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Fruity Pebble Rice Krispie Treats 😈🔥 @milktpapi's photo on Blackness
26 May, 10:40 PM UTC
Charles M. Blow
A little background on the bird-watcher that this woman called the cops on: found out he’s the college friend of a friend. This dude graduated from Harvard! Just goes to show that white supremacy is no respecter of station. Anti-blackness just sees blk. Can’t graduate from that.
26 May, 12:32 PM UTC
Precise 🇭🇹
@Phil_Lewis_ To think...all she had to do was have her dog on a leash. Since a black man reminded her of it she was insulted and weaponized his her life is being destroyed. Thank God for cell phones.
26 May, 01:29 PM UTC
Elle Maruska (they/them)
This is a difficult truth to face, I know. White women, sometimes we (and those of us socially read as women) feel like we aren't as bad as white men because we're, you know, women. But when it comes to racism in general and anti-blackness in particular, the dynamic shifts
26 May, 11:08 AM UTC
Karen Civil 🇭🇹
Certain people don’t love their blackness till they can profit from it..
26 May, 03:38 PM UTC
Najma Sharif
Somalis and Dominicans eat bananas with rice, smoke shisha like they have an extra pair of lungs and everyone questions our blackness. Love that for us.
26 May, 12:34 PM UTC
Dana White
There's not a day I wake up and lament my Blackness. It's magnificent and full, truly. It holds me. My Blackness doesn't need to oppress, deny, harm, exploit, take anything from anyone or anyplace. It is not lack, not emptiness of any sort. That's white people's affliction.
26 May, 10:46 PM UTC
LL McKinney - This is a Legendborn stan account
Also, it's REALLY telling to see white people describe racism and anti-Blackness as "annoying."
26 May, 08:04 AM UTC
angela vang
as the video of mpd circulates, i want to stress that asian america is not just a victim of white supremacy. we are active participants and beneficiaries of anti-blackness and we cannot move forward in any meaningful way without addressing this within ourselves + our communities.
26 May, 02:45 PM UTC
I find it ODD whenever people who don’t speak on anti-Blackness , police brutality or any major issue relating to institutional racism rush to post videos where a Black person is being brutalized. Are you spreading *awareness* or do you want to go viral?
27 May, 12:50 AM UTC
shania twink
Seeing a lot of Hmong people defending the Hmong cop involved in the murder of George Floyd, when last month these same people were crying about anti-Asian/COVID hate crimes. We can't ask for empathy until we address the anti-blackness in our community, family, and ourselves.
26 May, 07:47 PM UTC
People who get mad about “cancelling” but not about literal anti blackness ??... is it worms?!
26 May, 05:59 PM UTC
Valerie Complex♊️♎️♋️
A Black woman wrote this anti blackness in her latest book. this is colorist as fuck and the proximity to whiteness has gone to ppl’s heads Even if this is a learning lesson of some sort it’s truly unbelievable someone would immortalize this on paper with no shame @ValerieComplex's photo on Blackness
26 May, 05:43 PM UTC
Yiran Liu
Enraged at the Asian cop who enabled and defended his white partner as he murdered George Floyd. This is the ultimate embodiment of anti-Blackness among Asian communities. This is the danger of the model minority myth. Watch white supremacy work. #JusticeForFloyd
26 May, 04:32 PM UTC
Therí A. Pickens, PhD
Amy in the brambles cannot be explained by calling her crazy. She is acting within the confines of white supremacy. As I talk about in Black Madness :: Mad Blackness (@DukePress), white people's behavior should not be explained through the vehicle of madness.
26 May, 05:19 PM UTC
James Alexander👨🏾‍💻
And there’s still folks who try to tell me white privilege isn’t real. Not only is it real, but many white folks KNOW they can use their whiteness as a weapon. Which is ironic since my blackness is what many people feel “threatened by.” This world is fucked, for real.
26 May, 03:22 PM UTC
Darkskin & Handsome 🍫🏁
Say what you want bout Carlton he checked ol dude for questioning his blackness and call him a sell out and he always had Will back. He got a gun after Will got shot and wanted to retaliate. Carlton a real nigga and a real friend/cousin
26 May, 11:47 PM UTC
Also the worker that called the police from Cup Foods. The anti-blackness that thrives off the very people they rely on to stay in business. Fuck that place.
26 May, 07:24 PM UTC
I think it’s important to also mention the Christian Cooper incident, as that is very telling of the inherent racism in this country and how Black people are vilified on a daily basis. As non-Black POC & especially as Asian-Americans, we need to dismantle the anti-blackness...
26 May, 11:34 PM UTC
im a spoon ≥🧢🌺 #MaskGang
This is the last image you see before Biden takes away your Blackness
26 May, 02:01 AM UTC
Virgo Blade
@hibzsta___ Yeah...there's really no talking around it. Like stan if you want, but the anti-blackness is strong with this one. It's literal proof that there's a distinction between using the culture and being down for it and she has no allegiance to Black culture outside of making money.
26 May, 05:43 AM UTC
Mr. Stallion
Do White people realize how hard it is to be black right now Our community is being HIT HARD in every way by Covid. The presidential candidate we want to support is defining our blackness. Meanwhile police are still killing us and white women still calling the police to kill us
27 May, 12:07 AM UTC
Adiel Pollydore
reminder: respectability politics are dangerous and don't protect you. Christian Cooper being a Harvard grad bird-watching didn't make him less likely to be the target of racist violence. if you are dwelling on his degrees and fr your anti blackness is showing.
26 May, 11:03 PM UTC
Stunning Igbo geh💞💞
I hope Doja cat doesn't try to date a black man to prove her "blackness". Stick to your white men sis. it's your "preference" cuz that's what black men call it when they date only biracial-white women.
26 May, 05:04 PM UTC
Tom Tanuki
This is so sweet. It makes me want to call the American police and weaponise state violence by deploying this sweet man's blackness against him, validating my racism and making me unresponsible for the consequences. It makes me want to choke my own dog.
27 May, 12:15 AM UTC
Critical Design Lab
Tomorrow on Contra* podcast Solidarity Chats, @AimiHamraie speaks to @AyahNerd about eugenics, anti-Blackness, and COVID-19. Available on Apple, Google, and Stitcher.
27 May, 01:10 AM UTC
Kristen 🚴🏻‍♀️😷🏡
Memorial Day Karen repeatedly said the man’s race to 911 as she lied about the situation. She used his blackness and weaponized police to bring harm to him. Holy shit, think about that. Is she in jail right now? #KarenStrikesAgain #whitefragility
26 May, 03:25 AM UTC
Spines & Vines ™
“The trigger for white rage, inevitably, is black advancement. It is not the mere presence of black people that is the problem; rather, it is blackness with ambition, with drive, with purpose, with aspirations, and with demands for full and equal citizenship.” ⁣― #WhiteRage
27 May, 01:22 AM UTC
I spent so much time watering down my blackness for the sake of love. I’ll never betray myself like that again.
27 May, 12:53 AM UTC
pro blackness isn’t anti whiteness.
27 May, 01:22 AM UTC