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Dan Wolken
Kansas basketball went to the doctor and was told it was going to have a heart attack if it didn’t change its habits and Bill Self responded by eating 50 Big Macs and smoking a carton of Marlboros
05 Oct, 02:24 AM UTC
Danny Parkins
So KU is in NCAA trouble and at midnight madness Snoop Dogg fired cash on girls pole dancing after Bill Self recorded a promo wearing an Adidas shirt with a $ chain and the AD apologized for not knowing what acrobatic dancers entailed in today’s entertainment climate? Bold.
05 Oct, 04:37 AM UTC
Chillin in my Bacta
Bill Self going out guns blazing.
05 Oct, 04:37 AM UTC
Myron Medcalf
I also need to know how Kansas did a Gin N Juice video with Bill Self to promote Snoop and now they wanna act surprised.
05 Oct, 12:19 PM UTC
Dan Wolken
Bill Self’s steak of knowing nothing that goes on with his program continues
05 Oct, 03:52 AM UTC
Steve Deace
Bill Self bringing Snoop Dogg halfway across the country for Midnight Madness, and then claiming afterwards Snoop Dogg doing his thang was not what they expected, is the stuff of the brazen lies I cover every day in politics. May the NCAA throw the book at Kansas, and then some.
05 Oct, 01:03 PM UTC
Jon Miller
KU Hoops tipoff guns and pole dancers. Good job, Bill Self. That's a great message.
05 Oct, 11:17 AM UTC
The Mizzodcast
I don’t know why everybody’s freaking out about the stripper poles and Snoop and money cannons at the kU event. The NCAA asked to see what a typical kU recruiting visit was like, and Bill Self showed them. #transparency
05 Oct, 01:02 PM UTC
Kevin Flaherty
Kansas coach Bill Self: "I didn’t know that there was going to be anything like that. I was told this was radio edited and everything else ... But no, that’s not the direction that anybody at our school would want that to go at all..."
05 Oct, 03:20 AM UTC
Danny Parkins
Bill Self might be in the NBA soon whether he wants to be or not... @DannyParkins's photo on Bill Self
05 Oct, 04:43 AM UTC
Never one to have trouble firing up an Allen Fieldhouse crowd, Kansas basketball coach Bill Self took his hype machine to a whole new level on Friday night. - By @mctait: #KUbball
05 Oct, 04:48 AM UTC
VIDEO | Bill Self said after Late Night in the Phog Friday that headliner Snoop Dogg’s performance, which included pole dancing and a gun that shot out money, wasn’t what he expected. - Watch: #KUbball
05 Oct, 03:42 AM UTC
Dollar Bill Self and #Kansas are slip, slip, slipping. They usually have a better line of baloney than “we didn’t know.” Jayhawks deserve another 18 months of probation for stupidity.
05 Oct, 01:49 PM UTC
@Sam_Vecenie @KCTVDani This time next year Bill Self will be hangin’ with Rick Pitino reminiscing about the good ole days...
05 Oct, 04:45 AM UTC
The OG Hillbilly
Bill Self after booking Snoop Dog to kick off midnight madness at KU
05 Oct, 01:13 PM UTC
Jared Stansbury
Bill Self: "Hey we want to bring Snoop Dogg to Late Night at the Phog. Is that okay?" Jeff Long: "Oh, I love Snoopy! Will he be brining the rest of his friends from Peanuts?" Self: ".....Sure....."
05 Oct, 03:35 PM UTC
Shane B
Bobby Petrino - lied to Jeff Long Jeff Long: “you’re fired” Bill Self - 7 NCAA Level 1 infractions including 2 directly on Self for lack of institutional control and lack of compliance Jeff Long: “hey Bill don’t forget to bring the stripper poles and money guns to the gym!”
05 Oct, 02:47 PM UTC
Chad Mahomes II
Bill Self doubled down like a mother fucker with that insane show last night. This is why he’s the goat and why KU won’t receiver any penalty form the NCAA, they know not to come after a man with that set of balls
05 Oct, 01:31 PM UTC
Jake McNulty
*Bobby Petrino has affair with staff member, violates no NCAA regulations* Jeff Long: “We’ll be seeing ya Bobby” *Bill Self currently under FBI investigation for violating numerous NCAA regulations* Jeff Long: “Bring in Snoop Dogg. And yeah, bring the pole dancers too”
05 Oct, 12:54 PM UTC
@GregShugar @catturd2 @realDonaldTrump I love when #Trump tweets in the morning, it guarantees all the #Democrats will bill self medicated all day. What flavor Xanax you popping or you so poor you liquor up all day?
05 Oct, 02:20 PM UTC
NCAA: Can you stop breaking rules for like 5 minutes Bill Self:
05 Oct, 02:59 PM UTC
Ryan Cleary
Can’t believe I was ever a Bill Self fan lol. Claims he “didn’t know” once again....what a snake😂. Imagine cheating on a massive scale and then bragging about thinking you can get away with it. $$$$$$ (Still won’t beat WSU if you’re *forced to play us in the tourney😁) #Kansas
05 Oct, 03:33 PM UTC
carly newman
“bill self big mad” -@kelseyrolofson
05 Oct, 03:31 PM UTC
Bill Self going full Trump in defiance of NCAA
05 Oct, 02:01 PM UTC
Jenn 🧩
@WardenBear I saw a pic of Snoop and Bill Self.
05 Oct, 03:41 PM UTC
Robert Hill
Bill Self to Pitino hold my beer and watch this
05 Oct, 03:40 PM UTC
Hannah Danielle
Bill Self requesting Darius Rucker and getting Snoop Dogg is... classic. It’s just a classic.
05 Oct, 03:37 PM UTC
michel vsauce
Why would anybody peel a carrot when they could use a Bill Self built just for them?
05 Oct, 03:28 PM UTC

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