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Let's all just admire this feed from @Barzal_97 one more time. NHL's photo on Barzal
15 Mar, 02:19 AM UTC
The no chill zone is @Barzal_97's favorite zone. 😳 NHL's photo on Barzal
15 Mar, 01:36 AM UTC
New York Islanders
.@barzal_97 to @leeberr09. It doesn't get much better than this. 😍 New York Islanders's photo on Barzal
15 Mar, 02:09 AM UTC
How about that @Barzal_97 pass? 👀 NHL GIFs's photo on Barzal
15 Mar, 01:34 AM UTC
Yahoo Sports NHL
It's stressful just watching people try to defend Mat Barzal (🎥 @NHL) Yahoo Sports NHL's photo on Barzal
15 Mar, 01:46 AM UTC
Brian Compton
Barzal on the GWG: "I got pretty excited. I just kind of wanted it to develop; I wanted to see who was coming up with me. I knew I kind of had of a clear-cut [look], so fortunately it was Leesie. I wouldn't want it to be anyone else coming down on a 2-on-1." #Isles
15 Mar, 02:17 AM UTC
Lee’s face is basically the way the entire fan base looks at Barzal daily #isles #tankbarzal
15 Mar, 01:57 AM UTC
Eyes on Isles
Mat Barzal to Anders Lee. Perfection #Isles Eyes on Isles's photo on Barzal
15 Mar, 01:34 AM UTC
Anders Lee broke a tie with 2:57 remaining in the third period off a beautiful feed from Mathew Barzal and the Islanders defeated the Canadiens 2-1. Thomas Greiss made 33 saves.
15 Mar, 02:05 AM UTC
Eric Hornick
#TheSkinny on the #isles 2-1 win over the #Habs as NYI stay 2 points behind the Caps. Anders Lee with the winning goal with 2:53 to play off a great Barzal pass. Greiss now with best single season save % in club history! #NHL #NHLstats
15 Mar, 05:15 AM UTC
Barzal shitting on Domi to set up the game winning goal after Domi tried to start with Barzal earlier is sweet justice
15 Mar, 01:41 AM UTC
Lee buries Barzal's terrific dish Sent with @NHL
15 Mar, 03:55 AM UTC
Sporting News Canada
The #Isles are probably pretty happy to have Mathew Barzal’s stick skills on their team. (Via @NHL) Sporting News Canada's photo on Barzal
15 Mar, 03:02 AM UTC
Sean Cuthbert
Late to the party, but what a damn pass by Barzal. #isles 🔥🔥🔥
15 Mar, 03:57 AM UTC
Alex Soti
Just saw the game on DVR. 1. What a Goalie battle. 2. Carey Price is really one of the game’s most underappreciated stars. (I can’t see how MTL hasn’t put together teams good enough to push deep cup runs constantly) 3. Adam Pelech is developing. 4. Matt fucking Barzal. #isles
15 Mar, 05:34 AM UTC
Just Screw It
@AzorcanGlobal @NHL McDavid, Hall, Barzal.
15 Mar, 02:35 AM UTC
@bruinsinc i say the habs but i couldn't care less i wanted to see mat barzal 😭😭😭
15 Mar, 05:01 AM UTC
@woumaxx Was as much on Petry as it was Domi/Kulak. Have to take away pass. He didn't do that nor did he take away shooter. He may aswell not even have been there because his lack of commitment made the goaltender have to try to read both players. Tie up the pass. Let Price handle Barzal
15 Mar, 04:04 AM UTC
David St-Louis
@stock_guy1 @100percentburnt Petry couldn't really level with the other guy due to the speed difference after Barzal made him slow down. He had to make the decision to play Barzal as soon as NYI #13 exited the zone.
15 Mar, 03:48 AM UTC
John Fiorino
Yeah just in case the first time wasn’t enough, this was one hell of a pass by Barzal. #isles⁠ ⁠ John Fiorino's photo on Barzal
15 Mar, 05:40 AM UTC
@nhlbecca barzal pics or i riot
15 Mar, 04:43 AM UTC
I wish Peter Chiarelli had a Twitter handle. I’d tag him in every Barzal highlight until the day I die
15 Mar, 04:35 AM UTC
@fearlessflyer3 @NHL @Barzal_97 I guess lol
15 Mar, 04:11 AM UTC
@MaddyJ2019 @NHL @Barzal_97 It's like any major sport... A dunk is a dunk, but it is still cool to showcase.
15 Mar, 04:07 AM UTC
Brad Fisher
@AndyGraz_WFAN Barzal was getting hammered all night and still made his play. The kid is resilient in addition to being good.
15 Mar, 04:05 AM UTC
Att få vakna upp till att ha en Barzal I sitt lag, det skulle alla få göra. 🧒🏻. Det är omöjligt att stava Islanders utan Anders! #NHLse
15 Mar, 05:59 AM UTC
Everything Star Wars
Lee buries Barzal's terrific dish Sent with @NHL
15 Mar, 05:54 AM UTC
@MaddyJ2019 @fearlessflyer3 @NHL @Barzal_97 Stop being such a hater. He made a great play when his team needed him to with 3 minutes left in the game to get 2 points. With ignorant comments like that I’d guess you’re not even from Canada
15 Mar, 05:53 AM UTC
🎁Evan 🏒
Note: I didn't see the first & most of the second. I guess we didn't play all that well early... Anyway, not to place blame but to me, Petry, once again, didn't play the pass across...let Price handle Barzal & stop the high percentage play. That's the breaks sometimes 😬
15 Mar, 05:06 AM UTC
Steven Scheer
Barzal is just amazing! Huge 2 points!
15 Mar, 04:59 AM UTC
Max Domi got absolutely finessed by Mat Barzal for the GWG
15 Mar, 04:59 AM UTC
@IslesGirl3 That was a truly remarkable play by Barzal!
15 Mar, 04:55 AM UTC
Michael Mike T
@nyrdc2 @D_Bigg_Rigg @NHL @Barzal_97 and none of our players cried about Tavares like Lundqvist did when asked about Zuccarello leaving!!! too funny. so pathetic. Poor little sad butt hurt Rangers fan. lmao this is too easy. 😢😢😢🤣😂🤣😂
15 Mar, 04:42 AM UTC
Michael Mike T
@nyrdc2 @D_Bigg_Rigg @NHL @Barzal_97 Ha! we’re better without him. this is all about you being a butt hurt Rangers fan because the Islanders are going to make the playoffs this year. Chump. 😂🤣😂🤣🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
15 Mar, 04:38 AM UTC
Lose For Hughes
@gunky777 @D_Bigg_Rigg @NHL @Barzal_97 Damn you suck at chirping
15 Mar, 04:28 AM UTC
Evan B.
Sorry, disagree on 26. Played it pretty well. Barzal’s pass BETWEEN 26’s legs (who does that on purpose? - “nutmeg pass”?) was just sublime.
15 Mar, 04:24 AM UTC
Mike Blacquiere
@MSGNetworks The deception by Barzal is world class.... and those silky hands!!!
15 Mar, 03:59 AM UTC
@fearlessflyer3 @NHL @Barzal_97 Happens so much
15 Mar, 03:53 AM UTC
@fearlessflyer3 @NHL @Barzal_97 Do u watch nhl hockey? Lmao
15 Mar, 03:53 AM UTC
Isles Road Warrior Insider
@BComptonNHL Has he been referred to by that name before or did Barzal just make up a new nickname?
15 Mar, 03:47 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from Canada.

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