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Hoop Central
Ben Simmons for three @TheHoopCentral's photo on Ben Simmons
17 Jan, 03:16 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
Ben Simmons airball from 3 😬 @BleacherReport's photo on Ben Simmons
17 Jan, 03:20 AM UTC
Ben Simmons pulling that 3
17 Jan, 03:13 AM UTC
Summer League Ben Simmons> @SixersGraeme's photo on Ben Simmons
16 Jan, 10:34 PM UTC
Barstool Sports
Ben Simmons may just never attempt a 3 pointer again after this @thisleague @barstoolsports's photo on Ben Simmons
17 Jan, 03:17 AM UTC
𝑪𝒐𝒏𝒆 🌩
I have never seen a fanbase turn on someone faster than Sixers fans have turned on Ben Simmons
17 Jan, 04:29 AM UTC
We can’t get mad at Ben Simmons for not shooting then slander him when he misses. Be happy he’s taking these shots like he’s supposed to.
17 Jan, 03:17 AM UTC
Kyle Neubeck
I think what happened *online* with Ben Simmons is the initial overcorrection ("Shoot a three coward!") was responded to with an equally forceful overcorrection ("It doesn't matter if he shoots!") and now there's no ability to have a rational conversation about him as a player
16 Jan, 06:45 PM UTC
House of Highlights
Ben Simmons with the pass to Dwight. 😅 @HoHighlights's photo on Ben Simmons
17 Jan, 03:41 AM UTC
Jon Johnson
Sixers needed Ben Simmons to lead. Shake Milton once again carried team, but result is 0-3 without Embiid.
17 Jan, 03:46 AM UTC
Back 2 Back 🇵🇹🇧🇷
17 Jan, 03:28 AM UTC
Coast To Coast Brasil 🏀🇧🇷
"O Philadelphia 76ers achou q o acordo pelo Harden já estava fechado. O time não vai dizer mas Morey forçou demais para reunir com seu ex jogador. Como resultado, Ben Simmons foi informado pelo seu agente que ele deveria se preparar para ser trocado." Ai ó, tá explicado o B.O
17 Jan, 03:38 AM UTC
Coast To Coast Brasil 🏀🇧🇷
Ben Simmons pega na bola. Os defensores:
17 Jan, 03:32 AM UTC
Pull up shoot
Ben Simmons is in his BAG tonight
17 Jan, 03:26 AM UTC
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17 Jan, 05:29 AM UTC
NBA Memes
When Ben Simmons found out Ja Morant is back
17 Jan, 01:03 AM UTC
Jackson Frank
It is time to retire the Ben Simmons-Dwight Howard/Joel Embiid snug pick-and-rolls
17 Jan, 01:24 AM UTC
Guy Boston Sports
Ben Simmons’ 3-point shooting has really improved!
17 Jan, 03:28 AM UTC
Jackson Frank
The offensive role the Sixers' roster demands Ben Simmons to play is far from his optimal one, but his flaws exacerbate the issue and his contact aversion + lack of shooting/interior touch make it very hard to give him a feature role offensively, even when idealized.
17 Jan, 01:45 AM UTC
Rob Hodge
@sixers The Sixers need more from Ben Simmons... This has to stop. 😔
17 Jan, 03:51 AM UTC
Went back to that Miami playoff game. Is this the same Ben Simmons from an explosion perspective? I see Ben a gear slower and a bit heavier. Could be a result of rehab + no offseason.
17 Jan, 05:25 AM UTC
Ben Simmons is overrated. Look at what he’s doing to his team’s offense. Specifically Joel.
17 Jan, 06:20 AM UTC
Joey Wilkinson 🏁
Among all perimeter players (non bigs) in the league, top 3 in deflections this season: Ben Simmons - 49 Jrue Holiday - 49 Dejounte Murray - 47
17 Jan, 07:58 AM UTC
Good Will Pucovski
Ben Simmons air balled an uncontested 3 and he is an all star 🤷🏻‍♀️
17 Jan, 08:48 AM UTC
Les picks de la nuit sont : - 3 Vucevic => 3×58 => 174 pts - 2 CJ => 2×20 => 40 pts - Wood => 45 pts - Derozan => 33 pts - Ben Simmons => 28 pts - Siakam => 6 pts - Embiid => 🚑 - Total => 326 pts - 143 => 169 ( -23 )
17 Jan, 08:31 AM UTC
It’s like the coaching staff in Philly have no interest in strengthening Ben Simmons weaknesses. 🤔
17 Jan, 05:44 AM UTC
I legitimately got 10x better at basketball than Ben Simmons has since his rookie year lmao
17 Jan, 08:49 AM UTC

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