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Michael Saylor
#Bitcoin is money that isn’t broken.
27 Jul, 12:55 PM UTC
$EVAPE IS UP 1000% from launch! This team is delivering like crazy! Stay tuned for the 5000% increase! Go ape in at uniswap! Dextools: #EveryApe #NewCoin #ETH @1goonrich @elonmusk #Doge #shib #bitcoin #DYOR #SmartMoney
27 Jul, 12:25 AM UTC
Michael Saylor
The integrity & durability of #Bitcoin are based on the sound economic principles embedded in the protocol. @saylordotorg partnered with @saifedean to create a course to explore how free enterprise and property rights motivate economic activity. It's free.
26 Jul, 03:20 PM UTC
🔍 New #Airdrop: iNf4mation 💲 Reward: Up to 100 iNf4 [$25] + 16 iNf4 [$4] per referral 🔴 Start the airdrop bot: 🔘 Do the tasks on the bot & submit your data. 🔘 Details: #Airdrops #AirdropDetective #Bitcoin #iNf4mation #iNf4 @AirdropDet's photo on Bitcoin
27 Jul, 02:00 PM UTC
Documenting Bitcoin 📄
Nigeria's 🇳🇬 peer-to-peer #bitcoin volume is going vertical—proving nothing can stop the innovative and driven youth from building a better future for themselves and their nation. @DocumentingBTC's photo on Bitcoin
26 Jul, 05:31 PM UTC
Documenting Bitcoin 📄
$15.3 billion was moved today in one #Bitcoin block. #Bitcoin block number 692828. @DocumentingBTC's photo on Bitcoin
27 Jul, 12:18 PM UTC
CZ 🔶 Binance
Fiat or crypto, #bitcoin is the most energy efficient money network.
27 Jul, 02:10 PM UTC
The #crypto space has been a blessing, it's currency life changing. So the dip ain't gonna make me run tail between legs. #Bitcoin #Ethereum #BNB #crypto #bsc
27 Jul, 01:48 PM UTC
Lark Davis
Would have been nice to reclaim the 200 day EMA, but one step at a time #bitcoin, you have already had a big few days! @TheCryptoLark's photo on Bitcoin
26 Jul, 11:35 PM UTC
That Martini Guy ₿
BREAKING: Steve Jobs Announces @Apple completed purchase of $5,000,000,000 ($5bn) #Bitcoin - Sauces
27 Jul, 09:56 AM UTC
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Parameter Set to Increase for the First Time in 8 Weeks – Mining Bitcoin News #bitcoin #ethereum #cryptocurrency #blockchain #btc #iNf4mation
27 Jul, 02:11 PM UTC
Dan Held
Bitcoin doesn’t care about your politics, religion, race, sexuality, or social status. Bitcoin is equality.
