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Olivia Grace
Although I find programmes like the #BBCPanorama fascinating, it frustrates me how ex-reality show contestants and many bloggers are lumped in together with contexts like this, when many bloggers & YouTubers work in ways that are totally transparent and rule abiding...
11 Feb, 08:53 PM UTC
When it comes to the term influencer... There’s a huge difference to someone who has spent years being passionate and sharing parts of their lives to build a loyal following than someone who wants to make a fast buck selling whitening toothpaste and laxative teas. #bbcpanorama
11 Feb, 09:03 PM UTC
I really feel like this documentary #BBCpanorama needs some balance, there are so many creators who take their responsibility very seriously.
11 Feb, 08:51 PM UTC
Catrin Nye
Skinny Coffee Club. Told by ASA in 2017 to remove unauthorised health claims Ignored. Kept recruiting influencers to push it on Instagram, inc trying someone who’s had anorexia. Today Instagram blocked some posts we highlighted. But the company has not responded. #BBCPanorama Catrin Nye's photo on #bbcpanorama
11 Feb, 09:02 PM UTC
Panorama 🌐
Catch Zara McDermott on @BBCOne tonight at 8:30pm for ‘Million Pound Selfie Sell Off’ where she’ll be talking about why she turns down a lot of the brands who approach her to promote their products. #BBCPanorama #LoveIsland #Ad #SocialMedia Panorama 🌐's photo on #bbcpanorama
11 Feb, 12:02 PM UTC
Transparency and honesty is key. But equally, the playing field needs to be level. If one platform is under the microscope, then there should be a united set of rules targeting ALL advertising across newspaper and magazine journalism, print titles AND social media #BBCPanorama
11 Feb, 09:10 PM UTC
Kristabel Plummer
Is a nuanced documentary about influencers too much to ask?! The term can now include faded reality tv stars, tv presenters, authors, activists and those of us who started blogs ten years ago. We don't all want to sell our souls for skinny tea. #BBCPanorama
11 Feb, 09:14 PM UTC
Fashion Foie Gras
Just unfollow anyone that’s ever done an ad for Skinny Coffee Club … clearly people with no moral compass whatsoever. In fact, anyone that ever promotes any weight loss drink, lollipop, pill, etc. Common sense, people. #BBCpanorama
11 Feb, 08:57 PM UTC
There are a lot of responsible, trustworthy people trying to provide interesting, creative content on social media, that doesn’t just involve ‘selling stuff.’ It’s a shame #BBCPanorama didn’t talk to any of them.
11 Feb, 09:03 PM UTC
Scott Guthrie
Where's the balance #BBCPanorama ? There are plenty of good, decent creators & influencers. Have a quick look at the @ASA_UK rulings section each Wednesday to see all the advertising complaints against other channels beyond social media influencers
11 Feb, 09:03 PM UTC
Catrin Nye
Matty Hibbert is only 13 but he’s smart, he’s very aware of how social media works, how YouTube works, and he still got drawn into losing his birthday money on a gambling-type game. #BBCPanorama https://t.co/7rZYtFm7iN
11 Feb, 08:44 PM UTC
Catrin Nye
“I would under no circumstances promote a product which encourages women to feel inadequate with their bodies” Despite writing about having anorexia herself Charlotte Rollin was asked by a company to promote their diet drink on Instagram Tonight’s #BBCPanorama 8.30pm @BBCOne Catrin Nye's photo on #bbcpanorama
11 Feb, 06:03 PM UTC
Olivia Grace
Following the #BBCPanorama documentary, signing petitions like this by women like Jameela could not be more important- please, please sign and RT. https://t.co/7z7bmL8CWw
11 Feb, 09:27 PM UTC
Stu Rowson
At @cbbc we’re aiming to build a team of influencers from scratch. No ads. No selling. A safe space. Trusted content, an emphasis on authentic expertise plus bags of fun. Panorama with @CatrinNye making me even more convinced it’s the right thing to do. #bbcpanorama
11 Feb, 08:38 PM UTC
Jamie Bartlett
Very cool that #BBCPanorama is taking on a subject that is huge but many BBC viewers might never have heard of: social media influencers.
