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Oh sh*t, Tom Barrack’s arrest is very bad news for Vanky. @IvankaTrump
20 Jul, 06:56 PM UTC
Rob Reiner
Thomas Barrack, Trump’s longtime friend and Inaugural Chairman, has been indicted for Federal Crimes. Rick Wilson strikes again: “Everything Trump touches dies.”
20 Jul, 11:03 PM UTC
Scott Dworkin
Here’s video I found of Donald and Ivanka Trump doing business in the United Arab Emirates. Trump’s inaugural fund chairman Tom Barrack was just arrested for illegally lobbying for the UAE. Let’s make this viral. @funder's photo on Barrack
20 Jul, 07:35 PM UTC
Ted Lieu
If the information regarding Tom Barrack is true, it’s more evidence that the former President was willing to advance the interests of foreign powers rather than the United States.
20 Jul, 07:31 PM UTC
How much of that 1.5 billion that UAE paid Tom Barrack for US policy favors did Trump get a taste of?
21 Jul, 01:45 AM UTC
Hearing that Tom Barrack, another trump crimey, was just nabbed by the feds means those criminals are circling the drain. Bring on the indictments.
20 Jul, 08:34 PM UTC
Spiro Agnew’s Ghost
Do NOT underestimate how important this massive indictment of Tom Barrack is re: his incredibly brazen work for UAE interests to influence Trump. It leads directly to Jared Kushner for interrelated reasons and in turn to Donald Trump.
20 Jul, 08:04 PM UTC
Tim Miller
Trump 2016 Rap Sheet. - Campaign Chairman (Manafort) - Campaign CEO (Bannon) - National Security Advisor (Flynn) - Deputy Campaign Manager (Gates) - Lawyer (Cohen) - Fixer (Stone) - Finance Chair (Barrack) Unprecedented
20 Jul, 06:58 PM UTC
Mark Mazzetti
One of the mysteries of Trump's first six months was why the administration came out of the gate so hot for Saudi and UAE--with Trump traveling to Saudi Arabia and then going along with the Qatar blockade. The Tom Barrack indictment explains a lot.
20 Jul, 07:13 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
DOJ statement on Tom Barrack describes "unlawful efforts to advance the interests of the United Arab Emirates in the U.S. at the direction of senior UAE officials by influencing the foreign policy positions of the campaign of a candidate in the 2016 U.S. presidential election."
20 Jul, 07:05 PM UTC
Kaivan Shroff
EIGHT Trump officials have been indicted on federal charges: Paul Manafort Steve Bannon Roger Stone Rick Gates Michael Flynn Michael Cohen George Papadopoulos Tom Barrack The Republican Party is a crime syndicate.
21 Jul, 02:38 AM UTC
David Corn
According to the Barrack indictment, Barrack discussed with Trump being named ambassador to UAE or being appointed a special envoy to the Middle East. Barrack then texted an alleged agent for the UAE: This "would give ABU DHABI more power!" So much for America First!
20 Jul, 10:00 PM UTC
Sandi Bachom
What do you want to bet this Barrack thing leads back to Kashoggi and Kuschner. It smells bad
20 Jul, 09:56 PM UTC
Scott Stedman
Tom Barrack got hit with the same charge as Maria Butina. He was a UAE spy, and media should say as much.
20 Jul, 09:46 PM UTC
Laurence Tribe
It’s a good sign that scummy dudes this high in the food chain are starting to get indicted and arrested — not for the sake of retribution but for accountability and deterrence
21 Jul, 04:51 AM UTC
Sandi Bachom
Barrack is spending a week in an LA county jail. He’s going to flip on Jared and Jr so fast will make your head swim. I spent 8 hours in the tombs I know what I’m talking about
21 Jul, 02:22 AM UTC
Palmer Report
Donald Trump's day so far: - Tom Barrack arrested - Barrack was money man for Trump and Kushner in the Middle East - Will he flip on them now? - Tom Brady mocks Trump while at White House with President Biden - Trump is going to prison - It's still only 6pm
20 Jul, 10:10 PM UTC
Palmer Report
That feeling when Trump fans hear “Barrack” has been arrested, and then find out it’s not Barack Obama
21 Jul, 05:47 AM UTC
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff
I was Tom Barrack’s Senior Advisor in the planning of Trumps presidential inauguration.
20 Jul, 09:29 PM UTC
Philip Bump
So Barrack (arrested) recommended Manafort (prison) to Trump, with Stone's (convicted) blessing, served with Gates (plea deal) and was one of Trump's top fundraisers along with Broidy (plea deal) — and this is only about half of the indictments/probes.
21 Jul, 03:10 AM UTC
Jesse Lee
The coverage of the Tom Barrack indictment, one of Trump’s closest friends, for illegal lobbying for the UAE, suggests to me that a lot of the shocking revelations about Trump & UAE have gone down the memory hole. Let’s revisit. (1/whatever)
21 Jul, 12:45 AM UTC
Glenn Kirschner
Is there anybody who believes Tom Barrack’s mega-criminal UAE grift was accomplished WITHOUT the knowledge of his longtime friend/associate/confidant Donald Trump? If so . . . bridges for sale.
21 Jul, 01:44 PM UTC
The third defendant in the Barrack case, according to DOJ, fled the country three days after being interviewed by law enforcement in LA in **April 2018** and hasn't been back. @nycsouthpaw's photo on Barrack
20 Jul, 11:48 PM UTC
Dirk Schwenk (Esq) 🎵
Just reading the US Attorneys' letter request to keep Barrack in custody in EDNY. It's pretty nice. A THREAD.
21 Jul, 02:49 AM UTC
Dirk Schwenk (Esq) 🎵
Kushner orchestrated the blockade of Qatar, and then took a bribe to lift it. Barrack ran interference against Qatar in their efforts to lift the blockade. THE SHARKS ARE CIRCLING, JARED.
21 Jul, 02:59 AM UTC
Turkey's special friend: Mike Flynn Emirates special friend: Tom Barrack Qatar's special friend: Elliot Broidy RU-backed Ukraine's special friend: Manafort Who else?
20 Jul, 08:30 PM UTC
Dirk Schwenk (Esq) 🎵
HOLY SHITBALLS. Part of Barrack's job was to stop a Camp David meeting with Qatar (our ally) over the blockade. THE BLOCKADE WAS ORCHESTRATED BY KUSHNER. @DirkSchwenk's photo on Barrack
21 Jul, 02:59 AM UTC
Joyce Alene
Trump ally Tom Barrack was indicted for acting as an unregistered agent of the UAE under 18 USC 951, a crime DOJ’s Nat’l Security Division has referred to as “espionage light” when describing it to the IG. (pg. 9) @JoyceWhiteVance's photo on Barrack
21 Jul, 11:46 AM UTC
Dirk Schwenk (Esq) 🎵
The UAE blockades an ally - Qatar - where we have a major military base. Barrack serves as a secret agent for the UAE, and promises to serve the UAE against the US and its ally Qatar. Hmmm ... that kinda sounds like treason. @DirkSchwenk's photo on Barrack
21 Jul, 03:07 AM UTC
Dirk Schwenk (Esq) 🎵
Dear MAGA, the Barrack that got arrested today for being a foreign agent of a Muslim nation was Trump's dude Thomas Barrack. Not the other one. Sorry about that.
21 Jul, 02:49 AM UTC