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Barry McCockiner
Bill Walton: "and that's why the Nazi's lost World War II" Announcer: "timeout on the floor"
17 Mar, 03:50 AM UTC
Darren Rovell
“I’m just glad and happy to be alive.” — color commentator Bill Walton seven minutes into the Pac-12 champ game with the score tied at 10.
17 Mar, 02:55 AM UTC
Luke Jackson
Bill Walton went 21-22 and had 44 points in a national championship game and won a title for the blazers he can say whatever he wants as far as I’m concerned
17 Mar, 04:12 AM UTC
@kylekuzma Whoever is on with Bill Walton. lol
17 Mar, 02:54 AM UTC
Dan Wetzel
A combined 54 points in the first half of the Pac 12 title game. End of a tough season. Best thing about the conference this year: Bill Walton's color commentary. Not even kidding.
17 Mar, 03:28 AM UTC
Geoff Grammer
Bill Walton & Dave Pasch exchange on Dana Altman's possible interest in Nebraska job before re-signing with Oregon: Walton: "How many people do you know that are moving out of Oregon to Nebraska?" Pasch: "He's from there." Walton: "He's FROM there for a reason."
17 Mar, 04:35 AM UTC
Charles P. Pierce
If you don't enjoy the daylights out of Bill Walton doing a basketball game, I don't know what to tell you.
17 Mar, 04:54 AM UTC
Andy Wittry
Bill Walton: "You've read (the book) 'Shoe Dog' right?" Dave Pasch: "No, you asked me that last night. The answer is no. I couldn't possibly have read it." Bill Walton: "A lot of time between then and now. Page two, the plan changes every moment."
17 Mar, 03:17 AM UTC
506 Sports
I would pay for a cam of Dave Pasch's face just to see his reactions to everything Bill Walton says.
17 Mar, 03:43 AM UTC
Andy Wittry
Bill Walton brings up an interesting scenario regarding Oregon's at-large resume that I've never considered: "What if this becomes the greatest game ever played and they lose by one at the buzzer after 16 overtimes? You're saying they're not going to get in?"
17 Mar, 02:56 AM UTC
Joshua Lewis
Working with bill walton must be the hardest job in the world.
17 Mar, 03:05 AM UTC
Did the lakers fire Luke Walton yet
they just let Bill Walton pull up a chair and microphone and say anything for 2 and a half hours
17 Mar, 03:06 AM UTC
Andy Wittry
Time for one last edition of Live Tweeting Bill Walton. Washington vs. Oregon in the Pac-12 Tournament Championship. "Just missed," Bill Walton says of an air-balled 3-pointer. We're off and rolling.
17 Mar, 02:46 AM UTC
Clue Heywood
My weed dealer back in college would make us hang out and watch cartoons before the deal, today he’d probably make us listen to Bill Walton games
17 Mar, 03:57 AM UTC
Victor Kusche-Iglesias
The PAC-12 has been absolutely dreadful this year but Bill Walton makes it seem like we're watching UNC vs. Duke. Bill Walton is the epitome of love and happiness. Victor Kusche-Iglesias's photo on Bill Walton
17 Mar, 03:55 AM UTC
Ben Weixlmann
Bill Walton just created a scenario where Oregon gets in as an at-large because this game goes in to 16 overtimes. Inject this straight into my veins.
17 Mar, 02:55 AM UTC
Andy Wittry
Bill Walton after Oregon commits a shot-clock violation: "One of the seven worst possessions in the history of this great rivalry on consecutive possessions."
17 Mar, 03:21 AM UTC
Andy Wittry
Bill Walton, completely unprovoked and unrelated to anything going on in the game: "Fats Domino doesn't sing 'Walking to Orleans.'"
17 Mar, 04:28 AM UTC
Andy Wittry
Bill Walton to Dave Pasch: "You're a glass all-empty kind of guy. All the time."
17 Mar, 03:04 AM UTC
Steve Finamore
"Offense wins championships." -Bill Walton
17 Mar, 03:12 AM UTC
Ricky G
Lew Alcindor, Bill Walton, Pete Maravich?
16 Mar, 07:19 PM UTC
If there was ever a season that the Pac 12 championship game deserved Bill Walton on the call, THIS is the season. Just makes a mockery of the analyst position.
17 Mar, 02:47 AM UTC
Brian Pickett
@HebertofRiffs Players only but it is just Bill Walton and Mychal Thompson
17 Mar, 06:24 AM UTC
matt moses
I swear bill walton is pure gold 😂
17 Mar, 06:25 AM UTC
Zach Regelin
He also had Bill Walton calling him “the next John Stockton and Steve Nash” several times tonight. Take that one as you will, but this stat certainly helps his case🔥
17 Mar, 06:27 AM UTC
Mark Speidel
@TheGeeScott Bill Walton at least keeps me entertained when my team isn’t playing. He’s ruined more broadcasts than he’s saved though.
17 Mar, 06:41 AM UTC
Larry Peterson
Dave Paasch to Bill Walton, signing off at the end of Pac 12 championship ESPN broadcast: "I’ll send you my therapy bill. My lawyers will be in touch."
17 Mar, 06:29 AM UTC
@HebertofRiffs Long Live Bill Walton
17 Mar, 06:22 AM UTC
Stephen Calandrino
Me when someone says something negative about Bill Walton:
17 Mar, 06:58 AM UTC
atlanta legends (7-3)
I can do all things through Bill Walton who strengthens me
17 Mar, 06:57 AM UTC
Bill Walton is the better Gary Busey.
17 Mar, 06:57 AM UTC
Big love to bill walton
17 Mar, 06:55 AM UTC
Kevin Biebel
@DanWetzel Bill Walton, Thank You for our lives!
17 Mar, 06:42 AM UTC
Why every time I log into twitter Bill Walton is trending what did he say now lmao
17 Mar, 06:37 AM UTC
I love that Bill Walton is trending
17 Mar, 06:24 AM UTC
Remigio Cordero
@ClueHeywood @tedaust Yes and the recruiting is well below subpar! Bill Walton does the unspeakable to make games watchable
17 Mar, 06:21 AM UTC

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