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Greg James
Sad news and funny news: Sad = Jess Glynne couldn’t make it to #BigWeekend as she’s lost her voice Funny = It was too late to tell the band and they’ve turned up and can’t leave as the bus driver has worked too many hours so they’ve all decided to go into town and watch Aladdin
25 May, 05:10 PM UTC
BBC Radio 1
GUYS! @billieeilish is live on the #BigWeekend stage RIGHT NOW! 🚨👑 Watch live on iPlayer in the UK 👉 https://t.co/KVJIXYimVS BBC Radio 1's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 02:59 PM UTC
BBC Radio 1
When a GIF is instantly iconic 💅😂 @MileyCyrus + @charli_xcx = 👑👑 #BigWeekend BBC Radio 1's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 08:41 PM UTC
James Arthur 🦉
Such an honour performing back in my hometown for @BBCR1 #BigWeekend Thank you ❤️ #UTB https://t.co/EkbJD3k9i0
25 May, 09:08 PM UTC
BBC Newsbeat
Yep. That is @LewisCapaldi serving customers at a Greggs in Middlesbrough ahead of his @BBCR1 Big Weekend performance! #BigWeekend BBC Newsbeat's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 11:31 AM UTC
BBC Radio 1
AN ENTRANCE! 😍 👑 ❤️ What do you hope @MileyCyrus plays? #BigWeekend Watch LIVE 👉 https://t.co/INmS4R358N BBC Radio 1's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 08:25 PM UTC
BBC Radio 1
We're still dreaming about the moment @MarkRonson surprised Middlesbrough with @MileyCyrus at #BigWeekend 😍 https://t.co/r0pd2RlC9R
25 May, 01:05 PM UTC
Miley Cyrus debuts new music, performs "We Can't Stop" with Charli XCX at #BigWeekend https://t.co/sGtUNZQDF8 billboard's photo on #bigweekend
26 May, 12:57 AM UTC
BBC Radio 1
What 👋 A 👋 Day 👋 And what an ending, thank you @MileyCyrus. #BigWeekend BBC Radio 1's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 09:32 PM UTC
BBC Radio 1
"Don’t you ever say I just walked away I will always want you..." 😢 HOW GOOD was @MileyCyrus' #BigWeekend set? ❤️ 👑 BBC Radio 1's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 09:11 PM UTC
Mixer Management
Can't wait for the girls performance at #BigWeekend tomorrow! Who else is excited?? #STEADYAREYOUREADY... @LittleMix --Nathan 💛 Mixer Management's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 06:36 PM UTC
ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴍɪx ᴀʀᴄʜɪᴠᴇ
#BigWeekend tomorrow, so let's remember the iconic "fuck that, get down & dirty" moment that stopped the livestream of their performance. ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴍɪx ᴀʀᴄʜɪᴠᴇ's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 06:57 PM UTC
The Miley Times
#M7 | Miley performing her new song 'Dream' at @BBCR1 #BigWeekend moments ago! "Drugs rule everything around me" The Miley Times's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 09:07 PM UTC
Tom Walker
Buzzing to be playing @BBCR1's #BigWeekend again tomorrow!!!! Had a sick time last year. 3pm at the @bbcintroducing stage, be there!!!! 🤘 Tom Walker's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 12:01 PM UTC
Love Middlesbrough
This is who we are, and this is what we're all about 💪 💙#Middlesbrough #BigWeekend #BrilliantlyBoro Love Middlesbrough's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 11:30 AM UTC
Vídeo de Miley cantando We Can’t Stop com ninguém menos que @charli_xcx! 👑 #BIGWeekend MileyBR's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 08:55 PM UTC
Sony Music UK
When @JamesArthur23 asks the crowd to sing along and they know every word ❤️ @BBCR1 #BigWeekend Sony Music UK's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 05:01 PM UTC
Miley‘s Movement 👑
Smilers are ready for u queen!! @MileyCyrus knock ‘em dead 🔥🤟🏼 #SheIsComing #BigWeekend Miley‘s Movement 👑's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 03:36 PM UTC
Aki Official :)
#BillieEilish performs "bury a friend" Live at #BigWeekend 🇬🇧 https://t.co/O0jWTsrJl7 if you're outside the UK 🌎 https://t.co/jtSvcqAsy1 Aki Official :)'s photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 08:59 PM UTC
The Miley Times
🎥 | The crowd jamming and singing along to @mileycyrus performing Party in the USA at @BBCR1 #BigWeekend! 🤩 The Miley Times's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 11:25 PM UTC
The Miley Times
🎥 | Miley’s intro at @BBCR1 #BigWeekend! 🔥 The Miley Times's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 10:48 PM UTC
