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The hustle by Bazemore. The slam by Oubre. 😤 @NBATV's photo on Bazemore
13 Jan, 05:16 AM UTC
Warriors on NBCS
Bazemore bringing the all the energy and effort @NBCSWarriors's photo on Bazemore
13 Jan, 05:14 AM UTC
Grant Liffmann
According to @bball_ref... Warriors players with best defensive rating (per 100 poss): 1) Wiseman 2) Oubre 3) Green 4) Toscano-Anderson 5) Wanamaker 6) Bazemore 7) Lee 8) Looney 9) Wiggins 10) Curry 11) Mulder 12) Paschall 13) Poole
12 Jan, 06:18 PM UTC
Alex. 👋.
Great hustle by Kent Bazemore and Kelly Oubre with a strong dunk.
13 Jan, 05:13 AM UTC
Corneta Warriors
como não deram essa falta no Bazemore
13 Jan, 05:28 AM UTC
NBA Latam
El esfuerzo de Bazemore y la volcada de Kelly Oubre Jr. en la Phantom Cam 🎥 #AlwaysGame 85 #DubNation 88 @NBALatam's photo on Bazemore
13 Jan, 05:38 AM UTC
John Dickinson
The Wiseman, Wiggins, Lee, Bazemore, Wanamaker group has been outscored 24-9 tonight at the start of 2nd/4th quarters
13 Jan, 05:30 AM UTC
Sam Yusim
@antonin_org Bazemore got absolutely hammered in the lane there by 3 players smh 🤦🏻‍♂️
13 Jan, 05:29 AM UTC
Isolation NBA
Bazemore la roba y salva con un caño 😱 Kelly Oubre Jr hace lo suyo 💪
13 Jan, 05:13 AM UTC
Bazemore driving the lane (no whistle).
13 Jan, 05:31 AM UTC
Nate Duncan
Mulder in for Bazemore, who really struggled offensively in this stint despite the defensive heroics
13 Jan, 05:30 AM UTC
Thank god for Bazemore
13 Jan, 05:26 AM UTC
Tom Baker (he/him)
@GSWFastBreak The defense is promising. Bazemore looks good. Nice confidence from Lee. Wiseman is learning well. Want to see more Wiggins cuts. They might’ve taken it tonight if they had Paschall.
13 Jan, 06:05 AM UTC
Golden State LATAM
ESTADÍSTICAS FINALES 📊 Wiggins: 22pts / 7reb/ 3 asi./5blo. Stephen: 20pts/4 reb/3 asi Kelly: 17pts/5 reb/2 asi/1b Damion Lee: 12pts/3 reb Wiseman: 8pts/9 reb/2 blo. Draymond: 7pts/6 reb/10asi. Looney: 3pts/9reb/1a Bazemore: 3pts/2 reb/3 asi Mulder: 3 pts
13 Jan, 06:17 AM UTC
Dev Shah
@antonin_org Bazemore just got bumper car’d between 3 dudes and he can’t get a call 😂. On our home court as well
13 Jan, 05:29 AM UTC
@Jackofenton @thauvinho_jr @DubNationFr Sans paschall on a personne pour marsue des points . Wanamaker bazemore mulder c beau mais cest 0 en attaque. Si ta pds curry a 30 pts tu aggane pas. Oubre na meme pas joue le début du 4ème QT avec la 2nd unit ... Imaginez commencer un 4ème QT avec lee wiggins Brad mulder loney
13 Jan, 06:03 AM UTC
water jug
@DeadPresPicks i took the 2h over, absolutely disgusting offensive basketball, wiggins is fucking awful kent bazemore should fucking retire
13 Jan, 05:43 AM UTC
Abraham ♱
Imagine if we had Kent Bazemore, our defense would've been even better. But Im still happy with Wesley cause of his 3 point shot
13 Jan, 05:32 AM UTC
@antonin_org Fr wtf was that bazemore was literally squished to death
13 Jan, 05:30 AM UTC
Lance Smith
Kent Bazemore is such a good defensive playmaker and usually a solid perimeter stopper. But he has some of the absolute worst off-ball lapses you’ll see
13 Jan, 05:29 AM UTC
dubzinho warriors (6-5)
Bazemore é monstro dms na defesa
13 Jan, 05:26 AM UTC
DubNation 💙💛 (6-5)
ESTADISTICAS📊 Final Wiggins: 22pts/7reb/3ast Curry: 20pts/4reb/3ast Oubre: 17pts/5reb/2ast Lee: 12pts/3reb Wiseman: 8pts/9reb Green: 7pts/6reb/10ast Looney: 3pts/9reb/1ast Bazemore: 3pts/2reb/3ast Mulder: 3pts Wanamaker: 1reb/3ast #DubNation
13 Jan, 06:13 AM UTC
Kent Bazemore stan
@TheTenthComing Yall outplayed us I give credit 👏
13 Jan, 06:05 AM UTC
@ReanimatedMyron Refs were literally ass especially tjay blonde girl on that bazemore play he legitimately got squished
13 Jan, 06:01 AM UTC
Ryan Mason
Warriors blew this game with Bazemore and Wanamaker min... Those guys were awful
13 Jan, 05:53 AM UTC
Sameer Tamimi
@mrclarkinc Feel like lee gives a balance to the second unit...bazemore and wannamaker don't shoot enough
13 Jan, 05:40 AM UTC
Darryl Cartwright Jr
Mulder, Lee, paschall, and bazemore going be key for playoffs
13 Jan, 05:37 AM UTC
Jake 🏀
@bazemore_stan He’s one of the best rim protectors, and he’s quick on his feet and disciplined so he can guard the perimeter on a switch. Should be getting DPOY consideration
13 Jan, 05:33 AM UTC
Daniel Martinez
@GSWarriorsLATAM Es que la segunda unidad depende de wiggings y paschall, bazemore y lee son muy buenos nos aportan en defensa y ataque pero no pueden crearse tiros y todo depende wiggings y si quitas a paschall de la zona es solo vs el mundo porque wiseman solo entra al partido a hacer fouls
13 Jan, 05:33 AM UTC
Bazemore will play some incredible defense then turn the ball over. What is this?
13 Jan, 05:31 AM UTC

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