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Yankees fans warned us about this Betances
01 Aug, 02:15 AM UTC
Michael Baron
The #Mets are just getting next to nothing out of their bullpen. Seth Lugo is off once again. Dellin Betances had nothing. This is the same story, different day. As has been the case for far too long.
01 Aug, 02:24 AM UTC
Anthony DiComo
Dellin Betances averaged 93 mph on his fastball -- his lowest mark of the season -- and struggled to find the strike zone. He retired one of five batters. Luis Rojas will turn to Seth Lugo for what could turn into a five-out save opportunity. Mets 10, Braves 8, bottom eighth.
01 Aug, 02:18 AM UTC
Michael Baron
In addition, you can get on Luis Rojas for sticking with Dellin Betances. That is a justified complaint, and he has to own that tonight. But, he has no bullpen. Like, nobody can be relied upon. No lead is safe, no matter what. That’s on the GM, not the manager. #Mets
01 Aug, 02:32 AM UTC
Quarantino Martinez
@TheClemReport Betances versions: The best: best reliever in baseball The good: nasty but you’ll sweat it out The bad: if Indiana Jones didnt outrun the Boulder
01 Aug, 02:24 AM UTC
Steve Angelovich
Mets fans are really mad at Betances after blowing a big lead. Let me say, that I would take him back on the Yankees tomorrow if you guys want to get rid of him.
01 Aug, 02:53 AM UTC
John Harper
Mets/Rojas haven't seemed to trust Betances much since the start, using Wilson to get righties in big spots. Didn't look anything like the old All-Star Betances tonight. Suddenly that bullpen may not be so deep, after all.
01 Aug, 02:20 AM UTC
Michael Mayer
Betances continuing to top out at 94 is concerning.
01 Aug, 02:10 AM UTC
Emily Nyman
Have a day, Betances 😂
01 Aug, 02:44 AM UTC
Matt Kardos
I mean, if Betances, Lugo and Diaz aren’t going to get the job done, the Mets are toast.
01 Aug, 02:29 AM UTC
Jake Montgomery
The Mets have broken Dellin Betances.
01 Aug, 02:52 AM UTC
Melvin José Bejarán 😷
.@LosBravos hicieron tremendo lío a Dellin Betances y al relevo de los Mets en el octavo. Anotaron 5 y ahora derrotan 11-10 a Nueva York y van al noveno. Ese bullpen es el primer gran dolor de cabeza de Luis Rojas. Lo más difícil es que son buenos brazos que no están efectivos.
01 Aug, 02:32 AM UTC
Newsday Sports
Dellin Betances, Seth Lugo can't hold comfy #Mets lead against Braves | @timbhealey
01 Aug, 03:00 AM UTC
Amazin' Avenue
The Mets’ bats finally got itself together—just in time for the bullpen to implode.
01 Aug, 03:27 AM UTC
Eric Albert
Betances was a local kid that loved playing for the Yankees and was really good while he was here. Dude has pitched 2.1 innings since rupturing his Achilles’ tendon and Yankee fans want to bash him. You people are weak and miserable
01 Aug, 03:30 AM UTC
Josh Lindblom Cy Young SZN (3-3)
Dellin Betances comeback SZN 🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂
01 Aug, 03:11 AM UTC
G.T Julian Guilarte
SMH Betances just saw that meltdown wow I actually feel bad for him same old Mets.
01 Aug, 03:28 AM UTC
The Nose
Well, I think we have seen enough of Mr. Betances. Another beer leaguer who comes over to real baseball and gets his ass handed to him. Thanks, Brodie.
01 Aug, 02:30 AM UTC
@RawUncutNYTalk @Reiku78 @AnthonyDiComo Yes thank you. Enough with the Dom Smith. This loss was on Rojas for leaving Betances in too long when Lugo was ready. He made same mistake with Wilson the other night. However, this is exactly how every Mets season starts no matter the manager so we really shouldn’t be shocked
01 Aug, 03:17 AM UTC
Eric Wing
The Mets' GM's moves have had remarkably disastrous results. On the positive side...J.D. Davis. On the negative...Diaz, Cano, Familia, Lowrie, Stroman, Porcello, Betances--none of whom came cheaply. Team would be better off letting WFAN callers make the decisions.
01 Aug, 03:00 AM UTC
John Farrell
Old friend Dellin Betances goes 1/3 of an inning & surrenders 4 ER in an epic Mets meltdown tonight against Atlanta...His ERA is 15.43...Phugly...Looks like the Yanks might have made the right call again...
01 Aug, 03:28 AM UTC
Mr. Unity Against the Creeping Fascism
@YankeesHeat @sports_life14 @Mets No reason to think Lugo won't bounce back. He's made a couple bad pitches that got clobbered and got a legit terrible call tonight that threw him off. Not sure about Betances, he looks rusty as hell so far. Somehow Familia looks good. Diaz is ass. I'd trade him for BP balls.
01 Aug, 03:17 AM UTC
I can't even kill Rojas. Betances is his set up guy. Lugo is by far his best reliever. They just failed.
01 Aug, 03:02 AM UTC
Jake Ciely
@Jeff_Erickson He’s no Betances 😂
01 Aug, 03:36 AM UTC
@FelixParedes_C dime algo de dellin betances????
01 Aug, 03:27 AM UTC
@robfromthebronx @draftniks Yea Rojas probably should have pulled Betances earlier, but when Lugo came in he looked like shit regardless. Those are supposed to be lockdown guys when they don’t do their job it’s on them. Can’t blame the manager for this.
01 Aug, 03:25 AM UTC
Frank Campanello
@AnthonyDiComo Really good bullpen: Diaz was really good .. in SEA Betances was really good .. in Da Bronx Familia was really good .. in 2015
01 Aug, 03:23 AM UTC
Tom Morache
@timbhealey Not yanking Betances in time is what really cost us.
01 Aug, 03:19 AM UTC
Christopher?! 🇺🇸🐃🏈🍎⚾️
@NotDWright Yeah, he got me heated when he was shaking his at Bentances missing the plate even though Lugo was ready. But, still allowed Betances to pitch to Freddie.
01 Aug, 03:19 AM UTC
Paul Redmond
@D_o_R_i_A_N__ @TheClemReport Let's see, misses all of 2019 because of shoulder injury, and then in his 1 appearance he injures his achilles. Took Zach Britton almost 2 years to recover from an achilles tear, so Betances needs time.
01 Aug, 03:18 AM UTC

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