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Brian Wilde
Oh God, Bergevin must wear people down. He just got Nate Thompson for what looks like about 10 spots lower in the draft order. He acquired Coyotes 5th rounder (an early 5th round pick). He gives up Flames 4th rounder (a late 4th round pick)
11 Feb, 06:35 PM UTC
John Lu
After #Habs recalled Weise from Laval late this morning, they were at the 23-man limit. By adding Nate Thompson they will have to make another roster move to fit him in. Bergevin is retooling his fourth line on the fly.
11 Feb, 06:35 PM UTC
Canadiens Montréal
The Canadiens have acquired forward Nate Thompson in exchange for Marc Bergevin’s workout plan
11 Feb, 05:55 PM UTC
Alex Flambo
In short: Weise Thompson Folin Arizona 5th rounder for Schlemko Froese CGY's 4th rounder So Bergevin gets 3 roster players & a early 5th for 2 AHL players and a late 4th. A+ #Habs #GoHabsGo
11 Feb, 07:28 PM UTC
You know the #Habs have turned a corner when Bergevin is able to convince players to waive their no-trade clause and come to Montreal.
11 Feb, 07:21 PM UTC
The Leafs IMO
@FriedgeHNIC ✖️ Not French Canadian ✔️ He has grit and veteranosity ✔️ Looks French Looks like Bergevin's Guide is working strongly
11 Feb, 05:42 PM UTC
Marc Bergevin should teach a class at McGill on acquiring bottom-6 talent for your NHL hockey team.
11 Feb, 06:35 PM UTC
Patrick Tallon
Bergevin has spent his entire tenure swapping bad depth players/fourth liners for other bad fourth liners. Mitchell, Flynn, Ott, King, Martinsen, Freose, Deslauriers, Chaput (list goes on) ..and now Thompson. This goes agains the “he’s learned” from his mistakes BS.
11 Feb, 06:11 PM UTC
My guess? If you dislike Bergevin, you have a problem with this trade. If you don’t dislike Bergevin, you’re fine with this trade.
11 Feb, 07:26 PM UTC
The Leafs Nation
Wow! John Tavares with a clutch goal in Montreal! Just like Bergevin planned! The Leafs Nation's photo on Bergevin
11 Feb, 08:13 PM UTC
Jimmy Murphy
#NHLBruins been on Coyle for a while now, but #GoHabsGo and Getzlaf? 👀 That would explain Bergevin scouting Ducks. However, not sure Getzlaf waives NMC to leave the warm shores of LA area for the bitter cold of MTL and living under a microscope of media and fan scrutiny.
11 Feb, 05:55 PM UTC
Eyes on the Prize
Montreal Canadiens acquire Nate Thompson from Los Angeles
11 Feb, 06:34 PM UTC
@DennisTFP @NHL_AaronWard Dennis, you are missing the point with people like Alin, the criticism is because he was acquired by Bergevin. #somepeopleyoujustcantreach
11 Feb, 08:19 PM UTC
Mathieu Roy
The Nate Thompson trade seems to be like a lot of small Bergevin trades: the problem is less what the player cost in assets than the player ending up being used instead of better players.
11 Feb, 06:54 PM UTC
Christian Ravary 🇨🇦
@anthonymarcotte @VinceCauchon Le choix de 4ème est tard dans la ronde et le choix de 5ème est tôt dans la ronde donc Bergevin viens chercher un centre avec des meilleurs chiffres que Danault aux mises en jeux pour environ dix/douze spots au repêchage.. très bon move. Smart!
11 Feb, 06:54 PM UTC
Kevin Vallée
Le hockey est très différent au printemps. Marc Bergevin complète des transactions qui l'aideront en séries, et ce sans piger trop dans sa banque de choix. Weise-Thompson-Deslauriers, c'est intimidant pour un quatrième trio rapide et fragile.