11 Feb, 08:40 PM UTC
Carl Miller
Jump in on #bbcpanorama and watch Panorama in 10 minutes - @CatrinNye takes us through the weird, sometimes very worrying world of social media influencers. It's just one of countless ways that the rules have broken down once they've become digital Carl Miller's photo on #bbcpanorama
11 Feb, 08:22 PM UTC
Steven Askham
Interesting feature on @BBCPanorama tonight in relation to #InfluencerMarketing. It’s crazy how a small handful of #influencers can ruin the reputation for others that work hard on creating engaging and visual content. #bbc #Panorama #BBCPanorama
11 Feb, 09:01 PM UTC
Jamie Bartlett
Relevant for people watching #bbcpanorama - so much of the Internet is fake. https://t.co/TpLEem6uKk
11 Feb, 08:44 PM UTC
Dave Howard
If you’re watching #BBCPanorama wondering how you can help children cope with online challenges - you could show them the #BBCOwnIt website from @cbbc. It’s for 8 - 12 year olds and has loads of great tips and savvy advice: https://t.co/FpsC5t5Drh Dave Howard's photo on #bbcpanorama
11 Feb, 07:45 PM UTC
Tonight’s #BBCPanorama is a good one to watch on influencers, #socialmedia and advertising
11 Feb, 08:36 PM UTC
Vicky Spratt
Watching #bbcpanorama with @CatrinNye - it’s really good to see social media, influencers and influencing being scrutinised by rigorous journalism like this https://t.co/73CkWMMWht
11 Feb, 08:48 PM UTC
Esther Sample
Great #bbcpanorama tonight with @CatrinNye highlighting exploitative and body shaming advertising via social media. https://t.co/Y1mndRteV9
11 Feb, 08:44 PM UTC
Jamie Bartlett
Anyone thinking #FyreFestival? #bbcpanorama
11 Feb, 08:32 PM UTC
Anne-Marie Tomchak
Fascinating insight from @CatrinNye into the underbelly of social media “influencers” on @BBCOne @BBCPanorama now! #BBCPanorama https://t.co/qGG5Its4q8 Anne-Marie Tomchak's photo on #bbcpanorama
11 Feb, 08:49 PM UTC
Beth Rees
Such an interesting & thought provoking episode of #BBCPanorama. Social media can really help or hinder people. Some influencers do fantastic work & awareness raising too, like the amazing Charlotte Rollin 👏 https://t.co/PmT8kDx7gI
11 Feb, 10:48 PM UTC
Google is watching you right now! https://t.co/WU4j28veAl #onlinesafety #Google #blogging #blog #Trending #news #blogpost #BlogTour #vivahashtag #Brexit #onlyconnect #BBCPanorama VIVA HASHTAG's photo on #bbcpanorama
12 Feb, 01:44 AM UTC
Dewi Meirion
Great programme @CatrinNye. Maybe it could be shown in schools to educate children! #BBCPanorama 🤳🏻 https://t.co/PobqtIDEjK
11 Feb, 09:00 PM UTC
Jamie Bartlett
Good on Zara from Love Island to speak out about this: ‘I was inundated with offers’ [to advertise]... I was offered £3k to do an Instagram Story that would take me 10 minutes’. #bbcpanorama
11 Feb, 08:35 PM UTC
Emily Slater
Fascinating insight into the intriguing world social media influencers on @BBCOne 👀 or catch up later @DigitalMumsHQ posse! #socialmedia #influencers #InfluencerMarketing #BBCPanorama https://t.co/xx6obaw05X
11 Feb, 08:47 PM UTC
Sammi Maria
Damnit I missed the #BBCPanorama that everyone’s talking about 🥺 I’m gonna try to catch up tomorrow - But I’m guessing I’m gonna get pretty frustrated
11 Feb, 11:19 PM UTC
Sam Rickelton | North East Family Fun
I love that it's bringing up that the ASA aren't being tough enough though - hopefully this will help provoke them into taking a harder line when the law is clearly broken on purpose #BBCPanorama
11 Feb, 08:47 PM UTC
Scott Guthrie
@AreeqChowdhury @CatrinNye For a little additional background about Mysterybrand, YouTubers and kids here > https://t.co/ApYrw2mgnS #BBCPanorama
11 Feb, 10:52 PM UTC
lucy ✵
so interesting as an avid YouTube viewer #BBCPanorama
11 Feb, 08:46 PM UTC
Charlotte Jones
I watched the #BBCpanorama on influencer marketing tonight & I have to say I’m disappointed with how skewed the view was. I understand there is so many brands & influencers doing wrong, but why aren’t we showing those who do it right too? A balanced view.
12 Feb, 12:41 AM UTC
Did you watch #BBCPanorama about the power & impact of #SocialMedia influencers in advertising? Do you think there should be a transparent & uniform set of disclosure & advertising regulations for all #media platforms?
11 Feb, 10:15 PM UTC
The DADventurer (Dave)
Interesting but heavily one-sided #BBCPanorama doc on influencers. My main thought is everyone has to do more. Influencers know and stick to guidelines, brands ensure influencers you work with are legit, social media provide tools for these collabs and ASA just do something.