27 Jul, 02:12 PM UTC
🐳 #Bitcoin whales holding between 100 and 10,000 $BTC continue accumulating since the May plummet that shook out many weak hands. These addresses have now accumulated 130,000 more $BTC in the past 5 weeks, and 40,000 more in just the past 10 days. 📈
27 Jul, 04:56 AM UTC
Despite Volatile Quarter For BTC Price, Invictus’ Bitcoin Emphasis Garners Investor Returns #bitcoin #ethereum #cryptocurrency #blockchain #btc #iNf4mation
27 Jul, 01:16 PM UTC
Whale Alert
🚨 🚨 🚨 922 #BTC (35,430,731 USD) transferred from #Coinbase to unknown wallet
27 Jul, 02:05 PM UTC
Documenting Bitcoin 📄
While self-custody might seem a daunting task at first, luckily, many #bitcoin wallet manufacturers are providing options. An emphasis on security sets the MK3 apart. Review of the @COLDCARDwallet:
27 Jul, 02:06 PM UTC
Jens Emil
Hva skjedde på krypto-twitter i sommer? Se video med lyd 🔉🤣 Takk for en herlig sommer: @makroblogger @TorbjrnBullJens @mykas #kryptonor #bitcoin #fintwit
27 Jul, 10:48 AM UTC
Kripto Sözlük
Geçmiş yıllarda #Bitcoin'in en düşük seviyeleri 2012 ➡️ 4 dolar 2013 ➡️ 65 dolar 2014 ➡️ 200 dolar 2015 ➡️ 185 dolar 2016 ➡️ 365 dolar 2017 ➡️ 780 dolar 2018 ➡️ 3.200 dolar 2019 ➡️ 3.400 dolar 2020 ➡️ 4.000 dolar
27 Jul, 01:53 PM UTC
#Bitcoin to $100,000 #Ethereum to $7,000 #Dogecoin to $1.00 Yes Yes Yes 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼
27 Jul, 01:00 PM UTC
Actualización: 🗓️ 27/07/2021 🕒 9:00 AM 💵 Bs. 4.155.834,64 🔺 1,20% Bs 49.468,55 #enparalelovzla #monitordolarvzla #monitordolar #dolar #dolarparalelo #dolares #noticias #noticiasvenezuela #bitcoin #remesas #dolarbitcoin #ventasonline #monitorenparalelovzla #enparalelo #dolarpa
27 Jul, 01:42 PM UTC
Forbes Crypto
JUST OUT: Crypto custodian Fireblocks raises $310 million at $2 billion valuation: by @Anthony_Tellz
27 Jul, 01:01 PM UTC
Bitcoin News
Kirobo's P2P Swap Button Introduces Slippage-Free, Direct Token Swaps to Crypto Market
27 Jul, 01:02 PM UTC
@SBF_Alameda @electronminer @SquawkCNBC @FTX_Official Do you wash your clothes with your own hands? If not, please explain why washing machines energy use is ok but bitcoin energy use is bad
27 Jul, 02:17 PM UTC
Big 🧠: "As a collector of NFT art, @Dr_PhillipB sees enormous benefits in integrating NFTs into real estate portfolios. Not only is their provenance authenticated on blockchain, they also cut out some of the hassle of maintaining traditional artworks."
27 Jul, 10:26 AM UTC
Place for Shilling! 🔥 Shill your favorite coins/tokens here. Let everyone take a look! 👀 I'll pick best ones and make a poll. (I'll Invest 1000$ in the winner)💲 #SAFEMOON #EverRise #Binance #BNB #SAFEMOONWALLET #SAFEMOONARMY #EverRiseArmy #BabyDoge #BabyDogeCoin #Bitcoin
27 Jul, 08:53 AM UTC
⚜️Mistress Imane⚜️ 7.5k
How pathetic is @xoxofingirl A so called domme stealing my tweets 🤣🤣🤣 Desperate bitches 💁🏽‍♀️😈 Femdom • Findom • Humiliation • Brat • feet • Pakistani • Indian • SPH • Cuck • Cuckold • BBC • Worship • Gym • Bitcoin Booty • Olympics • U.K. USA • Muslim Mistress
27 Jul, 01:20 PM UTC
Crypto Analisis
#Bitcoin vino a hacer el testeo al tick a la zona de resistencia en 36392 que hemos estado hablando. Proxima resistencia en 41308 #BTC ,#BTCUSD ,#Crypto ,#Cryptocurency ,#CryptoNews ,#AnalisisTecnico
27 Jul, 01:30 PM UTC
Crypto update: #Bitcoin 37863.40 +0.34% #Ether 2256.21 -0.4% #BitcoinCash 491.72 -0.57% #EOS 3.7068 -0.95% #Litecoin 131.85 -0.88% #Stellar 0.2623 +0.19% #Crypto 10 Index 13832 -0.19% #BTC $ETH #BCH #XLM #LTC
27 Jul, 02:12 PM UTC
Mário Marques 👨‍💻
Whales are moving strongly $ADA #Bitcoin #Ethereum
27 Jul, 02:09 PM UTC