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Awit Awards
.@SB19Official takes home the Best Pop Recording award for their single ‘Bazinga’ under Sony Music Entertainment Philippines at tonight’s Awit Awards 2022 ceremonies live at the Newport Performing Arts Theater! Congratulations! #AwitAwards2022 https://t.co/u5X08AxSZE
23 Nov, 02:13 PM UTC
Awit Awards
Kudos to @SB19Official for bagging the Best Dance Recording win in tonight’s Awit Awards 2022 for their single ‘Bazinga,’ released under Sony Music Entertainment Philippines! Follow @awitawards and @myxglobal on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more #AwitAwards2022 updates. @AwitAwards's media on Bazinga">https://t.co/wH0HTaazHK
23 Nov, 01:19 PM UTC
❖ ACE 🍓
#SB19 at #AwitAwards2022 🏆 Best Global Recording - WHAT? 🏆 Best Vocal Arrangement - MAPA 🏆 Best Dance Recording - BAZINGA 🏆 Best Pop Song - BAZINGA 🏆 Most Streamed Song - MAPA 🏆 Most Streamed Artist - SB19 🏆 Best Performance By A Group Recording Artist- MAPA
23 Nov, 03:20 PM UTC
sunflower 📼
SME looking so proud going up on stagge in behalf of SB19 @sonymusicph 🥺 Congrats Bazinga!! @SB19Official #SB19 #AwitAwards2022 https://t.co/K3HZjpoXIE
23 Nov, 01:20 PM UTC
Maj - ia
Bazinga by SB19 is currently sitting at #7 at the BBHTS 24hr chart keep streaming Bazinga https://t.co/EqXcgPHiHH
24 Nov, 06:16 AM UTC
CONGRATULATIONS SB19 for winning seven awards during the #AwitAwards2022 Best Performance by a Group Recording Artist | MAPA, SB19 Most Streamed Artist | SB19 Most Streamed Song | MAPA, SB19 Best Pop Recording | Bazinga, SB19 #SB19 #ATin #Bazinga #MapaSB19 #Congratulations #KTXPH https://t.co/A7fafKD1yX
24 Nov, 07:11 AM UTC
SB19 BillboardHotTrending Charts | Votingteam📋📊
The Boss is back at number 7! Let's go bang once again to one of Awit Awards' hakot awardees — Bazinga by SB19! https://t.co/eAEXoDTyj2
24 Nov, 06:26 AM UTC
Di pa tapos ang rule ni Bazinga sa BBHTS🔥😳 Bazinga enter #7 in Hot Trending Song daily index chart. @SB19Official #SB19 #Bazinga https://t.co/ZnvafiWoLG
24 Nov, 06:28 AM UTC
❖ ACE 🍓
Bazinga is comfortably sitting at no.7! Kapatid mong ayaw mag pasapaw. @SB19Official #SB19 https://t.co/KUGMbCz8Hs
24 Nov, 06:28 AM UTC
Tag Warriors ⚔️ Officials 🇵🇭 
🚨 BBHTS UPDATES as now BAZINGA by the Southeast Asia’s Supergroup @SB19Official is debuted and currently at #7 on #HotTrendingSongs    24-Hour chart. https://t.co/mo6GSiSXX6
24 Nov, 06:30 AM UTC
Andro Amadeus Chavez
📣 BREAKING! Who’s the boss now? BAZINGA is back in the #HotTrendingSongs chart at #7! @SB19Official #SB19 https://t.co/8pSvmi0NSb
24 Nov, 06:59 AM UTC
HAHAHAHAHA. Bazinga niyo No.6 na. Hahahahahahaha. I'm so proud of you. Angas ng song niyo SB19. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. https://t.co/N7KxyfVcHc
24 Nov, 07:17 AM UTC
JM Calosa
Bazinga by SB19 is currently back at Billboard Hot Trending Songs peak at #7. 🔥 May significant talaga ang 7 satin ✨ it's the second time charting in this Category. @SB19Official #STANWORLD #SWBlackFriday #SB19    A'TIN #RAWRAWARDS2022 https://t.co/hdTCF9iVfl
24 Nov, 06:26 AM UTC
SB19 Billboard 🔥 Trending Songs
🔥 Bazinga re-entered the #HotTrendingSongs 24-Hour Chart at #7! Hail to the P-Pop Kings @SB19Official! And of course, congratulations A’TIN all over the world! https://t.co/BpnRru4qQe
24 Nov, 07:06 AM UTC
.@SB19Official's "Bazinga" returns on Billboard Hot Trending Songs Powered by Twitter (24hr Real-Time Chart) charting at #6. https://t.co/7kvfwHQJa5
24 Nov, 08:44 AM UTC
It would be nice to see Bazinga and WYAT (Where You At) on the same chart no? WAAAAAAH. The best bardahan sana un ng mga songs ng SB19. https://t.co/txTNDlqhpQ
24 Nov, 07:23 AM UTC
Knoah Lucho Chavez
Bazinga by SB19 is a song about strength and courage! Kaya kahit ang unos raban!
