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"They've never made a Super Bowl when they had to go on the road at any point" -Bart Scott on the Patriots He forgot about the... - 2001 AFCCG @ PIT - 2004 AFCCG @ PIT - And just last year, AFCCG @ KC πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @FTBeard11's photo on Bart Scott
02 Dec, 03:34 PM UTC
Bart Scott says the Patriots have never won a playoff game on the road
02 Dec, 06:36 PM UTC
Dov Kleiman
They literally did it last year in Kansas City. Bart Scott fits right in with FS1, spouting dumb shit and hopes no one fact checks him.
02 Dec, 05:28 PM UTC
Mark Dondero
Bart Scott on the mark this morning. @MarkDondero's photo on Bart Scott
02 Dec, 01:35 PM UTC
Tom Sjostedt
@SavageBoston Hey Bart Scott check your facts dummy!!!
02 Dec, 07:08 PM UTC
@bbarringtonj my fav was Bart Scott of NFL on CBS popping off to say "Patriots never made a Super Bowl when they had to go on the road at any point" - conveniently erasing last years AFC Champ Game in KC as it did not fit the narrative (obvi, not only time NE won on road to get to SB)
02 Dec, 07:07 PM UTC
Gregory Clay
BART: @gregory_clay on Bart Scott"> @gregory_clay
02 Dec, 07:04 PM UTC
@FS1 obviously Bart Scott does not take his job with you seriously. Completely unprepared, all the time. Wish I had a boss like you guys...
02 Dec, 07:03 PM UTC
Al from paramus
@MaggieGray you got to tell Bart Scott to get his facts straight as far as the patriots not being able to win on the road in the playoffs! 2001 - AFC Championship Game at Pittsburgh: Beat Steelers 24-17 - Super Bowl XXXVI: Beat St. Louis Rams 20-17
02 Dec, 06:59 PM UTC
Too funny. Never? Just last year. And 2 more times against Pittsburgh. Thats 3 out of the 9 SB's they have been to in the Belichick era. Bart Scott is an idiot.
02 Dec, 06:58 PM UTC
Tommy-V. Southside Chicago
@michaelFhurley He’s still in concussion protocol... forgive him, And That Ass Kissing Pussy of A Host just sits there like a clown..... Too frightened to speak, as if Bart Scott is gonna Punch him for correcting him..... FS1 is getting As Bad as ESPN
02 Dec, 06:53 PM UTC
Bart Scott: putting his foot in his mouth since 2010 @BartScott57
02 Dec, 06:51 PM UTC

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