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THE Bunch of Nuts Podcast
Live look at Ohio State when they announce #BigTen football is back tonight! @bunch_nuts's photo on #BigTen
15 Sep, 04:13 PM UTC
Pat McAfee
The voice of College Football @KirkHerbstreit reacts to Nebraska's president on a hot mic saying: "We're getting ready to announce the #Huskers and #BigTen Football tonight" #PatMcAfeeShowLIVE @PatMcAfeeShow's photo on #BigTen
15 Sep, 05:43 PM UTC
Joe Thomas
#BigTen fb starting Oct 17th!?!?! @joethomas73's photo on #BigTen
15 Sep, 06:03 PM UTC
This is like when they elect a new pope and send the smoke signals...let's roll Husker Football!! 🌽🏈🙌🏽 #GBR #huskers #nebraska #bigten #cfb https://t.co/GBOR7CIM4i
16 Sep, 02:15 AM UTC
Isaiah Hole
The wait is nearly over. The #BigTen set to make its announcement of a late-October season on Wednesday. https://t.co/X8uyEOYdYa
16 Sep, 01:08 PM UTC
Ian Furness
Multiple outlets now reporting. #BigTen will play football in the coming weeks. That will leave the #Pac12 as the only power five conference not playing on its own irrelevant island in the #CFB world.
16 Sep, 01:05 PM UTC
John Hayes
The #BigTen fumbled at the goal line and looks to have recovered the football in the endzone.
16 Sep, 01:05 PM UTC
The OHIO Podcast
BREAKING NEWS: We got OHIO STATE FOOTBALL BACK!!!!!!!!! #BuckeyeNation #OhioState #osu #BigTen
16 Sep, 01:14 PM UTC
Cliff DeMartino
We have teams already 2-0 and the BIG10 is over here voting if they want to play #BigTen #Big10
16 Sep, 04:41 AM UTC
Beth Poole
Well I am thankful for the players of the #BigTen... as for the admin, the Prez’s and Chancellor’s?... very #snobbish bunch..scoffed at the rest of us? Now suddenly wanting to play.... it is still not a good look.
16 Sep, 01:09 PM UTC
Hawk Central
BREAKING: Big Ten football planning for Oct. 24 return, sources tell the @USATODAYSports Network. Details here. #Hawkeyes #BigTen #B10 https://t.co/lNPKL0b2Fh
16 Sep, 01:17 PM UTC
KISS 107.1 Cincinnati 🏳️‍🌈
BREAKING NEWS: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that The #BigTen is expected to announce a return to football in October later TODAY. @KISS107's photo on #BigTen
16 Sep, 01:09 PM UTC
Jackson McCurry
Let’s go #BigTen #Buckeyes https://t.co/Qfrzuh5SV2
16 Sep, 01:08 PM UTC
Rutgers Scarlet Knights | TheKnightReport.Net
Guess who’s back 😏 #BigTen https://t.co/p1BTTY9H2s
16 Sep, 01:19 PM UTC
👏👏#BigTen 👏👏
16 Sep, 01:15 PM UTC
Joshua Axelrod
I’d love to ask every #BigTen president what changed over the last month in terms of COVID-19 that led them to believe it’s safe to play now. The answer is money & political pressure are the only things that changed, the virus isn’t more under control, but I’d still love to ask
16 Sep, 01:13 PM UTC
🏈Krossing Pattern Sports🏈
LETS GOOOO! #BigTen #OhioState #GoBucks https://t.co/S3EC8SlmXH
16 Sep, 01:11 PM UTC
100% sports podcast
Thank god the big ten is playing football again #BigTen #Football
16 Sep, 01:12 PM UTC
Happy Hour Sports
16 Sep, 01:10 PM UTC
#Bigten after watching all the other conferences play #Football https://t.co/saE21DLoYs
16 Sep, 01:16 PM UTC
Keith Cordero Jr.
Don’t let the #BigTen coming back to play football this Fall distract you from the #Clippers blowing a 3-1 lead to the Denver Nuggets. #NBAPlayoffs
16 Sep, 01:13 PM UTC
The Hurry Up
Breaking: Big Ten Football will return on October 24th! What player are you most excited to watch? #BigTen #CollegeFootball #NCAA
16 Sep, 01:12 PM UTC
BIG TEN FOOTBALL IS BACK? Don’t play with my emotions, to many people doing that already. #BigTen #OhioState #OhioStateFootball https://t.co/i1dMn2CFxI
16 Sep, 01:11 PM UTC
Nick McGill
No doubt #BigTen Football returning is exciting. But, what I still don't get, is why people have been on their case so much. Sure, their execution of all this was a little sloppy. But what was so absurd about them acting out of caution during a pandemic? https://t.co/71YKIP11RQ
16 Sep, 01:09 PM UTC
The Sports Cast
Sources: #BigTen to announce October return to college football https://t.co/ZMC3i6t8YL
16 Sep, 01:07 PM UTC
#BigTen is coming back and chatters to commence the weekend of Oct. 24. It'll include daily, rapid testing as a fixture of the plan A statement from the #big10football league is imminent Meanwhile in #copreps CRICKETS on 9/21, 9/28 or October #Manup #DemandThePlan #DefundChsaa
16 Sep, 01:19 PM UTC
Locker Room
The Midwest said “wait for us!” #BigTen coming in HOT October 24th 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/0ANxXHFJuo
16 Sep, 01:19 PM UTC
Ken Costlow
If the #BigTen decides to start playing in October today, where will that leave the #Pac12? https://t.co/ChuLv5b9Q0
16 Sep, 01:19 PM UTC
Bogeys & Blue
I wonder if @dpshow’s class @FullSail talks about reporting and sourcing. The way the #BigTen news was reported, with everyone wanting to be “first” to report what was happening, has been more damaging than anything the conference did. https://t.co/CF6wb93mXr
16 Sep, 01:19 PM UTC
Kelsey Rae
Me waiting for the #BigTen to announce there will be football this year...🤡😂 https://t.co/vPu1zbHywW
16 Sep, 01:18 PM UTC

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