11 Feb, 08:05 PM UTC
Remember that episode of the office when Dwight traded his way from a paper clip to a telescope. Yeah I think that’s what Bergevin is trying to do with the @CanadiensMTL
11 Feb, 08:10 PM UTC
Without it costing practically anything, #Habs get #Weise and #Thompson to help bolster their 4th line. #Bergevin might now be looking for a LHD in the coming weeks
11 Feb, 07:50 PM UTC
Andrew Marchand
@Andrew_TFP Tavares was afraid to meet Bergevin, afraid he may fall in love and turn his back against his motherland.
11 Feb, 07:22 PM UTC
Maxime Duquet
Marc Bergevin fait la bonne chose en ce moment : ajouter de la profondeur afin de récompenser ses joueurs pour le travail accompli jusqu'à maintenant sans se mettre ''all-in'' pour cette année. Le CH n'a pas ce qu'il faut pour rivaliser avec les puissances de la ligue. #GoHabsGo
11 Feb, 07:18 PM UTC
wayne williams
@jacktodd46 @sdpuddicombe It is an excellent article, it changed the way I viewed Bergevin. Also think changes made in Laval and Assistant coaches have been huge.
11 Feb, 08:34 PM UTC
KIKITOS™ ©alisthenic
@celibatar Dimanche dernier en roue arrière a bergevin !!!! Le xenon illuminait les palmier.... yavai un cross devant qui était en l’air aussi... KIKITOS™ ©alisthenic's photo on Bergevin
11 Feb, 08:23 PM UTC
Howard Warner
@EricEngels Huge upgrade on fourth line over last couple of days. Seems inconceivable but Bergevin has to be a top runner for GM year
11 Feb, 07:45 PM UTC
@alour I think you could use that analogy for anything Bergevin does....including breathe.
11 Feb, 07:29 PM UTC
#Habs fans: Our 4th line is fucking gaaaarbaaaaage! Less than 48 hours later.... Bergevin: Your 4th line is now completely different and it cost basically nothing. You're welcome, fans. #GoHabsGo
11 Feb, 07:26 PM UTC
Montreal Canadiens
Montreal Canadiens acquire Nate Thompson from Los Angeles - Habs Eyes on the Prize #Habs #Canadiens #GoHabsGo Montreal Canadiens's photo on Bergevin
11 Feb, 08:21 PM UTC
Richard Martin
@Matlesdalles @Wezpower @PalinEric @Bowde94 Je ne le connais pas Thompson, mais les deux derniers movent de Bergevin viennent clairement indiquer la porte à Hudon pour cette année
11 Feb, 08:15 PM UTC
@919sports @stephgonzz @MaxVanHoutte919 Bergevin fait exactement ce qu’il avait dit et ne touche pas aux assets. Ils vont peut-être réveiller Deslauriers. Mais pourquoi sur analysé un 4e trio ?
11 Feb, 07:54 PM UTC
Nicholas Di Giovanni
Everyone is quick to criticize Bergevin when he trades for depth, but forget he's also traded for: Shea Weber Jeff Petry Max Domi Tomas Tatar Phil Danault Andrew Shaw Jonathan Drouin Joel Armia Tomas Vanek
11 Feb, 07:46 PM UTC
@yatesy0593 He just isn't better, which is hard to say, and it doesn't yet mean that Bergevin, who put MTL in a bad spot roster-wise, doesn't still have quite of bit of work to fix something that never had to be broken. Either way, Thompson is a centre, I guess
11 Feb, 07:38 PM UTC
Patrick Tourangeau
@GLepageLNH Des joueurs qui lui ressemble, des plombiers, Bergevin en est fou!
11 Feb, 07:38 PM UTC
LEGIT 31-18-6
@scottmatla I mean, he’s scored more than chaput and has had a better +/- then him while being in a shitty team. Pretty sure Bergevin wouldn’t have got him if he’s the exact same player as chaput
11 Feb, 07:31 PM UTC
@Le_Matheux @TCarperos450 I’m not absolving Bergevin; he stuck with Therrien for too long, and I’m not a fan of the Price contract or the Alzner signing, and I love Weber I would of kept the younger Subban. But regardless of the Subban swap he’s done a good job retooling the team and prospect building.
