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Brian Casey
I’m ready for the Big XII stadiums to be at full capacity this year!! 🏈🏈
21 Jul, 05:23 PM UTC
Jesse Gavin
Outside the Big XII offices in Irving, Texas:
21 Jul, 08:39 PM UTC
Well well well if it isn't the consequences of your own actions Fox/Big XII
21 Jul, 09:26 PM UTC
If this is legit, the Big XII will backfill with the AAC and ESPN will treat them fine cash wise Its just a business.
21 Jul, 08:00 PM UTC
This is exactly the same statement Texas released. Prepare to be f*cked by the long dick of the law Big XII
21 Jul, 09:49 PM UTC
Ok let's be honest. The most Aggie thing that could happen is Texas and OU join the SEC, Texas A&M leaves to join the Big 12 to save it and to "create their own identity...again" and then lose in the Big XII championship game to Oklahoma State
21 Jul, 08:51 PM UTC
Justin Rowland
We shouldnt underestimate the seriousness of the Texas/OU/SEC talk. The Big XII has always seemed fragile and we know once these rumors start things can snowball and all the other programs may feel need to cover their bases and move on.
21 Jul, 08:19 PM UTC
Seth Oliveras
Quick, somebody photoshop the SEC logo on Oklahoma's Owen Field in place of the Big XII logo. I'm trying to see something.
21 Jul, 08:22 PM UTC
Sooo…Texas State to the Big XII?
21 Jul, 09:15 PM UTC
Dave Feit
Reaction GIFs for each Big XII school: 🧵 Oklahoma State:
21 Jul, 09:05 PM UTC
@plural_cartoons @kbohls @Colby_Daniels Behold the attitude that made ou and tx poor partners to MU and A&M in old big12, poor partners to the current big xii and unworthy of support for admission into the SEC. Now go play in Lubbock and Stillwater for the rest of your lives and STFU.
21 Jul, 10:57 PM UTC
Hustle Belt
No word on if the Big XII reached out to NIU about joining the conference as a pre-emptive measure
21 Jul, 07:48 PM UTC
Sidelines - Louisiana
There’s this assumption that the AAC would automatically be chosen to join the Big XII. I’d argue Louisiana and App State would be a better fit than Tulane or USF.
21 Jul, 10:51 PM UTC
Sidelines Sports Network
If Texas & Oklahoma decide to bolt to the SEC as rumored, could the Big XII try to pick up the pieces with a conference that looks like this? Who gets included and who gets left out in your opinion?
21 Jul, 08:32 PM UTC
Dusty Baker Mayfield
Whether the SEC happens or not is beside the point. OU & our partner (who we’ve been in bed with for years while neither one will acknowledge it) have served divorce papers to the Big XII. The question is not what the SEC is going to do; the question is the B1G & PAC & ACC…
21 Jul, 11:08 PM UTC
Come join 'Boscoe’s Boys Live 7/21: Is the Big XII in Trouble' on Greenroom!
22 Jul, 12:00 AM UTC
KU two teams closer to a BIG XII title in football. Adios fuckers. Texas the most overrated sports school in the Country.
22 Jul, 12:03 AM UTC
Samuel Valerio Jr (Red checkmark)
@NickHarris247 @KingMathias81 I honestly believe it would dissolve. It could survive losing Oklahoma but the Big XII can't lose Texas at all. It certainly can't lose both.
21 Jul, 11:39 PM UTC
Sloup: Now Featuring an Integrated Ethernet Port
@_jaredransom @colezy24 we are currently looking forward to the 2021 big xii football season
21 Jul, 11:46 PM UTC
Juan Guerra II
. @TexasFootball can barely win like 6/7 games in the Big XII… how many they going to win if they go to the #SEC? #BigXII
21 Jul, 11:04 PM UTC
the SEC is so overrated it bothers tf outta me w/o Bama theyre no better than the BIG XII or BIG 10 LSU is the only other top tier school they got. Georgia is always [supposed to be] great. Florida is always respectable I feel. Auburn, Ole Miss, & Miss St. are eh
21 Jul, 11:02 PM UTC
Boscoe’s Boys
Come join 'Boscoe’s Boys Live 7/21: Is the Big XII in Trouble' on Greenroom!
22 Jul, 12:00 AM UTC
@billyliucci The Longhorn Network destroyed the BIG XII. Prohibiting a BIG XII Network. That alone diminishes the BIG XII, their revenue opportunities & 9/10 teams. (Contracting out Fox coverage, and sharing revenue, allowing them to schedule etc) You want to blame somebody, blame Texas.
22 Jul, 12:02 AM UTC
@KcHolz I'd rather we stay in the Big XII, but I'm thinking it's probably only a matter of time until we jump ship.
21 Jul, 11:53 PM UTC
Samuel Valerio Jr (Red checkmark)
I have to agree. This is a bit baffling that both are eager to join the SEC. Now UT is following A&M. No other way to really spin it. The Big XII has to be on real wobbly legs for them to do this.
21 Jul, 11:52 PM UTC
@michaelkboston actually that's what I mean - the Big XII need to keep their name and P5 status. 8 teams from the BXII and maybe top six from the AAC and the rest go to C-USA and/or Sun Belt.
21 Jul, 11:51 PM UTC
Charles Alexander
So I heard earlier today that Oklahoma and Texas were moving to the SEC. And I thought to myself “LOL that’s hilarious, what a funny and weird rumor”. And then it turns out that it was real. How does the Big XII weather this? I don’t think they can. They might have to disband.
21 Jul, 11:50 PM UTC
Andy Harder
@Brett_McMurphy @michaelkimHD @Stadium Would obviously break up the Big XII. Does B10 or Pac12 swoop in to gobble up some of the higher profile schools left? Or does Big XII raid the AAC & actually get back know, 12 teams? #sec #mizzou #BigXII
21 Jul, 11:48 PM UTC
Barry Bonzack
@CFBHome Big XII becomes a Group of 5 conference, AAC no longer will need to advertise #Power6 branding.
21 Jul, 11:43 PM UTC
@AlexHulett the rest of the Big XII could merge with the AAC.
21 Jul, 11:43 PM UTC