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11月19日(金)発売予定の『ポケットモンスター ブリリアントダイヤモンド・シャイニングパール』の最新映像が公開! ギンガ団のボスや幹部たち、ジムリーダーや伝説のポケモンなど、新情報が盛りだくさんだから、ぜひチェックしてね! 好評予約受け付け中! #ポケモンBDSP @Pokemon_cojp's photo on BDSP
26 Oct, 01:00 PM UTC
『ポケットモンスター プラチナ』の主人公風の見た目にチェンジ🙌 #ポケモンBDSP の早期購入で、衣装「プラチナスタイル」が登場します✨ 少し厚手になっているので、寒くなったらこちらに着替えましょう🧥
26 Oct, 01:04 PM UTC
『ポケモン ブリリアントダイヤモンド・シャイニングパール』の登場人物たちを続々紹介🔍 ジムリーダー👇 ❄スズナ ⚡デンジ ギンガ団👇 👤ボスのアカギと... 👥幹部のマーズ、ジュピター、サターン 彼らとどんなバトルが繰り広げられるか、楽しみです💥 #ポケモンBDSP
26 Oct, 01:03 PM UTC
シンオウ地方の神話に登場する3匹の伝説のポケモン📜 ✅知識の神 ユクシー ✅感情の神 エムリット ✅意思の神 アグノム 主人公の冒険にどのように関わってくるのでしょうか🤔 #ポケモンBDSP
26 Oct, 01:04 PM UTC
Joe Merrick
"There will be no Pokémon Platinum content in BDSP"
26 Oct, 01:08 PM UTC
2頭身アカギ、ついにお披露目 ポケモンBDSP新映像公開! #ポケモン
26 Oct, 02:25 PM UTC
think ultimately my biggest issue with BDSP has become more pertinent after this latest trailer the disconnect between the overworld and in-battle takes me out of it so much, it's just a completely different area/style/colour/overall visual to what was there two seconds earlier
26 Oct, 04:15 PM UTC
the BDSP Lake theme just dropped and IT IS A BOP
26 Oct, 02:52 PM UTC
👻 SpookeritaSpookzits 🎃
BDSP Candice is looking clean!
26 Oct, 04:13 PM UTC
ซต สาขา 2
เออคลิป BDSP ทำ 2 นาทีแทบตาย แพ้แค่เปิดตัวโซลัวร์ โซโลอาร์คฟอร์มฮิซุยนาทีเดียว 555555
26 Oct, 04:25 PM UTC
A Pokemon Trainer from Ukraine🇺🇦🐉🐲🕷🕸
Pokemon Developers: *throw new screenshots from BDSP. Me: *Mesprit chasing flashbacks.
26 Oct, 04:24 PM UTC
🎃jessie?!🎃 | broccoli
Okay sooo let's be honest.. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl aren't that great.. All the stuff that made Sinnoh great is Platinum content. BDSP not having Platinum content will probably mean Platinum is still the best Sinnoh game. Would love to be proven wrong thoo
26 Oct, 04:30 PM UTC
@rodrigobocardi ainda bem que em SP só tem covid e não Dengue #BDSP @CesarTralli @g1sptv @prefsp
26 Oct, 04:26 PM UTC
Cybertronix Gaming
So the latest trailers got #PokemonLegendsArceus and #PokemonBDSP dropped! Again Legends is getting all the spotlight with what you get when you preorder it etc, and BDSP gets nothing really…
26 Oct, 04:25 PM UTC
💭Boo @ Sinnoh/Alola stay winning🤟
Like the amount of us who adore the BDSP art just because it references the original sprite work
26 Oct, 04:25 PM UTC
Paul Harvey
I know people are still frustrated about the lack of transparency as far as Platinum content in BDSP, but this just made me realize how much it was a missed opportunity that ORAS didn't have trainer customization so we could have had an Emerald style outfit.
26 Oct, 04:25 PM UTC
俺が選んだ御三家 初代 ヒトカゲ 金銀 ワニノコ RS(ORAS) アチャモ DPt ヒコザル BW ポカブ BW2 ツタージャ XY ケロマツ SM ニャビー 剣盾 ヒバニー BDSPもヒコザル選ぶつもり
26 Oct, 04:24 PM UTC
kleibinho está na TV
Pokémon BDSP tá chegando e eu ainda não migrei meu Switch do SXOS pra Atmosphere com medo de fazer cagada Mas será necessário
26 Oct, 04:24 PM UTC
@PKashine @Lewchube Well, considering there's the Grand Underground in BDSP, and that in some of the artwork we saw Swinub in one of the hideaways, I think you'll be able to encounter one
26 Oct, 04:24 PM UTC