11 Feb, 07:23 PM UTC
⚡︎ J-S Poupart ⚡︎
@oli_bou @MAGodin @AndrewBerkshire On dirait le “Bargain Bin” Bergevin d’antan. Pas très excitant comme transaction.
11 Feb, 08:42 PM UTC
@BWildeGlobal Love this pick up. Big upgrade on 4th line. Don't care what the Bergevin haters have to say. Thompson waived no trade to go to HABS. Weisse is giddy to be in Montreal. Chemistry upgrade, if that was even possible.
11 Feb, 08:41 PM UTC
Tony Rousketos
#Canadiens acquire Nate Thompson and a 5th-round pick from the #Kings What will this guys do? Come on Bergevin! Pull the trigger already.
11 Feb, 08:35 PM UTC
Daniel Mongeau
@919sports @stephgonzz @MaxVanHoutte919 Le #CH l'équipe qui veut avoir le meilleur 4e trio de la ligue...... Who Cares Bergevin a encore une Tonne $$$$ sous le CAP Il va dormir dessus jusqu'en Juillet
11 Feb, 08:29 PM UTC
Christopher Massotti
It’s nice to see that Bergevin is setting all his focus on our 4th line😍
11 Feb, 08:27 PM UTC
Lou 🇨🇦
We had 2-3 players under the age of 25 being replaced by a 30 yrs old and a 35 yrs old who will probably leave after season ends. Either Bergevin is cleaning the house for the new generation or he had enough of the 4th line...
11 Feb, 08:24 PM UTC
HABSolument Fan
Le DG du Canadien n'a pas terminé sa journée de travail! 😲
11 Feb, 08:21 PM UTC
@HabsLinks Are you stupid Bergevin is garbage
11 Feb, 08:20 PM UTC
Yanno Le Siège
@tet2772 @JFChaumontJDM J'aime mieux garder Suzuki, Juulsen et mon premier choix.. Suzuki sera l'équivalent de Stone un jour et j'aurai Juulsen et mon premier choix dans mon équipe. De toute façon Bergevin le fera pas..
11 Feb, 08:17 PM UTC
Marc-Olivier Gagné
@allardpascal Finalement, le plan de Bergevin était très simple. Il imitait le gars qui est parti d’une trombone et qui, a force d’échanges, s’est retrouvé avec une maison. C’est juste qu’il utilise Dale Weise au lieu d’une trombone. #habs #CH
11 Feb, 08:15 PM UTC
Maxime Paiement
You know what Claude Julien needs? A 4th line coach. A guy whose sole purpose is to coach the 4th line and that guy get to tell Marc Bergevin what kind of players he needs.
11 Feb, 08:13 PM UTC
James Kierans
@n_digiovanni Bergevin is a very hot and cold GM, let’s not pretend that he hasn’t had huge misses to go along with brilliant moves
11 Feb, 08:12 PM UTC
A few days ago I sarcastically tweeted that the #Isles were inquiring about Thompson and they were selling Kovi and Phaneuff... I guess Blake's French wasn't good enough to unload those contracts on Bergevin.
11 Feb, 08:07 PM UTC
Christian Belair
@kc_brovlawski @Magicman886 @AlexNyko @PierreVLeBrun our D has improved with Big Weber playing like a Norris winner. Mete is close to Petry. we need a top scorer and a top 4 D, but who knows what team they want going into the playoffs. Bergevin is trading for better players after the season is over, so not much hope from me
11 Feb, 08:06 PM UTC
Finalement, Bergevin a passé 2 soirée a regarder Thompson joué.😬😜 #rumeur #blabla #Habs
11 Feb, 07:49 PM UTC
Robert Jr Chalifoux
@tet2772 @MOBeaudoin1 Je me base tout simplement sur les dires de Bergevin et sur le fait que les Sénateurs bous accorderont jamais le droit de discuter avec Stone avant la transaction.
