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Black Ink Crew
Tati was done with the drama and told Ceaser Kit DID sleep with Ryan???? Do you think she made the right move? #BlackInkCrew @BlackInkCrew's photo on #BlackInkCrew
28 Nov, 01:54 AM UTC
Cheria (ReRe)
I don’t like Tati #BlackInkCrew https://t.co/IBzJrE5Nkw
28 Nov, 01:49 AM UTC
Black Ink Crew
Kitty showed up unannounced to prom feeling betrayed and with a LOT to say...especially once Tati admitted she told Ceaser that Kit DID sleep with Ryan 😳 Do you think Tati betrayed Kitty? #BlackInkCrew @BlackInkCrew's photo on #BlackInkCrew
28 Nov, 02:35 AM UTC
C u Next Tuesday
Tati: NO ONE CARES IF YOU FUCKED HIM! Also Tati: YOU FUCKED RYAN! WHY YOU LYIN?!? Tati: Its your pussy. Nobody needs to know what happened with it... Also Tati: JUST TELL THEM WHAT YOU DID WITH YA PUSSY! I DID THIS BECAUSE I CARE #blackinkcrew https://t.co/RUJ4hG7jpN
28 Nov, 02:00 AM UTC
Hot Girl Jas
Side bitch? Are you are... the main... bitch Crystal? #BlackInkCrew https://t.co/GaPJV73gCI
28 Nov, 01:39 AM UTC
Listen... if someone accuses me of sleeping with @TheRyanHenry imma take it. Fine as he is. #blackinkcrew https://t.co/Hsx0QlxeCI
28 Nov, 02:01 AM UTC
Elise B. 🦀
Tati is wack af. Maybe she should spend more tine worrying about her charges and who shes smashing this week. Kitty been there for EVERYONE and it took yall 5 seconds to turn on her. And Donnas been fired 50-11 times and keeps doing dumb shit #BlackInkCrew
28 Nov, 02:00 AM UTC
Cheria (ReRe)
Crystal is jealous of Kitty #BlackInkCrew https://t.co/3IED6gl3wE
28 Nov, 01:36 AM UTC
Crystal so insecure and threatened by kitty and I can see why... bc crystal still looks odd even with that new jaw! #blackinkcrew
28 Nov, 01:45 AM UTC
Black Ink Crew
After all the drama that went down in Cleveland, there's nothing like a throwback to prom to lift everyone's spirits! But who has even been to a prom that had no drama 👀 The mid-season finale of #BlackInkCrew is on TONIGHT at 8/7c on @VH1 ! @BlackInkCrew's photo on #BlackInkCrew
27 Nov, 04:00 PM UTC
Black Ink Crew
Donna not taking this misspelled tattoo seriously has Puma LIVID 😡 Do you think he’s overreacting? #BlackInkCrew @BlackInkCrew's photo on #BlackInkCrew
28 Nov, 01:12 AM UTC
Tati is a raggedy ass friend. Why is she telling Miss Kitty business....like damn....minding your business is not concerned “being a liar.” #Blackinkcrew
28 Nov, 01:55 AM UTC
this is the second time tati has betrayed kitty. the first time was when she went back and told Bae what she said about her mother & now telling Cesar about her smashing Ryan. she’s a backstabber #BlackInkCrew
28 Nov, 02:59 AM UTC
B E A N Z| Credit Your Photographer Please!
Me rooting for Kitty when she started fighting Tati #BlackInkCrew https://t.co/QoTM3USSFt
28 Nov, 02:59 AM UTC
The One & Only Me
And Kitty left with her hair intact meanwhile Tacky's wack ass braids got messed up. Crystal you look every bit of 38. #blackinkcrew https://t.co/bk8zJYOjxY
28 Nov, 02:12 AM UTC
Cease, IF the rumor is true, so what? You & Ryan are cool, ya not friend's. You don't want Kitty, which is crazy. But, don't want her with anyone else either. She lost her mom & y'all do this? Besides, you clearly have seen @TheRyanHenry no one can blame her. #BlackInkCrew🤷‍♀️🙅‍♀️👑
28 Nov, 02:58 AM UTC
#BlackInk #BlackInkCrew #blackinkcrewny Kitty You ain't got no aim and you STILL a ugly ass bitch https://t.co/HKYDKekNoo
28 Nov, 02:04 AM UTC
- Lexx 🌼
Crystal is sooo bothered by kitty 😂 I mean look at kitty sis is fine asf #BlackInkCrew
28 Nov, 01:50 AM UTC
I would never snitch on any of my friend about them smashing a next dude . I’m riding with my homie to the end. “Nope not my friend “. But Tati got the game fucked up . #blackinkcrew https://t.co/U8lz6Bb0St
28 Nov, 03:00 AM UTC
TwistedThrill ♐️
Donna wild 😂😂😂 she said “Oh we got an extra letter .. That’s fine” 😂😂😂 Bitch what? #BlackInkCrew #BlackInkCrewNy https://t.co/Chjq03PFIv
28 Nov, 01:12 AM UTC
KayBee 💚
Producers got Crystal making a fool of herself. This TV time aint worth it. #BlackInkCrew
28 Nov, 01:55 AM UTC
Ochocinco Wanted Me!!
Kit went out like a G lol ...she my type of bitch #BlackInkCrew #BlackInkCrewNY
28 Nov, 03:00 AM UTC
Hot Girl Jas
Crystal did all of that just for Ceaser to take her for a joke & play her YET AGAIN #BlackInkCrew https://t.co/iLU2DkXnRy
28 Nov, 02:01 AM UTC
Amanda Renee’
Kitty has been above black ink for years and the fact that they’re doing this to her after her mother died shows that they lack empathy and aren’t her friends #blackinkcrew
28 Nov, 02:44 AM UTC
Awwww shit! Kitty is in the building #BlackInkCrew https://t.co/y0mWsnB8OT
28 Nov, 01:38 AM UTC
Coco Dani
It is definitely illegal to fire Kitty over personal reasons. Personal feelings were involved, not business. #BlackInkCrew
28 Nov, 01:50 AM UTC
Crystal, you're determined to look silly. Cease does not want you. Did they hit your brain when they fixed your jaw? Kitty has done NOTHING to you. You are dehydrated. Please go the ER & get IV fluid. You can't look like that AND have an attitude. Playing yourself. #BlackInkCrew
28 Nov, 03:08 AM UTC
Inky Passion♌🖤
28 Nov, 01:50 AM UTC
the truth
😇 #blackinkcrew Tati, I have no words for you, so I had to look up a word in the dictionary: https://t.co/GkAYr0kFgP
28 Nov, 03:18 AM UTC
Tyana Mari
Crystal got the jaw and neck done I guess & she taking all kinda jabs, simmer down, pipe down finding Nemo #BlackInkCrew #BlackInkCrewNYC #BlackInkNYC #BlackInkNY #BlackInkCrewNY #BlackInk
28 Nov, 01:38 AM UTC

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