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Palmer Report
Matt Gaetz is up there ranting about the "Biden crime family" during Trump's impeachment. Gaetz should be expelled.
13 Jan, 06:20 PM UTC
Duty To Warn 🔉
"Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, the Russian Hoax, the Biden crime family..." - Ladies and Gentlemen, he's hyper-partisan, he's delusional, he's shameless - I give you Matt Gaetz!
13 Jan, 06:24 PM UTC
Uncovering The Truth
Matt Gaetz is wildly attacking Hillary Clinton and the “Biden crime family.” He just spread the “dead people voted” false conspiracy that led to the insurrection. Expel him immediately. Investigate Matt for his involvement in the Jan 6 attack. House Republicans must condemn him.
13 Jan, 06:24 PM UTC
Jeff Greenfield
Matt Gaetz seeks unity by referring to the "Biden crime family" and continues to flog the conspiracy series about November.
13 Jan, 06:22 PM UTC
Domenico Montanaro
Republicans are calling for "unity" and not impeaching Trump and Matt Gaetz says of Hunter Biden and the "Biden crime family," "Don't think for a second we're going to drop that!" So unifying. And duh
13 Jan, 06:21 PM UTC
Sophia A. Nelson
Why is someone like @RepMattGaetz allowed to serve in Congress? He is a despicable disgusting foul man. The #Biden Crime family? WOW!!! #ImpeachTrumpAgainNOW
13 Jan, 06:22 PM UTC
Annie Linskey
Rep. Gaetz is bringing Hillary Clinton and the "Biden crime family" into his defense of Trump on the House floor now.
13 Jan, 06:22 PM UTC
Portia McGonagal
Oh Lord it's the Mouth That Roared, Matt Gaetz. "The Biden Crime Family" Give me strength. #ImpeachmentDay
13 Jan, 06:20 PM UTC
Sweet Lettuce
@jaketapper Mentioning the Biden Crime family indicates to me that he isn't fit to be a public official. Bring up conspiracy theories on the house floor smh
13 Jan, 06:23 PM UTC
Charles Johnson
Matt Gaetz ranting insanely about “the Biden crime family.” @Green_Footballs's photo on Biden Crime Family
13 Jan, 06:22 PM UTC
Tony - I'd rather be a do-gooder than a do-badder
Matt Gaetz (R) claims Trump was right about the "Biden crime family", "the Russia hoax" and "voting irregularities." How are these people elected to high office?
13 Jan, 06:23 PM UTC
WTF Seriously
@kirkacevedo He literally said "Biden crime family". He should be expelled from Congress.
13 Jan, 06:37 PM UTC
Matt Gaetz talking about the Biden crime family. He says trump is being impeached because he was right. Trump is being impeached for inciting an insurrection. Matt Gaetz believes inciting the insurrection was right. Matt Gaetz is #Complicit #GOPTraitors #Reckoning
13 Jan, 06:44 PM UTC
Lea (like tea) Kay 🇨🇦🏳️‍🌈
"Biden Crime Family" - Fox News via @mattgaetz on the house floor a moment ago. These guys are just a walking joke. It'll be interesting to see what happens with them after... #ImpeachTrump #ImpeachmentDay
13 Jan, 06:22 PM UTC
Yehudi "FUN FUN FUN" Mercado
Is there a dumber combination of words than "Biden Crime Family"?
13 Jan, 06:57 PM UTC
Mary Ann Barbero
@RBReich @RepMattGaetz You just can’t make this up, Matt Gaetz said, actually said, the Biden Crime family! Who are the misinformed morons that sent him to Congress. Ever since Trump you see the character of our congressmen deteriorate drastically. We have to work harder to inform our voters
13 Jan, 06:59 PM UTC
Sue Cushing
@gtconway3dg The Republican Members keep talking about the Biden Crime family. What is that about?
13 Jan, 06:57 PM UTC
Word To Silicone
I've decided today I'm coming out as racist. Just as many people come out as gay, I want to get out of this closeted space. I love my country, my police, and frankly could care less about BLM. I have to speak out and use platform to take down the one evil, the Biden Crime Family.
13 Jan, 06:57 PM UTC
Chad Massara
@PalmerReport Biden crime family Trump is the only mobster I see
13 Jan, 06:56 PM UTC
Thank you @RepMattGaetz When does the Joe Biden impeachment begin? Biden Crime Family
13 Jan, 06:56 PM UTC
Chris O'Leary
Here are quotes from Matt Gaetz as he downplays Trump's sedition: Biden Crime Family Hillary colluded with Russians Dead people voting Caravans 400 miles of Wall Left-incited violence No mention of hiding under his fucking desk from Trump's murder cult. @Satiristas @dylanbrody
13 Jan, 06:56 PM UTC
@VaushV Matt Gaetz unironically using the phrase "Biden Crime Family" is just staggering.
13 Jan, 06:55 PM UTC

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