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4 years ago today, jonghyun officially debuted as soloist along with his first solo mini-album released. jonghyun was the 1st sm artist who went solo in 2015 and the 2nd member of shinee who went solo after taemin ♡ #종현아솔로데뷔4주년축하해 #베이스4주년 #BASE4thAnniversary ❅'s photo on #BASE4thAnniversary
11 Jan, 03:00 PM UTC

Happy #BASE4thAnniversary! ❤️💙💚💜 #종현아솔로데뷔4주년축하해 #베이스4주년 https://t.co/cyxK2OGjYl
11 Jan, 03:18 PM UTC
words by jjong
(Jonghyun talking about making his first mini album Base) #BASE4thAnniversary https://t.co/VBKPA4Wxew
11 Jan, 05:45 PM UTC

because the pain creates the room for take-off, i thank you for the "stretch" that pushed me forward. as always, i need you. https://t.co/SB8Nj5lh6b #종현아솔로데뷔4주년축하해 #베이스4주년 #BASE4thAnniversary ❅'s photo on #BASE4thAnniversary
11 Jan, 03:07 PM UTC
jonghyun smiling
happy fourth anniversary to our jonghyun’s debut album and the beginning of shinee’s plagiarism series! #BASE4thAnniversary #종현아솔로데뷔4주년축하해 jonghyun smiling's photo on #BASE4thAnniversary
11 Jan, 04:30 PM UTC
kiki_inufukurou ㅎㅅㅎ💫
✌️ㅎㅅㅎ #BASE4thAnniversary kiki_inufukurou ㅎㅅㅎ💫's photo on #BASE4thAnniversary
11 Jan, 05:14 PM UTC
종현이보다 종현이가 게쩔어요🦀쫑니파
최고의 명반 종현 바세 추천합니다 :) 1 2 3 #Base4thAnniversary 종현이보다 종현이가 게쩔어요🦀쫑니파's photo on #BASE4thAnniversary
11 Jan, 05:53 PM UTC
𝔹𝕖𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕖 𝕆𝕦𝕣 𝕊𝕡𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕘❄️
Remember when Jonghyun won in Music Core with Déjà-Boo and he played with Minho's arm and towards the end he bowed to everyone around him. Such a cute and humble Jonghyunnie💞 #BASE4thAnniversary 𝔹𝕖𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕖 𝕆𝕦𝕣 𝕊𝕡𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕘❄️'s photo on #BASE4thAnniversary
11 Jan, 03:32 PM UTC
#BASE4thAnniversary 선명하게 기억하고 있어 https://t.co/qsXoJSj1rS
11 Jan, 06:18 PM UTC
いつまでも色褪せない 聴く程に深みにはまる #종현아솔로데뷔4주년축하해 #베이스4주년 #BASE4thAnniversary おかゆ♡온유's photo on #BASE4thAnniversary
11 Jan, 03:13 PM UTC
[ #BASE4thAnniversary ] じょんのソロデビューミニアルバム「BASE」の発売から今日で4年ですね。 https://t.co/RZ8rZFmHtT
11 Jan, 03:00 PM UTC
#BASE4thAnniversary ᴠᴏɪᴄᴇ_냉둡온둡🐇💙's photo on #BASE4thAnniversary
11 Jan, 03:32 PM UTC
영원히 우리의 최고의 아티스트 종현 ㅎㅅㅎ💕 #Base4thAnniversary .'s photo on #BASE4thAnniversary
11 Jan, 03:57 PM UTC
💕🎉 명반 베이스 발매 4주년 축하해 ㅎㅅㅎ! #BASE4thAnniversary https://t.co/TYAfjc2ZhP
11 Jan, 03:09 PM UTC
김종현의 한마디
무대를 어떻게 이렇게 해..? 노래를 어떻게 이렇게 해..? 그저 매번 감탄 또 감탄 #BASE4thAnniversary #Crazy 김종현의 한마디's photo on #BASE4thAnniversary
11 Jan, 04:43 PM UTC
Jonghyun World
