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Northeastern MHKY
THE 'POT'S COMIN' BACK HOME, BOYS!!! #Beanpot | #HowlinHuskies Northeastern MHKY's photo on #Beanpot
12 Feb, 03:24 AM UTC
Northeastern MHKY
Tonight’s starting lineup brought to you by none other than @Dsikky11! It’s go time. #Beanpot | #HowlinHuskies Northeastern MHKY's photo on #Beanpot
12 Feb, 12:32 AM UTC
Northeastern MHKY
Crown ➡️ defended. #Beanpot | #HowlinHuskies Northeastern MHKY's photo on #Beanpot
12 Feb, 03:27 AM UTC
Northeastern U.
Our student section. #Beanpot Northeastern U.'s photo on #Beanpot
12 Feb, 12:52 AM UTC
Northeastern MHKY
He scored a big one last week, and does it again tonight! The senior coming through! #Beanpot | #HowlinHuskies Northeastern MHKY's photo on #Beanpot
12 Feb, 02:17 AM UTC
Northeastern MHKY
#StillHere #Beanpot | #HowlinHuskies Northeastern MHKY's photo on #Beanpot
12 Feb, 03:33 AM UTC
Northeastern U.
🔊 on. We know you know the words. #Beanpot Northeastern U.'s photo on #Beanpot
12 Feb, 02:52 AM UTC
.@Canucks prospect Tyler Madden pulls off a couple of nifty moves to help set up @GoNUmhockey's second goal of the #Beanpot Championship. You can watch the rest of the game LIVE on TSN2! TSN's photo on #Beanpot
12 Feb, 02:22 AM UTC
Northeastern MHKY
Cayden Primeau (59 SV, .952 SV%) becomes the fourth #HowlinHuskies goaltender to win multiple Eberly Awards and the third NU netminder to win during consecutive #Beanpot tournaments. Northeastern MHKY's photo on #Beanpot
12 Feb, 03:32 AM UTC
President Aoun
Congratulations to @gonumhockey on another #Beanpot championship! #HowlinHuskies
12 Feb, 03:37 AM UTC
Brian Wilde
952 save percentage. Primeau wins the MVP award again for the tourney. I don’t have a clue how to evaluate goalie prospects but Jesus this kid seems money. #Beanpot
12 Feb, 03:29 AM UTC
TD Garden
WINNER, WINNER BEANS FOR DINNER! 🏆 @GoNUmhockey wins their second consecutive #Beanpot tournament, defeating @BCHockey 4-2. TD Garden's photo on #Beanpot
12 Feb, 04:03 AM UTC
Tom Caron
See you tonight at the #Beanpot - coverage on NESN at 7. https://t.co/ciM3me52qL
11 Feb, 03:25 PM UTC
Northeastern U.
The. best. fans. @GoNUmhockey #Beanpot #HowlinHuskies Northeastern U.'s photo on #Beanpot
12 Feb, 03:46 AM UTC
Northeastern Alumni
The hardware is coming back to Huntington Ave. For the second consecutive year, your #HowlinHuskies are the #Beanpot champions! @GoNUmhockey Northeastern Alumni's photo on #Beanpot
12 Feb, 03:29 AM UTC
Blue Man Group
#BlueManBOS rocked the ice @tdgarden for the #Beanpot tournament! 🔵🏒drum 🥁 https://t.co/ePi3AqQtWo
12 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
Canadiens Prospects
There is no way Primeau is leaving that net. This kid is cut from a different cloth...always taking his game to another level on the big stage. #Habs #Beanpot https://t.co/5fPM6unOzB
12 Feb, 02:54 AM UTC
NU Pep Band
12 Feb, 03:29 AM UTC
Northeastern won back to back #beanpot so there’s that 🐾 👑🐲's photo on #Beanpot
12 Feb, 05:11 AM UTC
Canadiens Montréal
Félicitations aux espoirs @cpreems29 et @jharris004 pour avoir remporté le #Beanpot avec @GoNUmhockey. Congratulations to prospects Cayden Primeau and Jordan Harris on winning the Beanpot with Northeastern University. 🏆 #GoHabsGo Canadiens Montréal's photo on #Beanpot
12 Feb, 04:49 AM UTC
Jonathan Screnci
Having a blast at the Beanpot! Thank you TD Garden team for your hospitality. Huskies and Eagles! #beanpot @bchockey @goNumhockey https://t.co/e8DgZFMCaB
12 Feb, 03:24 AM UTC
Chris Lynch
The final seconds up to the Zach Solow empty netter and celebration. @GoNUmhockey @NUDoghouse #CawlidgeHawkey #Beanpot Chris Lynch's photo on #Beanpot
12 Feb, 03:24 AM UTC
Christopher Williams
Northeastern claimed its second-consecutive #Beanpot Tournament championship tonight. Here's my recap: https://t.co/5c6CPxVQ06
12 Feb, 06:35 AM UTC
Congratulations to @GoNUmhockey, @GoNUathletics & @cpreems29 on Back-To-Back Beanpot Titles! #cawlidgehawkey #beanpot #HowlinHuskies https://t.co/Rwyj0ajiR0 NESN's photo on #Beanpot
12 Feb, 04:51 AM UTC
Neal Petersen
Lekker hoor. #Northeastern wint wederom de Beanpot! #Beanpot | #HowlinHuskies Neal Petersen's photo on #Beanpot
12 Feb, 07:51 AM UTC
#Beanpot #TagTeamTitles #FallonTonight #BestAtHomeContest https://t.co/7eAllXm6yt
12 Feb, 07:58 AM UTC
Cathy Merlo
Insanely proud of @GoNUmhockey for capturing its 2nd #Beanpot in a row!! That’s how we roll at @Northeastern. Way to go, gentlemen! #HowlinHuskies #goNU #hockeyhoopla https://t.co/TuV2v71hrm
12 Feb, 07:46 AM UTC
Congratulations @northeastern #beanpot #hockey #northeastern #backtoback
12 Feb, 07:08 AM UTC
Mark Nardone
Is it too soon to start talking Dynasty?! #Beanpot #Northeastern
12 Feb, 06:57 AM UTC
Cory Bolotsky
Winning the #beanpot always used to be a running joke for Northeastern, but no more jokes with our 2nd beanpot win in a row. @AlumniNU https://t.co/SfVP2NXYk4
12 Feb, 06:49 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from United States.

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