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NemmyDesu🦔| Commissions Open
Stan Lee looked niggas in the eye and said the best part about Spider-Man is that he’s covered head to toe, he could literally be anything under there. Black, White, Asian, Indian, it does not matter and there’s niggas in their 30s mad that there is a fictional 15 year old with
04 Aug, 07:17 PM UTC
Dana White
As a frequent weed smoker, in a nation where white people are making millions in the legal cannabis market while countless Black and brown folks are locked up for it, I can’t even fully express the sadness I feel for Brittney Griner today. And I’m bracing for the hypocrisy.
04 Aug, 06:55 PM UTC
Lavern Spicer 🇺🇸
Brittney Griner just found out that being BLACK, FEMALE & LESBIAN only gets you points here, in the country she hates.
05 Aug, 11:29 AM UTC
💗 Stella 💗
Tiffany: We definitely communicated that today’s outfit concept is black and white but Hyoyeon is the center today and wore hot pink. Sooyoung: In our KakaoTalk group chat, we definitely said, ‘Today’s backdrop is hot pink’ and Hyoyeon didn’t read it properly. 🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/352g2Xc40T
05 Aug, 02:56 AM UTC
Sudanese children describe their experiences with anti-blackness in Egypt. I can’t even imagine how Black North Africans feel when they are constantly treated like this in their own countries. https://t.co/5AoKHVk8eb
04 Aug, 09:37 PM UTC
Lavern Spicer 🇺🇸
Barack Obama did nothing for the Black community despite having the opportunity to create generational change.
04 Aug, 07:42 PM UTC
เมมเบอร์บอกว่าบอกในแชทกลุ่มแล้วนะว่าธีมวันนี้คือ black & white แต่ฮโยคือน่าจะไม่ได้อ่านแชทกลุ่ม 555555555555555555555 https://t.co/KingbUEb0p
05 Aug, 02:48 AM UTC
Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈
A robber in black bloc was stabbed & subdued by an Asian-American shop keeper wearing flip flops in Las Vegas this week. The robber’s accomplice leaves his friend behind. Police are investigating the robbery & stabbing. @MrAndyNgo's photo on Black
05 Aug, 05:42 PM UTC
Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu
Reverse racism does NOT exist. Every time a White person calls a Black person a racist they're projecting a false equivalence of oppression/inequality/injustice that does NOT exist. A LIE Black people are NOT systemically racist to White people Sit your arse down & get EDUCATED @SholaMos1's photo on Black
05 Aug, 07:12 AM UTC
05 Aug, 10:03 AM UTC
o black no hospital quando o white deu pro sean https://t.co/M96qhjMTkg
04 Aug, 11:57 PM UTC
Injustice in black and white https://t.co/wmMWfVNL7z
05 Aug, 09:28 AM UTC
he’s unstoppable in black and white https://t.co/bBnhqiO16z
05 Aug, 01:07 PM UTC
【重大発表📣】 2022年11月9日 BLACK IRIS WARNER MUSIC JAPANより メジャーデビュー決定!!!!!🎉 8月14日(日)からリリースイベントスタート! 詳しい詳細は後日お知らせします。 https://t.co/C2ITcnPZqs
05 Aug, 12:00 PM UTC
Elizabeth Warren
Black mold. Collapsed roofs. Exposed electrical wires. All in military housing. Unacceptable. I’ve got a new bill to help service members and military families get the safe housing they deserve. https://t.co/H4Ai1Z0oZg
