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Ryan Kelapire
Bill Walton just called the Sonoran Desert an “ecological, absolutely spectacular masterpiece of creation.” Agreed.
26 Jan, 04:25 AM UTC
Ryan McCarthy
Bill Walton is so spectacularly terrible I can't stop listening. "Stay positive, test negative, and celebrate the wonders of nature and life." -Bill Walton
26 Jan, 05:32 AM UTC
🍀Michael Raveles🕊🏴🚩🍀🌹🌵🌹🌵🌹🌵
Bill Walton is my favorite sports color commentator! He's entertaining & fucking hilarious! I will watch any game he calls! Love you Bill!
26 Jan, 06:22 AM UTC
Kellan Olson
Bill Walton takes it to break better than anyone @KellanOlson's photo on Bill Walton
26 Jan, 04:42 AM UTC
Dinos Trigonis
Best Bill Walton quote tonite: "Maurice Lucas never started a fight....he just finished them"
26 Jan, 06:12 AM UTC
Justin Toscano
“I’m a big mask-wearer,” Bill Walton said. “And a big social-distancer.” same
26 Jan, 04:49 AM UTC
Kenny G BLM ✊🏾
Bill Walton is such a great color commentator on Late night pac 12 games
26 Jan, 06:03 AM UTC
Katy Winge
Jokic has started the season 16-for-16 with double-doubles. 5th time that's been done in NBA. If he records a double-double tonight, that will pass Moses Malone. 17 in a row to start a season will rank 3rd since the merger. He'll be chasing Bill Walton - 34 & Giannis -19
25 Jan, 11:22 PM UTC
Stephen Hicks
Curling references and overtime despite a 10 point deficit. Gotta love Bill Walton 😂 @StephenABC30's photo on Bill Walton
26 Jan, 06:05 AM UTC
I am absolutely dying at the banter between Bill Walton and Dave Pasch tonight 😂😂
26 Jan, 04:39 AM UTC
max rodriguez
bill walton 2md half topics: -accused pasch of being into violence, breaking and entering -said pasch thinks equality is oppression -how he could make it to tucson in 3 hours by bike -the sound a sun devil makes: "fork em! fork you!" -he is developing the walton app
26 Jan, 06:21 AM UTC
max rodriguez
bill walton 1st half topics: -the historic nba game with 2 women officials -collin sexton -snoop dogg, "sports personality of the year" -said dave was telling him to "shut up and dribble" -rant about people who talk about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps like pasch
26 Jan, 04:55 AM UTC
Rico Bo$co
Bill Walton getting nuts late night ... @stoolbenchmob On that note ... I’m going to bed Bill
26 Jan, 05:25 AM UTC
Justin Kubatko
The @nuggets Nikola Jokic is just the third player since the ABA-NBA merger to open a season with 17 consecutive double-doubles. The other players to do so in that span are Bill Walton (1976-77) and Giannis Antetokounmpo (2019-20). @jkubatko's photo on Bill Walton
26 Jan, 04:09 AM UTC
Top 10 NBA players all TIME: 1. Larry Bird 2. Dirk 3. Nash 4. Stockton 5. Havlicek 6. Luka 7. Bill Walton 8. Jerry West 9. Tyler Herro 10. Bob Cousey
25 Jan, 08:37 PM UTC
I love when I see Bill Walton trending and I click it to see a bunch of people discovering the joy of watching a basketball game with your most stoned buddy. That goofy dude always puts a smile on my face.
26 Jan, 06:51 AM UTC
Jaelen House (@jaelenhouse2) lets the ball roll past half court — what Bill Walton described as "curling" — before a little give-and-go with Kimani Lawrence leads to a wide open pass to Remy Martin, who bangs the three-pointer.
26 Jan, 06:06 AM UTC
I try my hardest, but I can't deal with Bill Walton calling games 🙄
26 Jan, 04:39 AM UTC
Paul Sanchez 🇵🇷
I literally don't know how or why Bill Walton still has a job as a color commentator. Someone explain it to me. He spent half the game talking about his app.
26 Jan, 07:03 AM UTC
@fastpitch1utah @KurtisKinthe801 Hope you’re feeling better really soon. This reminds me of Bill Walton’s definition of minor surgery—surgery that is done on someone else. 😉🙂
26 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC
Bill Walton goat 🐐 color commentary and if you disagree you can turn off your station
26 Jan, 07:33 AM UTC
Bill Walton is the worlds best and worst commentator at the same time. Like he rambles and is terrible at his job but hes hilarious and you can tell his partner hates calling games with him
26 Jan, 06:17 AM UTC
Daniel Walsh
Bill Walton slander will not be tolerated. Listening to his color commentary is truly an experience
26 Jan, 07:03 AM UTC
“And then the Packers go for the field goal instead of going for the touchdown with Aaron Rodgers! Oh my goodness!” - Bill Walton color commentating Arizona-Arizona St. college basketball game on ESPN.
26 Jan, 06:07 AM UTC
aiden b. radley 🗣💯
@GoatTrentJr @ezmoneyTrey5ive @IamWavo We did have a bright future. 10 years of a first ballot hall of fame point guard and a competitive roster. The memories alone mean the original thunder were not a failure. As for the blazers, y’all haven’t been shit since Bill Walton broke his foot in 1865, and won’t ever be shit
26 Jan, 06:22 AM UTC
Why can’t Bill Walton just call every game ever. I love that mf
26 Jan, 07:03 AM UTC
All Dead Inside - #RIPEddieVanHalen
@IR0N_PATRI07 @Denlesks I genuinely feel Bill Walton would be more competent and I know nothing about the state.
26 Jan, 06:46 AM UTC
@Dom_MSU Bill Walton is up there as best basketball players in college basketball history
26 Jan, 07:28 AM UTC
Andrew Rei
@PhotogSanchez All you have to do is read the comment thread under Bill Walton.... most people think he's a nut but love him.... that's why he still works for ESPN and the Pac-12 network.
26 Jan, 07:24 AM UTC
A blood transfusion from Bill Walton is considered a class a narcotic use because of the THC in it.
26 Jan, 07:21 AM UTC

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