11 Feb, 07:47 PM UTC
@JeremyFilosa @renlavoietva @CanadiensMTL Je comprends mais je ne crois pas que Bergevin soit tant que ça à la recherche d'espace sur sa masse. Ils en ont déjà beaucoup. On verra!
11 Feb, 07:39 PM UTC
Welcome Nate Thompson! Hopefully he turns out to be an upgrade over Chaput. Bergevin is retooling our 4th line in a short amount of time and it’s good. #Habs
11 Feb, 07:39 PM UTC
alin delong
@NHL_AaronWard @DennisTFP @seanrcampbell @KnucklesNilan30 He is too slow come on...great in the room like is 2019! Back to the future with Marty Bergevin 🙄
11 Feb, 07:38 PM UTC
Perlin Pinpin
@Richardlabbe Bien d'accord. Assez curieux comme échange. Vieux, pas tellement rapide, et plutôt cher 1.6 M pour ce qu'il apporte. Une des rares transactions que je questionne de Bergevin cette année. Matthew Peca comme centre va probablement lever les pattes avec son arrivée.
11 Feb, 07:37 PM UTC
31-18-7 ♐ Matt
Not too Bad on Bergevin. That 5th from Flames is a Late pick . the 4th originally Arizona will be way earlier . Nate Thompson is a steal
11 Feb, 07:35 PM UTC
Brendan Kelly
It's probably a plus to have nabbed Nate Thompson from L.A. but Bergevin has to do something significant before the trade deadline. And I'm not talking about a Weise-like trade. Here's my What the Puck column.
11 Feb, 07:34 PM UTC
@HAROLDBOURGEO10 @AZadarski What do you mean no? If Bergevin doesn't make a trade, he will send one of those guys down.
11 Feb, 07:25 PM UTC
@MOBeaudoin1 Je suis d’accord avec toi sa me surprendrais que Bergevin fais un autre trade apart si c’est hudon qui s’en va ayeur
11 Feb, 07:25 PM UTC
@Connor_Lapalme This is pretty much Bergevin's MO every TDL. Bolster the fourth line and add depth on D (which I expect shortly). This Habs team shouldn't be chasing the Panarins and Duchenes...
11 Feb, 07:23 PM UTC
James Yates
Another great pickup from Bergevin, Thompson is an immediate upgrade on Chaput, and we didn’t give up anything really, Marc showing you why he’s not as bad as everyone thinks #habs
11 Feb, 07:22 PM UTC
Free me from this backwards world 🇨🇦 🇮🇱 🇺🇸
Not a Bergevin fan since the "we're not trading Subban" ordeal. His word means 0. But this trade for Nate Thompson is a strong one that costs Montreal next to nothing, and brings in potential. And against @MapleLeafs, he knows ex-King Muzzin. @CanadiensMTL #GoHabsGo
11 Feb, 07:21 PM UTC
@VinceCauchon Dave Poile a faite la même chose la semaine dernière Boyle et McLeod. C’est pas juste Bergevin
11 Feb, 07:21 PM UTC
@Agalloch84 Well, i think Bergevin is stocking up for playoffs. The more, the better. Just like d-men.
11 Feb, 07:20 PM UTC
@HAROLDBOURGEO10 @AZadarski It's an option. Chances are they will make a trade, but Bergevin isn't forced to do so. He can easily send someone down
11 Feb, 07:19 PM UTC
Joshua Lemish
@MatthewWords you can say that about alot of Bergevin's exchanges. The last time the habs had a dynamic power play, they had someone else, now we have a pylon at the point and who also hasn't truly won anything in the NHL.
11 Feb, 07:18 PM UTC
Laurie Guillemette
@daleweise22 Then you get a call from Marc Bergevin this morning 😍 I can’t wait to see you play 😍
11 Feb, 07:16 PM UTC

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