05 Aug, 05:54 PM UTC
🎇総勢63名特大企画🎇 #大將の夏祭り ここから皆の所へ𝕃𝕖𝕥'𝕤 𝕘𝕠🚀 ⚠️タグ無断使用禁止⚠️ / 🎁 🅿️1.000 ✗ 1名様 🎁 \ 【応募方法】 ✅私と@Taisho043 を 𝐅𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐰 ✅このtweetをRT♻️ 引用RT確率UP⤴︎ ⌛8/7(日) 23:00〆 https://t.co/ySLTgdsCe6
05 Aug, 11:03 AM UTC
Press Trust of India
Issues of ED, price rise only excuses, Cong especially chose black clothes because Aug 5 is Ram temple ceremony anniversary: HM Amit Shah
05 Aug, 02:12 PM UTC
Angel Wicky
Jerk off instruction with huge black squirting dildo 😎😎 Instrukce na honění s mega černým stříkajícím dildem 😎😎 https://t.co/RrA4mnCpns @Angel_Wicky_II's photo on Black
05 Aug, 01:42 PM UTC
‘Congress chose August 5 to protest and wear black clothes to subtly promote appeasement politics’: Amit Shah https://t.co/sky2M7Ip7j
05 Aug, 03:15 PM UTC
with jimin
The stylist deserved a raise for giving jimin those black gloves https://t.co/vfGbSKa8vO
05 Aug, 03:39 PM UTC
Ryan Shead
Even Terrell Owens gets the racist Karen treatment in America. Watch this before you question me after telling you how my Black wife and decorated soldier of 21 years is treated by white people in the country she served. This shit has to stop! Sorry @terrellowens. 😔 https://t.co/8kISTeRbtd
05 Aug, 01:29 AM UTC
masaji - 暗いおうし座 -
Detil motor Battle Hopper atau Belalang Tempur versi baru yang bakal dikendarai oleh Kamen Rider Black Sun. Motor ini didesain oleh Kaichiroh Kurosu, yang sebelumnya juga mendesain motor Catwoman/Selina Kyle untuk film The Batman. Foto oleh: Tadashi "Tad" Kono https://t.co/hjQyKpKs2i
05 Aug, 03:03 PM UTC
the culture
black girls in this aesthetic > https://t.co/PamNbPeluG
05 Aug, 01:00 PM UTC
A federal ban on abortion would cause maternal mortality rates to rise 21%, killing 140 additional people a year — most of them Black women. Abortion is essential, life-saving health care and we will never stop fighting for it.https://t.co/bXGpyBilBl
05 Aug, 06:22 PM UTC
UPDATE!! The 2 males seen & looks like are back in Mayambula prides territory are 2 of the Black Dam males & were not the Guernsey & Monwana males To make things worse, info from Cathan Moore is that the 5 young Birmingham breakaway males seen this morning! 🎥Christof Schoeman https://t.co/J2GdlKmyEd
04 Aug, 07:06 PM UTC
STORM in Black Panther #8 Out next week ⚡️ https://t.co/KtXSnlLHIj
05 Aug, 05:25 PM UTC
Random Gloves
Angewom- uhhh... AngeGatomon + Black Edition https://t.co/qB9FBrVjCJ
05 Aug, 12:06 PM UTC
Renee' Martin
🎉🎈🎊RESCUED! SWEET 6YO BLACK KITTY "FRUITY" IS SAFE🎉🎈🎊 ❤TY 4 PLEDGING & SHARING❤ ▶https://t.co/SHH4M2HTd9 🙌🏽😺👏🏽TY Place For Cats To honor your pledge or donate: ▶https://t.co/i24zQmP0FX Facebook page: https://t.co/ojXzbbwnx4 https://t.co/gZFqYzWjRy https://t.co/5ymLNax2CX
04 Aug, 11:11 PM UTC
Dumbass stan for reason...Rosé went to london to attend the exhibition on 10 June,the video was film in london...before your fave enter to spain....so yall gatekeeping little black dress now?? https://t.co/4cnNPaWMfR https://t.co/hw0pvve2Rj
05 Aug, 07:24 AM UTC
ely 🐯
#bgyo_gelo in a black suit with an exposed forehead is a supreme look ✨ https://t.co/n2uXpWd9Nr
05 Aug, 10:57 AM UTC