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Buffalo Bills
"Josh Allen finished fifth in passing yards, fourth in QB rating and second in MVP voting. The Bills won't have to address the position for the next decade." @EatonOffice | #BillsMafia
01 Mar, 02:58 PM UTC
Primetime Adam
Von Miller will look better in a Bills jersey #BillsMafia
01 Mar, 06:19 PM UTC
JJ Watt really just betrayed #BillsMafia by signing with the Arizona Hail Murrays
01 Mar, 06:02 PM UTC
Primetime Adam
Arizona Cardinals really ruined my mood twice this year #BillsMafia
01 Mar, 05:57 PM UTC
Built in Buffalo
This season was special 🀩 @NFL | #GoBills #BillsMafia https://t.co/htMc8tqNyj
01 Mar, 04:21 PM UTC
Greg Cover 1 🏈
Yes, #BillsMafia is not DONE without Watt Carl Lawson... or Yannick Ngakou... or Romeo Okwara... or Von Miller... or Melvin Ingram... or Shaq Barrett... or Ryan Kerrigan... or Matthew Judon... or Leonard Floyd... Tyus Bowser... or Justin Houston... Move On to the Next Candidate https://t.co/845Jq1C1NL
01 Mar, 07:25 PM UTC
#BillsMafia!! Im bartending on Monday nights at The Howling Rooster starting the 8th! @jimmyreu81 is kindly donating #Bills signed pics once a month to giveaway at the bar! Meanwhile retweet and follow for this signed Reed HOF 11x14! I’ll pick the winner March 8! πŸ’™πŸ”₯❀️ https://t.co/tPBsNiViME
01 Mar, 03:57 PM UTC
Want to improve the pass rush, run defense, and maximize the ability of your freak ILB in one shot? Go after Tomlinson the same way you went after Watt...Go look at what he did for Leonard Williams and his stat line last year #Bills #BillsMafia https://t.co/NxRiO2Ckku
01 Mar, 09:40 PM UTC
Belly Up Fantasy πŸ†
Stefon Diggs' trade value is skyrocketing as he enters his prime, so is he a player you should target in dynasty? Chris Lomauro @BellyUpChris1 breaks down what you should give up to get the Bills receiver! #NFLTwitter #BillsMafia @BellyUpSports https://t.co/n48t3GweM5
01 Mar, 05:06 PM UTC
Anthony Cover 1
-Did I want JJ Watt? Yes -Did I want him at what he got paid? No -Are there plenty of edge options still in FA? Yes -Am I still annoyed he chose the Cards based on his initial reasoning? Yes -Do I wish for him & DeAndre Hopkins to kick rocks? Most definitely #BillsMafia #Bills
01 Mar, 10:51 PM UTC
While the JJ Watt to #Bills dream is dead, there's still a lot of potential options for BUF: https://t.co/dsAHoGW5kz #BillsMafia
01 Mar, 09:10 PM UTC
Matt Parrino
Linked up with @JonScottTV to talk J.J. Watt signing with the #Cardinals and what it means for the #Bills, as they hope to address the edge this offseason. #BillsMafia Download audio now on Apple ➑️ https://t.co/yhDz7KAWFI https://t.co/rJDMAGwtRk
01 Mar, 07:18 PM UTC
26shirts: Buffalo
Brandon Beane added to hype for #Bills CB Dane Jackson again (via @Nick_Wojton, @TheBillsWire) https://t.co/3DTgNK5dKN #BillsMafia
01 Mar, 03:26 PM UTC
Justin Miller
@bigj9797 @snydxr We're pissed about the Sabres Jordan lol. Has nothing to do with you big man! We still love ya! #BillsMafia
01 Mar, 10:23 PM UTC
Melina Myers
#BillsMafia β€” trust me in saying, we want @YannickNgakoue πŸ”₯ Photographed him his time in Jacksonville... *consistently* making plays.
01 Mar, 09:55 PM UTC
chris collins from billsmafia
pretty sure @VonMiller would enjoy the 716. #billsmafia
01 Mar, 10:49 PM UTC
Whiskey Buffalo
Why are #Billsmafia this way? Hold your friends accountable. this isnt us. https://t.co/l1qWn9Wgpu
01 Mar, 09:58 PM UTC
Alex Markham
This ⬇️ The Buffalo Bills need to free @PresMoss2 ⬇️ #BillsMafia https://t.co/IRBhzKezyK
01 Mar, 10:19 PM UTC
With most of #BillsMafia shifting from #JJWatch to #VonWatch I'm over here just imagining a @BuffaloBills secondary with Jordan Poyer, Micah Hyde, Tre White and... @P2 (Patrick Peterson) https://t.co/MWQDQPSJNh
01 Mar, 06:02 PM UTC
It’s cool and all getting top FA talent, but it’s not a necessity anymore. This isn’t the Mario Williams situation 9 years ago. There are more DLs available and Buffalo doesn’t need top FA talent to get respect and make players go there, they already have it #Bills #BillsMafia https://t.co/VM7zXNkE1S
01 Mar, 10:04 PM UTC
Patrick Chase
Wait what 🀯?!?!?! #BillsMafia πŸ™ https://t.co/ei7rdF8dVi
01 Mar, 11:11 PM UTC
Fred Kilmartin
One of the best Monday Night Football graphics of the 2020 season. πŸŽ₯ via. @espn #MNF #ESPN #BuffaloBills #ChampionshipCaliber #HomeAlone #Billsmafia https://t.co/XhieegCbJ2
01 Mar, 10:59 PM UTC
E C Sepci
@bigj9797 From what I’ve seen - most #BillsMafia is OK with the AZ move....cost was too much
01 Mar, 10:29 PM UTC
Buffalo Bills Fan 2 U🌊 πŸŒŠπŸ’™β€οΈ
@bigj9797 We love you Jordan - come back!!! #BillsMafia
01 Mar, 10:25 PM UTC
@TCBILLS_Astro @wufosports @JJWatt Best wishes and if Buffalo was in fact a finalist, then thank you for considering #BillsMafia !
01 Mar, 10:12 PM UTC
Seems like I shall join #billsmafia ! Makes sense since it’s the closest team to Canada too. Drop some cool Bills fans to follow below! πŸ‘‡πŸΎπŸ‘‡πŸΎ https://t.co/CB81zKPjC3
01 Mar, 09:49 PM UTC
Shaun M. Brennan πŸˆπŸ¦¬πŸΊπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Saying you want to win a Super Bowl and then signing with the Arizona Cardinals is like saying you want to win a World Series and then sign with the San Diego Padres. #BillsMafia
01 Mar, 11:00 PM UTC
Let em be salty, true football fans know there’s other options out there. Good luck to you boys though! Miss ya being a part of #BillsMafia https://t.co/RMLbUbkETx
01 Mar, 10:47 PM UTC
Scott Goode
#BillsMafia to Matt Milano after JJ Watt signs in Arizona https://t.co/BFtxmkANPL
01 Mar, 10:41 PM UTC

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