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Bill Plunkett
Blake Treinen strikes out Charlie Blackmon with a 98 mph fastball on the 9th pitch of the at-bat, strands the bases loaded. #Dodgers and Rockies tied 4-4 thru 7
22 Sep, 03:05 AM UTC
Dodgers Nation
Charlie Blackmon flies out to right fielder Luke Raley. End of the 9th | 3 outs #LADvsCOL
22 Sep, 03:50 AM UTC
Shannon Hurd
Lemme tell you about the coolest usher I have met at Coors Field in awhile. Belts out Blackmon’s walk up song with the crowd, complete with enthusiastic hand gestures. Screams “There’s no wave in baseball!” during the wave. Helps people carry drinks to their seats. Meet Sheryl
22 Sep, 03:40 AM UTC
Brian Murphy
Charlie Blackmon just flew out to kill a Rockies rally off Kenley Jansen in the 9th; now they're going to extras in Denver. Damn, man. I was ready to crank up a little Outfield, 'cause Josie's on a vacation far away ...
22 Sep, 03:52 AM UTC
Dodgers Nation
Elias Diaz grounds out sharply, second baseman Trea Turner to first baseman Max Muncy. Charlie Blackmon to 3rd. Bottom of the 10th | 2 outs #LADvsCOL
22 Sep, 04:07 AM UTC
Bill Plunkett
Charlie Blackmon rips an RBI double off the wall in right-center, 107.6 mph off the bat. #Dodgers Julio Urias showing decreased velocity on his fastball for 2nd consecutive start
22 Sep, 01:37 AM UTC
Ben Kaspick
Cron doubles in Blackmon. 2-0 Rockies.
22 Sep, 01:38 AM UTC
Ben Kaspick
#Rockies on the board first. Blackmon RBI double makes it 1-0 in the 4th vs. the #Dodgers
22 Sep, 01:38 AM UTC
Jorge Castillo
Blake Treinen is getting more whiffs this season and that one was big. Struck out Charlie Blackmon to strand the bases loaded in the 7th in a 4-4 game. Read about Treinen striking out more hitters this season here…
22 Sep, 03:07 AM UTC
Blackmon, I can’t count on you ever, can I, damn. Extras at Coors. #BeatLA
22 Sep, 03:51 AM UTC
Phillip Blackmon
Re-upping the Tweet below to promote this excellent column from @paulwaldman1 who gets it. Please read the column - it is important to pressure our Democratic Senators and Representatives on it.
22 Sep, 03:51 AM UTC
raj 🐧
blackmon is the terrorist he only rakes off our young pitchers but cant help us
22 Sep, 03:51 AM UTC
Thomas B
Blackmon just missed hitting a walkoff 3 run HR.
22 Sep, 03:51 AM UTC
Friar Lounge
@PadresDiehard OF is the place where we need and will see the most turnover in ‘22 IMO. Pham gone, Myers dangled in trades. Grish needs a strong comeback campaign and needs to prove he is a starter and not a 4th outfielder. Buxton, Grish, and a platoon of Ona and a vet like Blackmon perhaps. 🤷🏼‍♂️
22 Sep, 04:39 AM UTC
Shannon Montecino
@bayarealuke @Rockies Blackmon had 2 chances 2 end it and couldn't.
22 Sep, 04:16 AM UTC
Charlie “Cramped Hammy” Blackmon on 2nd… 😬
22 Sep, 04:04 AM UTC
 enrico gates
Holy shit I thought Blackmon just gamed us bruh
22 Sep, 03:50 AM UTC
My drill sergeant in basic finding out my dad was a drill sergeant: “BLACKMON…. YO DADDY WAS A DRILL SERGEANT????!!!!” Me: “Yes, drill sergeant…” Her: “SO WHY ARE YOU SO FUCKED UP!!??” Me: “I don’t know, drill sergeant.” 🥺
22 Sep, 05:02 AM UTC
Phillip Blackmon
@MysterySolvent Political Hack. Duh.
22 Sep, 04:53 AM UTC
Max Bay
@Wittman7 Yeah they should have walked him to begin with. Sets up force at 2B. The only threat is Blackmon on 3rd.
22 Sep, 04:10 AM UTC
Robert Remington
22 Sep, 03:51 AM UTC
@wesleysmorgan Thank you. I listened to Jimmy Blackmon’s “Palehorse” on a road trip last December where I first learned about FLEX64. Didn’t think I’d find any more details about it but I came upon your thread tonight. Thank you for compiling and sharing.
22 Sep, 03:56 AM UTC
anyangel 💙🐱🐱💙🌊🌊🌊
@Phil_Blackmon @paulwaldman1 Every Dem against removing the filibuster who's in a safe district needs to be primaried.
22 Sep, 03:54 AM UTC
when that first came off the bat i was worried but then i noticed Blackmon's reaction #Dodgers #Rockies
22 Sep, 03:52 AM UTC
Thought that nigga Blackmon ended our shit
22 Sep, 03:51 AM UTC
Bonez Truther
@ashloveseager thought blackmon hit that 500 ft lmfao
22 Sep, 03:51 AM UTC
Blackmon should’ve put that in the 2nd deck lmfao
22 Sep, 03:50 AM UTC
Brian Crawford
@knbrmurph Blackmon almost hooked us up in the 9th. The Urias single in the 5th was a crusher. Ugh.
22 Sep, 04:54 AM UTC