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Colin Cowherd
USA tied 1-1 w Costa Rica at halftime. Just a reminder USMNT HC Gregg Berhalter is 18-3-2 in competitive matches since taking over. If we lose, he will be solely blamed. That’s the way it works. Always.
13 Oct, 11:55 PM UTC
Paul Tenorio
One minute into the game and Gregg Berhalter's decision to star Zack Steffen over Matt Turner is already a topic of conversation.
13 Oct, 11:05 PM UTC
MLS Buzz
Walker Zimmerman wasn’t called up initially. He went on to start the first two games, man of the match in the first and captaining the 2nd. Tim Weah was supposed to be on the bench tonight. He scored the go-ahead goal. Berhalter masterclass. Can’t doubt his instincts.
14 Oct, 12:55 AM UTC
Cannot stress enough how good it will be to have Pulisic, Reyna back in and improve the depth with players like Miazga, Konrad, Green. But for once, Berhalter can get it done by just sticking to the quality players instead of make excuses for BALANCED VERTICALITY. Credit to him
14 Oct, 01:05 AM UTC
Jaime Ojeda
Conclusiones del #USAvCRC 2-1: 😅Berhalter escapa vivo hoy 🔙Remontó el marcador el #USMNT 🔥Vaya PARTIDAZO de Musah en CM ⚡️Pepi juega y conecta muy bien 📈Tim Weah se reivindica con gol 🫂ENORME trabajo colectivo 😰USA sufrió un poco al final ✅11 ptos de 18 posibles #WCQ (IN)
14 Oct, 12:59 AM UTC
Nate Bukaty
I’m quite optimistic about this group of USMNT players. I think they will continue to gel and improve. Berhalter will continue to learn which combinations of players fit best together. And this cycle was without Pulisic and Reyna.
14 Oct, 01:00 AM UTC
USMNT does not owe Gregg Berhalter an apology. Gregg lost 3 points not a potential point earlier this week. The Costa Rica teams legs were tired because they are 40 coming out of the retirement home to play.
14 Oct, 01:04 AM UTC
Brian Dunseth
My man.. I get it. You don’t like Arriola and you love Scally. Not a fan of Berhalter and you want to dominate EVERY SECOND OF EVERY GAME.
14 Oct, 01:05 AM UTC
Express Futbol
TRIUNFO DE USA: Estados Unidos🇺🇸 se recuperó de la derrota ante Panamá y venció por 2-1 a Costa Rica🇨🇷 en Columbus. 📌Goles de Dest y Timothy Weah le dieron los 3 puntos al elenco de Berhalter. 📌Fuller abrió la cuenta para la visita. ⚠️Alcanzan la cima con un partido más.
14 Oct, 12:56 AM UTC
I Think VAR Should Leave
Berhalter after playing a strong lineup
14 Oct, 01:06 AM UTC
@usmntonly I just want to play one game with you Berhalter
14 Oct, 01:07 AM UTC
Nader Hussein نادر حسين (Taylor's Version)
@stuholden Gregg Berhalter is holding this team back. They win despite him, not because of him.
14 Oct, 01:06 AM UTC
@stuholden Should be a lot better than they are. Berhalter ain't the guy.
14 Oct, 01:04 AM UTC
Shireen “It’s Actually Bronze Refs”
No. We don’t owe Berhalter an apology. #BerhalterOut
14 Oct, 01:03 AM UTC
Matthew De George
Good news for the US: 11 points from 6 matches is fine. Not great but fine Next window is 2 games so Berhalter can think himself into paralysis. Full bore vs. Mexico, same team vs. Jamaica
14 Oct, 01:02 AM UTC
Nats Fan Burner
@rogbennett Don’t care. Fire Berhalter
14 Oct, 01:00 AM UTC
Grant Babcock
Miles looked a bit shaky but I'm not worried about him. Aaronson looked great. Let's hope Berhalter can get out of his own way next window and we don't concede any soft goals while building on ability to move the ball quickly and w/purpose we showed at times tonight. #USMNT
14 Oct, 01:09 AM UTC
Berhalter somehow escapes again.
14 Oct, 01:08 AM UTC
Nicolaus De S. Ludovico
@stuholden Berhalter isn't as clever as he thinks
14 Oct, 01:05 AM UTC
Play these young studs. The days of Arriola, Lletget, Acosta, Zardes, Yueill are over. We have a lot of talent and quality. We just need Gregg Berhalter to commit to them. #USMNT
14 Oct, 12:57 AM UTC
Boots Poffenberger
Did this mother fucker on tv say we owe Gregg Berhalter an apology??? For beating Costa Rica 2-1????
14 Oct, 01:01 AM UTC
@ManagerTactical Before every game we should get berhalter out trending to get the best lineup.
14 Oct, 01:01 AM UTC
Marco Fortunato Lauro
Steffen - 5 Dest - 7.5 MOTM Miles - 4.5 Richards - 6 A-Rob - 6.5 Adams - 7 Musah - 7 Wes - 6.5 BA - 5.5 Weah - 6 Pepi - 5.5 Hoppe - 5 Yedlin - 6 Berhalter - 7 (would love more chances from run of play. Need it actually) #USMNT
14 Oct, 01:00 AM UTC
Yode 🧢🇺🇲
@ldub20011 We have so much potential... fire Berhalter lol
14 Oct, 01:12 AM UTC
Nick Hummel
Not a bad rebound by the #USMNT tonight, especially after the nightmare start. But that doesn’t count out the number of gross tactical miscalculations from Berhalter in his tenure. I think he’ll survive after tonight, but the right thing needs to be done. He needs to go.
14 Oct, 01:10 AM UTC
So now the USMNT can push off firing Berhalter and burning it to the ground until November. I used to be emotionally invested. I am now applying my NC State fandom to this coach.
14 Oct, 01:09 AM UTC
MJ Lee
@wtppod That was definitely fun, and Berhalter still has a job (which was doubtful after the 1st minute)
14 Oct, 01:09 AM UTC
Cesar Calderon
@TaylorTwellman Musah is undropable to me right now but Aaronson has been doing good for both club and country as well. Interesting choices for Berhalter if everyone is healthy agains Mexico.
14 Oct, 01:09 AM UTC
@itsjessinho All that FIRE BERHALTER shit we were seeing after Panama, we’ll be second in the table worst case after 6 games. Nothing more reliable than soccer fans flipping out every time the team plays badly
14 Oct, 01:08 AM UTC
Noe Espinoza
Good thing Arriola got injured cause if not we would be looking at a tied game again #Berhalter gets saved from himself!!! #USMNT #USAvCRC #WorldCupQualifiers
14 Oct, 01:07 AM UTC