Há exatamente 4 anos (12/01/15), Jonghyun debutou oficialmente como artista solo com o mini-álbum 'BASE'. As always, I need you. ♥ #종현아솔로데뷔4주년축하해 #베이스4주년 #BASE4thAnniversary https://t.co/d80LAX4VGm
11 Jan, 08:08 PM UTC
💿📀 명반 BASE 4주년 💿📀 종현아 솔로 데뷔 4주년 정말 많이 축하해💚 #종현아솔로데뷔4주년축하해 #BASE4thAnniversary #베이스4주년 PureJelly's photo on #BASE4thAnniversary
11 Jan, 03:49 PM UTC
김종현의 한마디
#BASE4thAnniversary 종현 (JONGHYUN)의 The 1st Mini Album `BASE` - 추천합니다.  https://t.co/1TXoC2CVyM #Melon 김종현의 한마디's photo on #BASE4thAnniversary
11 Jan, 03:53 PM UTC
Shawol SHINee Chile
“En 5 horas y 30 minutos, será lanzado. ¡¡¡Mi primer mini-álbum solista BASSE (BASE)!!!” Trad. Inglés: iloveviewsh #베이스4주년 #BASE4thAnniversary https://t.co/9H4reqVefz
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
naya ☀️🌙✨
4 years ago you released your debut solo album and there was not a single song untouched by you. you gave us an album full of music of your own style, creations, and years of hard work. you are my pride forever and always ❤️ #BASE4thAnniversary naya ☀️🌙✨'s photo on #BASE4thAnniversary
11 Jan, 04:46 PM UTC
Congrats for your 4th year debut as a solo artist my love~ You are my friend, my inspiration,my idol, my no. 1 singer, my poet & my artist for eternity~ 💕 #BASE4thAnniversary 너의사람.리사's photo on #BASE4thAnniversary
11 Jan, 07:07 PM UTC
End of a Day 🌺
البوم BASE هو ما حول حلم جونغهيون ( ان يصبح فنان حقيقي يكتب و ينتج اغانيه بنفسه ) الى حقيقه. ذكرى ترسيم رابعه سعيده لنا جميعاً ♡ #Base4thAnniversary https://t.co/ITrqm5hcMx
11 Jan, 05:01 PM UTC
첫 솔로앨범 베이스 4주년 축하해 종현아❣️ #BASE4thAnniversary 🐬ᴡʜᴀᴛᴀᴇᴍδvδ🍑's photo on #BASE4thAnniversary
11 Jan, 04:25 PM UTC
한곡한곡 다 너무 소중했던 종현이 첫 솔로앨범 베이스 언제 들어도 최고야 #BASE4thAnniversary 푸른봄's photo on #BASE4thAnniversary
11 Jan, 04:07 PM UTC
Mitang 🍯🐝 周觅
Already 4years! 💕 #베이스4주년 #BASE4thAnniversary https://t.co/jLDkrdsnEq
11 Jan, 08:58 PM UTC
Ya son 4 años de esta obra de arte que hizo nuestro querido Jonghyunnie 💖, uno de mis álbumes favoritos 💕 #BASE4thAnniversary ♡ •тαєяι♡•'s photo on #BASE4thAnniversary
11 Jan, 05:02 PM UTC
[It's this masterpiece's anniversary! 💿💐] Comment:👇 "OMFG handcuff's!! sm why do that to us - but his puppy eye's are still puppy eyes even with his gaze aigoo this sexy boy, looking forward to the full mv<3". ©SMTOWN #BASE4thAnniversary #BASE_TeaserVideo #Jonghyun #SHINee ShawolfunnyYTcomments's photo on #BASE4thAnniversary
11 Jan, 10:32 PM UTC
ᴢᴇʟ¹²⁷ 🌻
this was the first video i saw of shinee apart from their mvs and i instantly loved all of them. i wish i had stanned them sooner but i was still new to kpop and only stanned one group #BASE4thAnniversary https://t.co/jpqYvo6uFP
11 Jan, 11:27 PM UTC

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