steve bannon está dizendo que na volta às aulas os especialistas vão forçar a conexão entre o uso de máscaras e a teoria crítica da raça (!!!). manter os pais com medo de mandar os filhos à escola é uma estratégia, gente. atentos!
17 Sep, 01:11 PM UTC
WTP have the power🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸 President Trump, they stole the election from him but he still has tremendous pressure on the outside. But you, you possess ALL the power just like the framers set it up. It is your decision that will be the decision executed.
16 Sep, 09:07 PM UTC
Phil Arballo
The congresswoman from #GA14 told Bannon she's the most effective member of Congress. Instead of just mocking, let's look at what that means. To politicians like her and @DevinNunes, success isn't about helping constituents, it's about attention and personal gain
17 Sep, 05:30 PM UTC
Jennifer Cohn ✍🏻 📢
25/ Yes, it was the same day. Bannon arrested 7:15am 8/20/2020 h/t @jagaiss
17 Sep, 05:40 PM UTC
Antonia Lee Donnelly
Even Bannon when Marjorie Taylor Greene tells him she's been the most effective member of Congress.
17 Sep, 03:31 PM UTC
𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐟𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐨𝐫 𝐀 𝐌𝐮𝐬𝐞 💬
"It is about a populist nationalist movement." Bannon Translation: It is about supremacy of one group of people over another by uniting the uneducated & authoritarians. How? A racist, twice impeached former, one-term President blatantly lauding J6 insurrectionists over Blacks
17 Sep, 04:55 PM UTC
Barão de Itararé
Como Steve Bannon usa o homeschooling como estratégia da extrema-direita
17 Sep, 06:57 PM UTC
Robert Lusetich
@WalshFreedom He is the head of the snake. Trump was an empty vessel floating on ambition until Bannon gave him a platform.
17 Sep, 06:27 PM UTC
Would someone ask Steve Bannon about why he's at war with other Americans.
17 Sep, 06:50 PM UTC
Steve Bannon loses bid to start right-wing political academy in Italy | Article [AMP] | Reuters
17 Sep, 04:28 PM UTC