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@MarcherLord1 BBC just expressed their concern that these might 'upset' UK Muslims! Groan! #BBCR4Today!
25 May, 07:44 AM UTC
OMG! BBC now, suggest that Soldiers protecting us might 'upset' UK Muslims! #BBCR4Today!
25 May, 07:42 AM UTC
Tom Newton Dunn
David Blunkett: "I would have considerable problems if the military were used outside Wembley this weekend" #bbcr4today
25 May, 07:40 AM UTC
Kim Spence-Jones 💣
#bbcr4today Troops on the street doesn't alarm me because of threat level, it alarms me 'cos it underlines how overstretched the police is.
25 May, 07:37 AM UTC
Listen to this sweet deperate bereaved Mother at the Vigil in Manchester! Then understand, every UK Muslim is your… https://t.co/Rbxkqx27aM
25 May, 08:18 AM UTC
Lord Blair! "UK Muslim terrorists won't stop until they see the Islamic Flag flying over Westminster"! Yes all 3mil… https://t.co/osFjL3aX6L
25 May, 07:30 AM UTC
BBC talking of 'British' Libyans! Ha, ha, ha! #BBCR4Today!
25 May, 06:25 AM UTC
Maggie Aitch
@CriminologyUK #BBC: "Look, you can have a soft-right Tory, or a hard-right Tory, but obv is HAS 2b a Tory" #BBCR4today
25 May, 08:19 AM UTC
Paul Boldrin
#BBCR4today #Kwarteng may try to justify the removal of #Gaddafi but making no provision for replacing him with a stable govt can't be
25 May, 07:47 AM UTC
Linda Floyd
@BBCr4today When #GE campaigns suspended why invite #Labour Blunkett to do just that by broadcasting what he thinks must be done #BBCR4today
25 May, 07:46 AM UTC
Peter Cook
Humphrys just called UKIP's campaign a 'suicide mission'. Really #bbcr4today ?
25 May, 06:38 AM UTC
Yrotitna ❄️🇪🇺🇫🇷
Across Britain millions of hands reach for the off switch as John Humphrys welcomes Paul Nuttall. #bbcr4today #UKIP
25 May, 06:40 AM UTC
Keith Turvey
#BBCR4today much better when you genuinely listen to what experts like @drbeckyallen have to say.
25 May, 06:25 AM UTC
Listen to this sweet deperate bereaved Mother at the Vigil in Manchester! Then 'kick a UK Muslim a day'!… https://t.co/WHBIka6see
25 May, 07:55 AM UTC
"Silicon Valley"? We've got chip shops the length and breadth of Britain #r4today #BBCR4today
25 May, 07:52 AM UTC
Nuttall just said UKIP is the insurance policy for the country on Brexit #bbcr4today Where can we claim for misselling please? #ppiScamAgain
25 May, 06:43 AM UTC
Tim Gluckman
@GlobalDrugSurvy 2/x #BBCR4Today talk w/ Dr Adam Winstock (GDS) re #cocaine; stronger & > users need Tx pronto… https://t.co/Wqgjl4kk30
25 May, 08:49 AM UTC
Ana Branković
Clunky questions from JH #BBCR4today on grief. Thank you to @psychoanalysis for common sense.
25 May, 08:27 AM UTC
Maggie Aitch
#BBCR4today Humphreys, Kuenssberg, Neil, Robinson - ALL Tories. Shouldn't the BBC at least TRY to represent 35% of Public who vote Labour?
25 May, 08:20 AM UTC
Now the UK has stopped sharing terrorist information with the USA after #FBI leak on #Manchesterbombing #BBCR4today #grievousbreach #police
25 May, 08:01 AM UTC
Dear #BBCR4today way too much coverage of Manchester today. Move on.
25 May, 08:00 AM UTC
Matt Buckey
#BBCR4today this is a tricky interview John ;)
25 May, 07:56 AM UTC
#BBCr4today 'The Great Interrupter - dispenser of heat not light'? #Humphrys https://t.co/zPKwdSK3Wn
25 May, 07:51 AM UTC
Ah yes, Libya. The country Cameron declared were friends and he wouldn't leave them in their hour of need. #r4today #BBCR4today
25 May, 07:49 AM UTC
Chris Yiu
Nuttall says UKIP is the country's insurance policy for Brexit #bbcr4today << Strong contender for greatest misselling scandal of all time
25 May, 07:40 AM UTC
Tim Gluckman
#BBCR4Today: Adam Winstock founder of @GlobalDrugSurvy talks re #cocaine& better quality newly https://t.co/t044ma3dnh I'll TW link later
25 May, 07:30 AM UTC
Dicky Sparks
What level of #stupidity are #presenters on #bbcr4today when they ask questions about what injuries shrapnel does to bodies? #Idiots
25 May, 07:29 AM UTC
Phil McElhinney
@BBCr4today did John Humphries really have to use the phrase "suicide mission" when speaking to Paul Nuttal? #bbcr4today
25 May, 07:17 AM UTC
Andrew Macdonald
#bbcr4today new depths for #TFTD allowing a religion to promote its doctrine using awful events in Manchester.
25 May, 07:01 AM UTC
#bbcr4today Plrase stop this gory interview NOW
25 May, 06:57 AM UTC
#bbcr4today tasteless interview, asking gory details of what happened in hospital
25 May, 06:55 AM UTC
Stephen Tune
#bbcr4today #terrorism Surely the intelligence services need to modify their analysis/profiling of suspects.
25 May, 06:49 AM UTC
Mike Robinson
Bugger!!!!! Didn't get to the off button on the radio quick enough heard Paul Nuttall #UKIP speak for 5 seconds on #bbcr4today
25 May, 06:48 AM UTC
Ian Sharp
#bbcr4today paper review is an affront to democracy- a daily 3 minute prime time debate among different shades of right wing opinion
25 May, 06:48 AM UTC
Tim McKane
Did John Humphries really think it appropriate to use the word suicide in his interview with UKIP? #bbcr4today
25 May, 06:46 AM UTC
The most insensitive and inappropriate turn of phrase this am from Mr Humphrys #BBCr4today.
25 May, 06:46 AM UTC
#bbcr4today re: kids breakfasts, let Google provide them in lieu of tax. They can offer free Google Play credits to increase take-up.
25 May, 06:45 AM UTC
Stephen Tune
#bbcr4today Lovely mixed metaphor from Paul Nuttal: "We have to stay on the pitch to be the guard dogs of brexit."
25 May, 06:44 AM UTC
Rev. Duncan R Palmer
Sigh, here we go, #bbcr4today Humphries referring to Moslems as a race. #facepalm #ukip
25 May, 06:40 AM UTC
No!! #ukip, defending 0 MPs and with 1 county councillor is offending my ears again #bbcr4today
25 May, 06:37 AM UTC
Jo C
Did John Humphrys just say that?! Appalling insensitivity to current affairs #bbcr4today
25 May, 06:36 AM UTC
Paul Parsons
Waiting for the rock 'n roll item next on #BBCR4today, to follow features on sex and drugs!
25 May, 05:58 AM UTC
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