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Elizabeth de la Vega
By purporting to "criticize"Trump publicly, Barr (and Trump) were trying to buttress their claim that Trump had not influenced Barr's decision to undermine the line prosecutors. This was not only a coordinated public relations move; it was also a coordinated legal defense move.
13 Feb, 11:40 PM UTC
Stone Prosecutor Who Resigned Could Testify And Spill The Beans On Barr And Trump via @politicususa
13 Feb, 01:31 PM UTC
Tetraites, The Regulator of Babylon.
By the time Barr and Trump are done with you, your lawyers will be begging for 7 to 9 years @RepAdamSchiff. What Durham has now is enough to put you way for a decade & he's not done yet. I look forward to your public trial that will be televised. Multiple indictment on the way.
13 Feb, 01:09 AM UTC
@ABC @PierreTABC The media is so stupid. This is clearly a CYA move. Of course Barr and Trump are in cahoots and orchestrated this is to sway public opinion that the DOJ is independent, but we aren’t stupid #ResignBarr
13 Feb, 10:23 PM UTC
Sarah Reese Jones
Rep. Val Demmings (D-FL) said that the Stone prosecutor who resigned could testify before the House and explain what’s happening at DOJ. via @politicususa
13 Feb, 01:46 AM UTC
Allen 🌊✊🏾🌈🇺🇸
Stone Prosecutor Who Resigned Could Testify And Spill The Beans On Barr And Trump via @politicususa
13 Feb, 06:22 PM UTC
Joe Lockhart
Barr said he won't be bullied by the President. That statement seems quite peculiar since it's not clear that Barr and Trump disagree on anything. So maybe the question should be why does Barr consistently side with POTUS over the career people at DOJ
14 Feb, 12:09 AM UTC
Devin Duke
It seems pretty obvious Barr and Trump planned this so they can say Barr's decision on Stone wasn't based on Trump's tweet.
14 Feb, 12:03 AM UTC
I think we need a HUGE march on DC! We need to put aside our activities and DEMAND that BARR and trump RESIGN! This time in our country is fragile, we may not even make it to Nov under this INSANITY! What do you say? WE are a FORCE, LET'S DO IT!🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
13 Feb, 08:47 PM UTC
Leah McElrath 🏳️‍🌈
This read by @Susan_Hennessey on the dance between Barr and Trump is worth your time. Bottom line is Barr is all-in for Trump and Trumpism. He is an ideologue and a religious fanatic. He will ride the Trump train into End Times if he can.
13 Feb, 10:40 PM UTC
Grant Stern
Today's news that the prosecutor whose office convicted Roger Stone is not just about one case. Cover Up General Barr and Trump maneuvered Liu out of the office to help Flynn too. #ImpeachBarrNow #ImpeachTrumpAgain
13 Feb, 09:12 PM UTC
Virginia Heffernan
A low, dishonest week in which Barr and Trump have kept hacking away at America’s support beams. Me ⁦⁦@latimesopinion⁩ :
13 Feb, 10:09 PM UTC
Deep Notion
Jonathan Kravitz, a renown prosecutor has a story that we need to hear! Another Marie Yavonovitch moment? Stone Prosecutor Who Resigned Could Testify And Spill The Beans On Barr And Trump via @politicususa
13 Feb, 05:09 AM UTC
Los Angeles Times
Column: William Barr and Trump have officially massacred the independence of the Justice Department (via @latimesopinion)
13 Feb, 08:03 PM UTC
Elizabeth de la Vega
@dcpoll @cdb224 No embarrassment at all. Barr and Trump orchestrated this. The WH just issued a statement saying that Trump is going to keep tweeting. Of course.
13 Feb, 11:44 PM UTC
cathy vogt
@PaulaReidCBS This whole thing was totally planned between Barr and Trump.
13 Feb, 10:59 PM UTC
Sassy Swifty 🇨🇦 🌊🌊
@BrianKarem @realDonaldTrump This is all a put on...Trust that Barr and Trump planned this BS to appease the growing negative publicity...Do not believe Barr!!!!!
13 Feb, 10:10 PM UTC
P Ebo
@RonBrownstein I can’t believe that press is falling for this. It’s a ploy to take heat off both Barr and Trump.
14 Feb, 12:30 AM UTC
John StormBComin III
@KarluskaP Barr has integrity. Trump speaks his mind, and has twitter to use. The Left is befuddled at both such things. Integrity is alien to them. And honest talking is also. Barr and Trump will work this out. Because Barr is right, and Trump will adjust to that.
13 Feb, 09:56 PM UTC
Coup Soda
Come on folks, William Barr and Trump are playing the dems... again.
13 Feb, 11:17 PM UTC
Betsy’s Ghost
@matthewamiller It’s a con job: Barr and Trump are playing bad cop and authoritarian cop.
13 Feb, 11:36 PM UTC
JoAnn Jackson
@funder @pipybur1 I didn’t believe this for one minute. Now the WH has issued a statement that says people are entitled to their own opinions. Definitely not a typical WH reaction and all the more reason not to believe this playacting between Barr and Trump.
13 Feb, 11:25 PM UTC
Season 🐿
Former Police Chief Rep. Val Demings knows a con when she sees one 🚓Thank goodness for her not sugar-coating it. Barr and trump "in cahoots" love it! #ResignBarr
14 Feb, 12:37 AM UTC
@RepValDemings Totally agree with what you just said on cnn. Barr and Trump are manipulating and in kahootz with Barr coming out and saying Trump should stop tweeting because it’s making Barr’s job harder. Yes, the American people see through this. Keep calling out thepresidentand hiscorruption
14 Feb, 12:12 AM UTC
Hap Connors
.@repvaldemings knows Barr and Trump are “in cahoots” on this press spin. #BarrLies
14 Feb, 12:11 AM UTC
Barr and trump are the same they are playing the media Barr’s statement or interview whatever remember he hits the podium early to confuse and mess up nothing changes Barr will protect trump that is why he took this job
14 Feb, 12:43 AM UTC
How About Pat?
@Acosta Of course not. Barr and trump had a long talk about the strategic benefits behind his “comments. Believe this.
14 Feb, 12:43 AM UTC
@SpiroAgnewGhost Barr and Trump plan the Good cop-bad cop act and their audience buys it hook line and sinker. They’re all fucken nuts!
14 Feb, 12:42 AM UTC
@EvanMcMullin Barr and Trump are corrupt. The reason Trump likes personal interaction is he uses charm and intimidation to corrupt others around him.
14 Feb, 12:39 AM UTC
Perry McCabe
Stone Prosecutor Who Resigned Could Testify And Spill The Beans On Barr And Trump -
14 Feb, 12:45 AM UTC