23 Nov, 03:22 PM UTC
JM Calosa
Bazinga did a Record Breaking in its first time Charting on BBHTS being the First Filipino song to reach the Category. It also holds the record with 7 weeks at #1. WHO'S THE BOSS NOW🔥 @SB19Official #SB19
24 Nov, 06:32 AM UTC
MGA KAMPON NG MANA ORAS NANG MAGHASIK NG LAGIM! WAG NANG MAG TAGO SA DILIM! Engage to all MANA tweets mga mananaggal! Kung kaya ni Bazinga at ni WYAT (Where You At) kaya din yan ni MANA.
24 Nov, 07:23 AM UTC
Knoah Lucho Chavez
I cried like a little child! Bazinga by SB19 is back at number 7! Hindi man kita naabutan noon sa BBHTS, babawi ako sa'yo ngayon. #HotTrendingSongs https://t.co/gD8kvXuIuL
24 Nov, 06:55 AM UTC
Andro Amadeus Chavez
Mga friendship!!! Kompletuhin na natin ang power four sa #HotTrendingSongs Chart! ✅ BAZINGA ✅ WYAT (Where You At) MAPA WHAT? @SB19Official #SB19 https://t.co/3HKLCUqLC1
24 Nov, 07:13 AM UTC
ℝ𝕠𝕣𝕒1608 {鋼の心} ~
Bazinga is that song that is never gonna die no matter what.
24 Nov, 07:25 AM UTC
A’TIN Thailand 🇵🇭💙🇹🇭
[1/2] Congrats to our P-pop Kings SB19 for winning 7 Awit Awards 💙 🏆 Best Global Recording - WHAT? 🏆 Best Vocal Arrangement - MAPA 🏆 Best Dance Recording - BAZINGA 🏆 Best Pop Song - BAZINGA SB19 HAKOT AWIT AWARDS @SB19Official #SB19        #SB19atAwitAwards2022 https://t.co/Jc65eFq9rh
23 Nov, 03:32 PM UTC
Cha | ⓣ💙 | 👑ₐ'ₜᵢₙ ₘᵢₗₗₑₙₙᵢₐₗₛ
Since Bazinga is back on the charts at #7, let's stream ng MV para mag 7M na! https://t.co/SLYd4LFOs1
24 Nov, 06:42 AM UTC
Dani ❤ || INJ⁰⁰⁶⁹🔥
Bazinga effortlessly entering #7 in BBHTS. Meanwhile, WYAT (Where You At) be like: @SB19Official #SB19 https://t.co/4FO0kk0WjU https://t.co/u3psm8znyI
24 Nov, 06:42 AM UTC
nics spoiled ni nek |🇺🇸|ҳʑ ₀₃ 🃏|
hoy po! anong MAPA and WYAT (Where You At) sa BBTHS para kasama si Bazinga?😌 @SB19Official #SB19
24 Nov, 06:49 AM UTC
|⚔️ | 48 | fhilmarieheart curay
WYAT (where you at) I didnt see you your brother #Bazinga_SB19 Is back at the chart hope you'll meet and chart together in billboard #HotTrendingSongs https://t.co/5AZie4aAaw
24 Nov, 07:10 AM UTC
Ms.J 🖤🐥
I'm sure da reason why Bazinga back again the BBHTS kasi andaming engagements since last night from #AwitAwards2022 tapos lahat pa big accounts mg ibon or fb madaming engagement.Soo surreal if everyone's in da fandom will talked about SB19 song's ay baka pakyawin natin ang charts
24 Nov, 07:17 AM UTC
|⚔️|72| DraKeLLyNoATh 🇵🇭ҳʑ ₀₁🃏
SB19 BAZINGA #6 on BBHTS! Akala ko namamalikmata lang ako! I guess once a Hot Trending Song, ALWAYS a Hot Trending Song! Baka naman mag numero uno ka pa?!? 😂 https://t.co/wwOOd5lc18
24 Nov, 08:18 AM UTC
Gusto daw ni #BAZINGA_SB19 magpa 7 MILLION views sa YouTube. Lezgo! Grabe yung relevance ng number 7 sa mga nangyayari ngayon.🔥 #NETIZENSREPORT #JustinDeDios for Asian Celebrity of the Year #ACOTY2022 @thenreport I vote SB19 for #TAGAWARDSCHICAGO #SB19   A'TIN #RAWRAWARDS2022 https://t.co/GIDyvCVW3d
24 Nov, 07:52 AM UTC