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Critical Role
#BetweenTheSheets with @BrianWFoster returns tonight for a one-on-one with special guest @willfriedle (aka Eric Matthews, Batman, Bumblebee, Ron Stoppable, Lion-O, Kashaw Vesh, and more)! Catch the interview at 7pm Pacific on https://t.co/oKsRCIyutQ. Critical Role's photo on #BetweenTheSheets
11 Feb, 06:00 PM UTC
Critical Role
It's almost time for a brand new episode of #BetweenTheSheets with @BrianWFoster, feat. special guest and Critical Role alum @willfriedle! Coming up at 7pm Pacific on https://t.co/oKsRCIyutQ! Critical Role's photo on #BetweenTheSheets
12 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
Brian W. Foster
Thanks as always for watching #BetweenTheSheets! Buckle up for next week: Brian W. Foster's photo on #BetweenTheSheets
12 Feb, 04:49 AM UTC
Will Friedle
True story! Come and check out me being interviewed by my close friend @BrianWFoster! (I have to be nice to him...he’s one of my DM’s) #BetweenTheSheets https://t.co/EjoXRebqrR
12 Feb, 12:03 AM UTC
BTS on #BetweenTheSheets with @willfriedle. #CriticalRole CHRIS LOCKEY's photo on #BetweenTheSheets
12 Feb, 03:03 AM UTC
john o'brien
when @willfriedle references the "man in the hole" story #BetweenTheSheets john o'brien's photo on #BetweenTheSheets
12 Feb, 03:55 AM UTC
Jorge Luis Lopez Esq
#GRAMMYs RT @myca_asiquia: Cinematography and Editing #ForbesUnder30 #GRAMMYs #BetweenTheSheets https://t.co/MwI6dUvn55
12 Feb, 09:59 AM UTC
Watching @willfriedle on #BetweenTheSheets and getting excited at the fact we both read the same books. Book nerds are my people. :D
12 Feb, 10:22 AM UTC
Tam ⚅
We just finished watching @willfriedle's #BetweenTheSheets and decided to check on his IMDb page. Oh, the irony. @BrianWFoster Tam ⚅'s photo on #BetweenTheSheets
12 Feb, 08:31 AM UTC
Cinematography and Editing #ForbesUnder30 #GRAMMYs #BetweenTheSheets https://t.co/BOeGLrSzf7
12 Feb, 09:58 AM UTC
Donny J. Chump
Working hard, thank you! #MyKindaNYTimes #BetweenTheSheets
12 Feb, 09:37 AM UTC
Eddie Freeman
You two are ridiculous. This Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones talk is hilarious. Love these nerds. 🤣 #BetweenTheSheets Eddie Freeman's photo on #BetweenTheSheets
12 Feb, 08:06 AM UTC
Trendane - Voice Actor/Narrator
@willfriedle I'm watching #BetweenTheSheets and just got through the part where you talk about fantasy serieseses that you've read and I have to wonder, have you read "The Sleeping Dragon" by Joel Rosenberg? Given its D&D origin, I would think you'd like it.
12 Feb, 07:59 AM UTC
Hell yeah! @willfriedle dropping knowledge about Assassins Apprentice and Wheel of Time on #BetweenTheSheets God I love Those series!
12 Feb, 07:46 AM UTC
Odin The Ancient
Hey @willfriedle, your #BetweenTheSheets interview was inspiring. I'm also a person that has had anxiety since I was a teen and I also do not want to rely on meds, I completely relate. #LifesToughGetAHelmet
12 Feb, 07:34 AM UTC
Waking up to a new episode of #DavidTennantDoesAPodcastWith AND #BetweenTheSheets AND #RelicsAndRarities, and having to decide which one goes first BEFORE coffee. Tuesday morning agony... Thanks @GeekandSundry, @DavidTennantPod and @CriticalRole! #TooMuchAwesomeContent
12 Feb, 07:24 AM UTC
Eddie Freeman
@BrianWFoster @willfriedle Can confirm, the youngest are drawn to the arts. #BetweenTheSheets Keep writing gents! 💗 Eddie Freeman's photo on #BetweenTheSheets
12 Feb, 07:18 AM UTC
super awesome episode of #BetweenTheSheets today! thanks @BrianWFoster i guess even @willfriedle has a flaw, such is life
12 Feb, 06:56 AM UTC
Brandon King
Just watched Ep1 of #BetweenTheSheets S2 with @BrianWFoster & @Logic301. I'm not very familiar with Bobby's work but that was one hell of an interview that Brian gave. I totally respect Bobby as a person and his vision of where he wants to be creatively. Brandon King's photo on #BetweenTheSheets
12 Feb, 06:42 AM UTC
I'm a week behind on my #BetweenTheSheets episodes but I just watched Quyen's episode and it was phenomenal. Especially the part on happiness and going for it with what you're passionate about. Question though: When do we get an episode where @BrianWFoster is interviewed? https://t.co/Ym4dgrUpB7
12 Feb, 05:50 AM UTC
🖤 Crow Mother 🖤
I now need book recommendations from @willfriedle after watching that #BetweenTheSheets episode.
12 Feb, 05:35 AM UTC
Lyana of Themyscira
When I was 15, my anxiety disorder forced me to drop out of high school. A year later my doctor misdiagnosing my chest pains prevented me from ever going back. @willfriedle talking about his experience with anxiety and misdiagnosis tonight was really comforting #BetweenTheSheets
12 Feb, 05:33 AM UTC
Hey @willfriedle just finished your episode of #BetweenTheSheets. Having grown up watching you on TV and listening to you without realizing it, I'm glad you popped back up in my entertainment with @CriticalRole and #GnSPaintersGuild. Thanks for sharing yourself in this interview!
12 Feb, 05:22 AM UTC
Camilla Kipp
Listening to @willfriedle talk openly and unabashedly about his anxiety and when he decided to stop letting it rule his life... very inspirational stuff. Yet another touching (and downright hilarious) ep of #BetweenTheSheets 👏
12 Feb, 05:21 AM UTC

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