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lemn sissay MBE
She saw and named storms With calm and hazel eyes I shalln't think her as 'passed away' I'll think of her as sun rise #BBCNorthWestTonight #DianneOxberry lemn sissay MBE's photo on #bbcnorthwesttonight
11 Jan, 08:08 AM UTC
Louise Richardson
Never met #dianeoxberry but somehow feel sad about her passing. It’s crazy how the power of TV can make you feel. It also makes you realise to grab life by the balls and go for it because you never know when your times up. What a sad day for the #bbcnorthwesttonight 😢
11 Jan, 06:46 PM UTC
Emotional Look Northwest tonight. Such awful news to hear this morning. #bbcnorthwesttonight #dianeoxberry
11 Jan, 07:01 PM UTC
David Rowlinson
Doth my cap to the nwtonight team for just about getting through that. Heartbreaking watch but a perfect tribute #DianneOxberry #bbcnorthwesttonight
11 Jan, 07:13 PM UTC
Paula P
Goodness what a beautiful fitting tribute to the lovely #DianneOxberry on #BBCNorthWestTonight Broke mmy heart.
11 Jan, 07:02 PM UTC
They say there's a first time for everything. Well that's the first time a regional news bulletin has brought me to tears. Well done Roger and Annabel. Incredible professionalism. #BBCNorthWestTonight
11 Jan, 06:58 PM UTC
Pamela Kerry
So sad to hear about #DianeOxberry , she came across as such a lovely lady when she did the weather on #bbcnorthwesttonight 😥
11 Jan, 07:39 PM UTC
Pam Latham
#BBCNorthWestTonight . Such an emotional show tonight. Respect to #RogerJohnson and #AnnabelTiffin very professional even tho your hearts were breaking. #DianeOxberry will be sorely missed. Thinking of all her family and friends.
11 Jan, 07:16 PM UTC
margie moo
Never thought I’d be in floods of tears watching #bbcnorthwesttonight My thoughts and prayers are with Diane’s family, friends & colleagues #RIPDianneOxberry 💔🙏xxx
11 Jan, 07:26 PM UTC
The presenters on #bbcnorthwesttonight did bloody well tonight.....😪
11 Jan, 07:12 PM UTC
Sarah King
What a wonderful show in memory of Diane. It cannot have been easy for the presenters tonight. Well done to everyone involved. My thoughts go out to her family ❤️ #bbcnorthwesttonight #DianneOxberry
11 Jan, 07:54 PM UTC
Mollie Elizabeth
So moved by @BBCNWT and their tribute to #DianneOxberry presenters past and present that appeared on tonight's show should be very proud. #RIPDianne #BBCNorthWestTonight @annabelvtiffin @RogerJ_01
11 Jan, 07:04 PM UTC
Myke Crombleholme
#bbcnorthwesttonight #DianneOxberry Through tear filled eyes, I embraced the wonderful NWT broadcast this evening. Heartfelt thanx to all. Thank you.
11 Jan, 07:19 PM UTC
Heartbreaking to watch tonights #bbcnorthwesttonight tears for an incredible brave lady 🙏🧚‍♂️ #DianneOxberry https://t.co/OPDqRv3R3E
11 Jan, 07:14 PM UTC
Jon Taylor
@BBCNWT Tonight’s show was terribly moving and absolutely beautifully done. Diane will be absolutely bursting with pride!! #DianneOxberry #BBCNorthWestTonight
11 Jan, 07:01 PM UTC
Kathryn Barker
They couldn't have paid Dianne a much nicer tribute, that was so so emotional to watch but a great celebration of her life. #bbcnorthwesttonight
11 Jan, 07:01 PM UTC
Radhika Rangaraju
So sad to hear about passing away of #DianneOxberry at such a young age. She always made the weather no matter how gloomy something to be prepared for and even look forward to #BBCNorthWestTonight won’t be the same without her https://t.co/Y7GVYe3HTY
11 Jan, 07:56 PM UTC
Maurice Kobelt
#bbcnorthwesttonight Bravo everyone. What a show tonight! So professional. Spot on in tone and content. Just what we needed. Ta ra, Dianne.
11 Jan, 07:38 PM UTC
Rose P
#bbcnorthwesttonight lovely tribute to Diane, well done to all the team especially Annabelle, Diane would be proud of you xxx
11 Jan, 07:05 PM UTC
Debra Powell
Absolutely heartbreaking news that @dianeoxbury has died. Lovely tribute by @BBCNWT tonight. I really felt for @annabelvtiffin who was clearly devastated #DianneOxberry #bbcnorthwesttonight
11 Jan, 08:13 PM UTC
Sarah proudlove
@lemnsissay Beautiful tribute to Dianne Oxberry at the end of #BBCNorthWestTonight. Really moving.
11 Jan, 07:01 PM UTC
Sarah Laughton
Well done to Diane Oxberrys colleagues at #bbcnorthwesttonight you did Diane proud, it was a lovely memorial to her and great to hear such nice things said about her from everyone. She touched the hearts of all and the weather reports will never be the same again 💔
11 Jan, 08:10 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from United Kingdom.

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