11 Feb, 10:35 PM UTC
Jess McBeath
Every student in a typical P7 class has a different favourite You Tuber (in my experience) . We need to talk more about online influence. #digitalcitizenship RT @JamieJBartlett: Hoping lots of parents watched / watch this & realise what their kids are up against! #BBCPanorama
11 Feb, 09:30 PM UTC
Sam Reeve
Just watched the #BBCPanorama show about social media influencers and what a behemoth of a topic it is. People are being advertised to in ever more deceptive ways and it's making us more like sheep than ever before, but the worst part is we don't know it. More needs to be done.
11 Feb, 09:22 PM UTC
Megan Taylor ✨
Sooo much to say about #BBCPANORAMA but so little characters to do so 🙄 #socialinfluencers
11 Feb, 10:25 PM UTC
Areeq Chowdhury
Companies using teenage social media influencers to push gambling sites (disguised as games) to children. So many levels of wrong. Check out @CatrinNye's #BBCpanorama piece "Million Pound Selfie Sell Off". https://t.co/94RgNOSltE
11 Feb, 10:21 PM UTC
Fashion Foie Gras
Really non biased reporting #BBCPanorama ... really professional. Thanks #theslowtraveler for sharing! .... love how some traditional media continue to make out that they are the heroes. Maybe it’s time we looked further into their own “disclosures.” #hacks Fashion Foie Gras's photo on #bbcpanorama
11 Feb, 11:28 PM UTC
Mr Lowe
Very useful and interesting #bbcpanorama on #socialmediainfluencers and advertising #regulation. Recommend it to all a level media students and teachers. I bet there were a few interested viewers among the #eduqas set theorists. Now on iPlayer
11 Feb, 11:22 PM UTC
Amelia Kanaris
Totally misjudged account of influencer marketing on #bbcpanorama - I would never consider an ex-reality tv star an influencer, the term has become a label for the fame hungry and not the genuine content creators *most* brands are actually engaging with
11 Feb, 10:53 PM UTC
Scott Guthrie
@NEFamilyFun @loopysos You're both right! You're not alone. Product placement on TV is denoted by a P. But only 27% of the UK public have noticed product placement in a UK TV show. More here > https://t.co/0yRtnaIuuR #BBCPanorama
11 Feb, 10:56 PM UTC
Auld Grannie
#CND #MasterChef #Brexit #SNP #BBCPanorama #BBCReportingScotland #bbcgms #Dunfermline #Fife https://t.co/nkQ7UmCUQU
12 Feb, 12:12 AM UTC
We move
White influencer Instagram is very mad, what in the world is skinny coffee 🙃 #BBCPanorama
11 Feb, 11:13 PM UTC
Scott Guthrie
@The_dadventurer For sure. It starts with awareness but there are ethics, trade body codes of conduct and legal regulations to consider & abide by. Agreed #BBCPanorama doco lacked balance tonight
11 Feb, 10:50 PM UTC
Carl Johnson
This is brilliant 😂😂😂 #brexit #bbc #bbcnews #skynews #itvnews #channel4news #channel5news #peston #marr #MasterChefUK #BBCPanorama #thesun #themail #lufc #mufc #nufc #afc #mcfc #lfc #london #remain #leave #WTOBrexit #LeaveEU #drunksteve #EU #UK https://t.co/G6JPRQMiE1
12 Feb, 01:33 AM UTC
Anton Welcome
Was talking to @NikSpeller tonight about #BBCpanorama worth the watch? #influencers
12 Feb, 12:00 AM UTC
Lynnette Hecker
@erica_davies What a shame. Terrible journalism when all sides are not considered.#BBCPanorama
11 Feb, 11:54 PM UTC
Equal Longevity for Gammon
Why do bbc blame SocialMedia for suicide & not PC institutionalized discrimination from farleft, liberals & feminists to give women, immigrants & LGBT preferential treatment for homes, jobs & services before men? #bbcpanorama #panorama #bbc1 #r4today #diversity #dividingBritain
11 Feb, 11:43 PM UTC
Equal Longevity for Gammon
Is the real problem that bbc have with #socialmedia is that it competes with #bbcnews for attention and influence? #bbcpanorama #panorama #bbc1 #newsnight #bbcnewsten #bbc1 #r4today #bbcr4 #victoriaLive #bbcpolitics
11 Feb, 11:40 PM UTC
Equal Longevity for Gammon
#NotTheBBCnews Smug PC bbc liberals think their listeners are cannibals #bbcnewsnight #newsnight @BBCNewsnight #bbcnewsten #bbcpanorama #panorama #bbcr4 #r4today #victorialive #banthebbc #axethetax https://t.co/7RO6i0Betj
11 Feb, 11:12 PM UTC
Kyle Christophersen
Not surprising from the BBC, who are all a bunch of elitist, upper-middle class pricks. #BBCPanorama https://t.co/eyp96tiDvs
11 Feb, 11:02 PM UTC
Alice 💫
@kyvbey I think it's because of the #BBCPanorama doc xx
11 Feb, 10:46 PM UTC

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