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Frankie Hobbs
Ben White, out of position, made the most tackles and dealt with one of the most dangerous wingers in the league. Put some respect on his name.
05 Aug, 09:12 PM UTC
Ben White made 8 successful tackles against Crystal Palace, the most by an Arsenal player in a single Premeir League away game since the 2016/17 season at least. He's going to sleep well tonight. 😮‍💨
05 Aug, 09:19 PM UTC
Ben White made the most tackles (5) and won the most duels (12) today ✍🏼
05 Aug, 09:07 PM UTC
Osman 🎗
Think Ben White handled Zaha well. Very surprised seeing some saying he wasn’t great.
05 Aug, 09:51 PM UTC
Ben White made 8 successful tackles against Crystal Palace. That's the most by an Arsenal player in a single Premier League away game since the 2016/17 season at least. [Squawka] 🔥 https://t.co/jlAi1D109q
05 Aug, 09:48 PM UTC
Kieran Maguire
The sales of Cucurella and Ben White exceed what Brighton paid to build the Amex stadium #BHAFC
05 Aug, 02:56 PM UTC
Mikel Arteta on the physicality in Arsenal’s defenders: “Those two [Gabriel & Saliba], for their age, they are really well built. It’s the same with Ben [White], to have another player in the backline with that size is really important.” #afc https://t.co/atEgb33YhH
05 Aug, 09:32 PM UTC
𝙂𝙖𝙗𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙩 🇳🇬
Who else thought Ben White was solid today against Zaha playing out of position??
05 Aug, 09:12 PM UTC
I want Ben White to end up as a strong contender for Arsenal Player of the Season. He’s fast becoming the main punching bag for no good reason
05 Aug, 03:46 PM UTC
If you’re struggling to analyse the Ben White vs. Wilf Zaha thing, the clue is that the winger did absolutely fuck all all game and the defender kept him on the touchline the whole time. But, there were a few stepovers. And some complaining to the ref.
05 Aug, 09:00 PM UTC
@Chelsearory Ben White today won more ground duels (12/19) and made more successful tackles (8/12) than any other Arsenal player.
05 Aug, 09:20 PM UTC
⚠️ | QUICK STAT Ben White made 8 tackles against Crystal Palace tonight — it's the most tackles an Arsenal player has made in a Premier League match in over three years, ever since Lucas Torreira made 9 on 19 Jan 2019 v Chelsea. Held his own marking Wilfried Zaha. 💪 #CRYARS @SofaScoreINT's photo on Ben White
05 Aug, 09:18 PM UTC
Next Generation Arsenal 🔴⚪️
Ben white isn’t the most comfortable right back but he certainly won the war against Zaha tonight
05 Aug, 08:47 PM UTC
Michael Olanrewaju◽
Gabriel Magalhães on Instagram: “3 points and clean sheet!!! Let’s go 🧱🙌🏾” [IG: _gabrielmagalhaes] Arsenal / Football lovers should follow me, I'll follow back William Saliba Arteta Odegaard Saka Xhaka Viera Ben White Oleksandr Zinchenko Gabriel Jesus Gabriel Martinelli https://t.co/0XQuCIusJB
05 Aug, 09:27 PM UTC
Only three Arsenal players from their starting XI against Crystal Palace tonight - Ben White, Granit Xhaka & Gabriel Martinelli - started Arsenal’s opening Premier League match against Brentford last season. #afc https://t.co/F1kcIJ2Is4
05 Aug, 06:04 PM UTC
Zaha still in Ben White’s pocket.. The earlier Arsenal fans start appreciating him the better https://t.co/von9LvjHWu
05 Aug, 09:55 PM UTC
@SemperFiArsenal @Chelsearory Ben White made 8 successful tackles against Crystal Palace, the most by an Arsenal player in a single Premeir League away game since the 2016/17 season at least.
05 Aug, 09:21 PM UTC
Wizkid performs SOCO in Sweden 💙🦅 👀 Biggest Flop Big Wiz Ben White Iphone 14 https://t.co/lWp8vVG5Qa
06 Aug, 05:19 AM UTC
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06 Aug, 06:59 AM UTC
Streets say Zaha is still begging Ben White to let him out his pocket
05 Aug, 09:27 PM UTC
Adam Keys
Last night Ben White made the most successful tackles of any #Arsenal player away from home since 2017 (8), and William Saliba give a MOTM performance. Rather than knocking one, celebrate the talent we have in defence. After watching Mustafi 151 times, we deserve this. #afc https://t.co/WQtBUuuywJ
06 Aug, 07:57 AM UTC
@ltarsenal hey everyone point at what you found in ben white’s pocket after the game https://t.co/yuttislfQS
05 Aug, 08:59 PM UTC
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06 Aug, 05:16 AM UTC
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06 Aug, 08:16 AM UTC
Michael Olanrewaju◽
Granit Xhaka on Instagram: “Nothing beats that winning feeling 🤩 Perfect start to the season 🙌” [IG: granitxhaka] Arsenal fans/Football lovers follow me, I'll follow back Nketiah Odegaard Ben White Arteta Fabrizio Xkaka Saka William Saliba Zinchenko Martinelli #Arsenal https://t.co/ShdN9do60h
06 Aug, 06:22 AM UTC
Zaha passing Ben White then finding Saliba https://t.co/SIZ7HWRago
05 Aug, 08:56 PM UTC
Bugingo Hannington
When you finally get past Ben White then you find William Saliba just behind.😂😂🇺🇬👊🏿 https://t.co/yifd6OKtVK
06 Aug, 10:19 AM UTC
Naif 🇵🇸🇯🇴
Romero ain’t even better than Ben White man. Gtfo with these Saliba comparisons https://t.co/YOt7foDDDh
06 Aug, 08:49 AM UTC
Football Fans Tribe 🇳🇬 ⚽
C. PALACE 0-2 ARSENAL : Godfrey 🗣️ "We just get 30 minutes for the game" FULL VIDEO HERE 👇🏽 https://t.co/dgifetYsrc #cryars #plfans #premierleague Ben White Xhaka Saka ambode Gini rema https://t.co/FQEx7IAlR6
06 Aug, 08:11 AM UTC