The Miley Times
🎥 | Miley performing Can’t Be Tamed at @BBCR1 #BigWeekend for the first time in almost five years since the Bangerz Tour ended in 2014! The Miley Times's photo on #bigweekend
26 May, 12:27 AM UTC
Miley Charts
#M7 era is just started bitches! Are y'all ready for the impact? 5 days only! #SheIsComing #BigWeekend https://t.co/7IOQhg1ke2
25 May, 09:16 PM UTC
Miley Revolution 👑
Trecho da perfomance de "We Can't Stop" com Miley e Charli XCX #BigWeekend Miley Revolution 👑's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 09:14 PM UTC
Miley Revolution 👑
Setlist do show de Miley no #BIGWeekend - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart - Mother’s Daughter (Nova) - Cattitude (Nova) - Dream (Nova) - We Can’t Stop - Malibu - Jolene - Party In The U.S.A - Can’t Be Tamed - Wrecking Ball Miley Revolution 👑's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 09:09 PM UTC
Billie Eilish Argentina Oficial
Nuevas fotos HQ de Billie hoy 25/05 durante su presentación en el evento #BigWeekend de BBC Radio 1 (@BBCR1) que se hizo en el Stewart Park de Maratona, Reino Unido {via gettyimages} https://t.co/LV3M5aMliP
25 May, 04:01 PM UTC
Joe Butler
Nobody: People who didn’t get tickets: #BigWeekend Joe Butler's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 09:51 AM UTC
The Miley Times HQ
Miley tonight at @BBCR1 #BigWeekend! (📸: @GettyImages) https://t.co/9WK2nMQH2w
25 May, 09:34 PM UTC
The Miley Times HQ
More photos of Miley performing at @BBCR1 #BigWeekend! (📸: @GettyImages) https://t.co/h7NUMTK2U4
25 May, 09:42 PM UTC
Andy Preston Mayor
Fantastic way to reveal the new #Boro shirt with George Friend presenting one to Teesside’s own James Arthur around #BigWeekend in #Middlesbrough - love the shirt too - very retro! Will they reveal the new Boro manager in a similar way on Sunday?! #middlesbroughshirt Andy Preston Mayor's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 10:13 PM UTC
Miley Charts
UK iTunes 🇬🇧 32. Nothing Breaks Like a Heart 69. Nothing Breaks Like a Heart 197. Party In The USA 645. Malibu 721. Wrecking Ball 1092. We Can't Stop 1462. The Climb #SheIsComing #BigWeekend Miley Charts's photo on #bigweekend
26 May, 03:40 AM UTC
Mixer Promo
TODAY’S THE DAY!🔥 @LittleMix take to the Radio 1 #BigWeekend stage today and have a very special surprise for us👀 #SteadyAreYouReady...🤷‍♂️ https://t.co/D9sGtYoTDI
26 May, 06:11 AM UTC
Richard McGowan
Day one complete on the Big Weekend. A huge team effort from all involved to clear the event. The popularity of the services we put together is fairly evident in this snap. Do it all again tomorrow! #BigWeekend Richard McGowan's photo on #bigweekend
25 May, 10:35 PM UTC
We launched on the 11th May 2019 and this is our story so far! Thank you for reading our content and we hope you continue to enjoy our articles! #mentalhealth #introvert #technology #Science #magazin #writingcommunity #writing #university #studentlife #AI #robotics #BigWeekend https://t.co/sxYPoh3Pwo
26 May, 02:07 AM UTC
Miley Cyrus Europe
Miley performing at @BBCR1 #BigWeekend 🔥💣 https://t.co/xi3TO7ATQd
25 May, 09:20 PM UTC
Miley Team Italy
Miley insieme a @charli_xcx nel backstage dei @BBCR1 #BigWeekend! Si sono esibite insieme con “We Can’t Stop” 🥂 https://t.co/mqpi5I1DnN
26 May, 04:24 AM UTC
Michael K.
Mark Ronson - Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (feat. Miley Cyrus) (Radio 1's... https://t.co/h5KAC3x57h via @YouTube #BBCR1 #BigWeekend #NothingBreaksLikeAHeart #MileyCyrus #MarkRonson
26 May, 05:57 AM UTC
@foals should’ve been headlining @BBCR1’s Big Weekend, by far best live band there! #BigWeekend
26 May, 06:14 AM UTC
Craig liley
Up early looking forward to #BIgWeekend @BBCR1 can’t wait to see @thebottlemen and @Mabel #UTB #stewartpark
26 May, 06:11 AM UTC
That’s a selfie I wanted to see! ⁦@JamesArthur23⁩ & ⁦@LewisCapaldi⁩ at #BigWeekend :- insta credit JamesArthur23 70sJan🐱🎶🌷🐾💕🥂👻😎's photo on #bigweekend
26 May, 06:11 AM UTC
Literally just sitting here like: 💃 With nothing to do watching Europa report #SaturdayThoughts #StartYourOwnRumor #SaturdayMotivation #BigWeekend MandiMacabre's photo on #bigweekend
26 May, 06:02 AM UTC
Rain or shine... Today is going to be an awesome day @BBCR1 Let’s go @claraamfo @gregjames #BigWeekend #BigWeekend2019 #Middlesbrough 💜 🅗🅔🅛🅔🅝's photo on #bigweekend
26 May, 06:02 AM UTC