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Kamala Harris is a Cop
Warren standing in front of a Federalist Society podium (or Trump once being a Democrat), honestly, just reminds me that "Party affiliation" is little more than a political strategy to the rich and the politically ambitious.
09 Oct, 04:54 PM UTC
Dan K. Eberhart
Being a Democrat and reporting something you think is wrong is one thing. Having an active, professional relationship with the campaign of someone trying to oust President Trump is entirely different, and should put this impeachment sham in a new light.
09 Oct, 12:01 AM UTC
@ezraklein “Being a Democrat.” That’s it. That’s the whole thing.
09 Oct, 07:57 PM UTC
Rising serpent
Shouldn't you Google stuff before you accuse people of lying, or are you just being a Democrat?
09 Oct, 02:29 AM UTC
Jason Karsh
1. Being a Democrat. 2. Being a female Democrat, that should go without saying, really …
09 Oct, 07:55 PM UTC
@patcondell That's how I feel too. I actually voted remain but reluctantly hopped on the Brexiteer bandwagon when I saw the result (being a democrat and all). Now I am delighted to be going. Come what may we are better off offsky!
09 Oct, 10:11 AM UTC
@ezraklein safe to assume Republicans’ only benchmark for impeachable conduct is being a Democrat
09 Oct, 07:55 PM UTC
Amanda B🎃wer
“Being a Democrat.”
09 Oct, 07:55 PM UTC
Jamie Wells
Quit Being a Democrat is our family's way of saying calm down.
09 Oct, 08:36 PM UTC
Being a democrat is the only thing on their list
09 Oct, 08:51 PM UTC
🔥💀Frank Leonoyed💀🔥
Being a Democrat means laws don't apply to you.
09 Oct, 09:11 PM UTC
Helena Kaler
@ezraklein Being a democrat and either a woman or person of color (or both) should do it. I expect them to start impeachment proceedings against Elizabeth Warren the day after her inauguration 🤷🏻‍♀️
09 Oct, 08:34 PM UTC
Simon Pitts
Of course it isn't, #LeningradLindsey Only lying about oral sex and being a Democrat is an impeachable offence. Nothing #Trump can do will make @GOP sycophants like Graham find their moral compass, patriotism or duty.
09 Oct, 02:28 PM UTC
@Scaramucci Things that give you immunity from prosecution according to liberals: Running for office. Losing a loved one. Being a Democrat.
09 Oct, 08:19 PM UTC
Betty R 🧢 CentralFL YangGang
@ezraklein being a Democrat. wearing tan suit. FLOTUS showing bare shoulders
09 Oct, 08:46 PM UTC
Chris Leigh 🇬🇧
@Derekmonty13 @andy_Brexit @LBC @NickFerrariLBC Thank you for being a democrat 👍
09 Oct, 09:21 PM UTC
Kat Cujo
Being a democrat means being against war when a Republican potus gets us in one, being oblivious to war when a democrat potus keeps us in, & being pro war when another republican gets us out of war.
09 Oct, 09:19 PM UTC
Being a Democrat. That’s it. The hypocrisy of the Republican Party continues to astound me. The # of Republican tweets focused on the Dems Impeachment Inquiry INSTEAD of this lawless President’s long list of crimes/impeachable offenses is astounding to me.
09 Oct, 09:17 PM UTC
🔥💀Frank Leonoyed💀🔥
Being a Democrat means accusing others of exactly what you are guilty of doing.
09 Oct, 09:12 PM UTC
harry nutz
Being a Democrat means you’re a dope and support killing babies
09 Oct, 09:03 PM UTC
Being a Democrat don't keep you safe
09 Oct, 09:01 PM UTC
Caps Nats
@ezraklein Getting a blow job while being a democrat. Nothing else. Unless you are a democrat. Then anything but only if you are a democrat.
09 Oct, 08:53 PM UTC
@ezraklein It pretty much begins and ends at being a Democrat.
09 Oct, 08:49 PM UTC
Ron Allen
Being a Democrat. Number-one offense.
09 Oct, 08:38 PM UTC
@ezraklein That’s easy... getting a blowjob while being a Democrat, next question
09 Oct, 08:34 PM UTC

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