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Mouth of the Tyne
Not sure why #VAR took so long there. It's almost as if they knew they HAD to give it but didn't WANT to. 1) ASM was clearly onside. No need for lines and all that garbage. 2) Ake took away Big Joe's standing leg. Foul. Therefore a penalty. The @premierleague hate us. #NUFC
14 May, 07:58 PM UTC
Mouth of the Tyne
Some bollocks on him. I'll give him that one. Get in BIG JOE!!! 🇧🇷🐴 #NUFC
14 May, 07:54 PM UTC
Sean Mcdowell
The Blues can be confusing, with: B.B., Freddie & Albert King Blind Blake, Blind Lemon Jefferson & Blind Willie McTell Tampa Red, Bukka White & Bobby Blue Bland Big Bill Broonzy, Big Mama Thornton & Big Joe Williams And 2 Sonny Boy Williamson's! B.B. King d. May 14 2015.
14 May, 06:05 PM UTC
Mouth of the Tyne
4 goals in all comps for Big Joe LAST season. 6 goals in all comps for Big Joe THIS season. If he can get 8 goals in all comps NEXT season, we'll have a player on our hands. Still only 24 years old. 🇧🇷 #NUFC
14 May, 08:14 PM UTC
Big Joe ⚽️🇧🇷 #NUFC | #NEWMCI
14 May, 07:58 PM UTC
Slated him all season but I’ll applaud him for having the balls to take that penalty 👏 Well in Big Joe ⚽️ #NUFC
14 May, 07:56 PM UTC
Steve Bruce 🍥
I can honestly say that Big Joe is the best Brazilian I’ve ever coached. #nufc
14 May, 07:59 PM UTC
The Irish Toon⚫️⚪️
BIG JOE⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️
14 May, 07:54 PM UTC
Mouth of the Tyne
@toonarmy_com Big Joe growing b*llocks. Murphy playing well....AGAIN. Willock being Willock. #NUFC
14 May, 09:03 PM UTC
Peter Clennell
Brilliant picture of Big Joe’s moment. 🇧🇷 #NUFC #NEWMCI
14 May, 10:00 PM UTC
Stephen Jones
@MsiDouglas Fair play to big Joe striking it like pens should be. Ridiculous time wasted deciding the obvious. And those lines for checking on ‘offside’ against Maxi 🤣. Please!
14 May, 07:55 PM UTC
big kahuna
The ole ultimatum from big joe whatcha gonna do here guys?
14 May, 08:51 PM UTC
This has to be one of the best games of what’s been a pretty shite season overall, six goals, a banger of a penalty from big Joe and OAP in goal for City - would be a class night to be in SJP
14 May, 08:29 PM UTC
Gary Wood
@watt_tracy74 @schreuder92 The gaffer said I could have the day off. He wants to see if big Joe still has it. That’s just between me and you though 🤫
14 May, 08:26 PM UTC
ToonTom ↩
Big Joe hammering that in like Shearer 🙋🏼‍♂️ Was there any doubt 🤫
14 May, 07:59 PM UTC
@NUFC Always loved Big Joe…
14 May, 07:52 PM UTC
Enes Mahmut Kamış
@EMahmutKamis Turn-based strategy game. Choose your country, create policies ,be ready for war #NEWMCI Scott Carson #Gogglebox #TOTP Joelinton #SLLeeWak Krafth Garcia Nathan Ake Edwin Poots Almiron Kyle Walker Kim Appleby Big Joe DAN HOWELL Wakey Matt Smith Wakefield
14 May, 09:05 PM UTC
Bjørn Westblad
Blatant penalty. Love var. That penalty from Big Joe is unstoppable. Brilliant penalty kick. Howay!
14 May, 07:53 PM UTC
Enes Mahmut Kamış
@EMahmutKamis Turn-based strategy game. Choose your country, create policies ,be ready for war #NEWMCI #TOTP #Quizness Garcia Edwin Poots Nathan Ake Shelvey Big Joe Essex Louie Barry Don't Worry Andi Peters Chris Whitty Bolton David Luiz 21st of June Level 3 Tom Allen
14 May, 08:13 PM UTC
@OfficielKaybaye @dembabafoot Big Joe summoned the power of Demba for that penalty mind. Never seen him strike a ball that hard in my life.
14 May, 08:09 PM UTC
14 May, 08:03 PM UTC
Tom Mumford
Really was a cracking penalty. Well done big Joe! #NUFC
14 May, 08:02 PM UTC
buzzing for big Joe, great penalty 👏🏻
14 May, 07:54 PM UTC
Retired Big Joe is STILL in Cancun.. he has now decided to go somewhere else. He has a flight to Ft. Lauderdale in a few days to keep this going!!! Woooo
14 May, 10:22 PM UTC
Nigel Bunsell
@officialsujal10 @UtdBeforFergie @MUFCYesteryears @YesterdaysStars @BPete1970 @paulenglish1961 @karlhanssens @Cantona_Collars @redgrose7 @PadraicToolan As a school kid I was taken to Aston gate Bristol city around about 78. the first time I saw United live big joe got the winner 0-1 I think.
14 May, 09:51 PM UTC
Tom Mumford
@PeteWilcox1564 Agreed. Good to see big Joe getting one too. Good for his confidence, and a very good penalty tbf.
14 May, 09:20 PM UTC
Welcome Coach Hugo
How is signing a 2nd/3rd choice goalkeeper a waste Big Joe?
14 May, 08:54 PM UTC
♡ 𝐯𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐚 ! ♡ is playing genshin
@fingergundiaz big joe here not being a dick for once and let us have this sean x finn moment yes ☝️😔
14 May, 08:39 PM UTC