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Amy Güth
PSA: A family member was killed at 24 by a drunk driver on a holiday weekend. Party all you like, but as winter holidays begin tonight with “blackout Wednesday,” please make a safe ride plan ahead of time and help spare your and other families from such senseless loss. Thanks ❤️
24 Nov, 07:02 PM UTC
Total Frat Move
Blackout Wednesday a tradition we can all get behind @totalfratmove's photo on Blackout Wednesday
24 Nov, 08:10 PM UTC
bing ⁷
blackout wednesday? nah… i’ll just smoke enough that i get scared
24 Nov, 08:31 PM UTC
it’s my favorite day of the year again, blackout wednesday. can’t wait to have 2 beers on my parents couch and watch tv 😈😈😈
24 Nov, 11:04 PM UTC
scoobert doo
blackout wednesday is basically the met gala of the southside
24 Nov, 05:48 AM UTC
abbey simmons
Sober Internet Auntie reminding you tonight is the busiest bar night in America, so much so it's colloquially known as "Blackout Wednesday." Have a safe way to get home tonight. Tip your bartenders and your uber/lyft/cab/DD extra. Drink water. be kind to yourself & your liver.
24 Nov, 11:20 PM UTC
MN State Patrol
110 alcohol-related fatalities on Minnesota roads in 2021 should be a wakeup call to anyone who decides to get behind the wheel this holiday season. Today is known as Blackout Wednesday. Celebrate the holidays safely by planning ahead for a safe ride home. #Thanksgiving @MnDPS_MSP's photo on Blackout Wednesday
24 Nov, 11:50 PM UTC
Darrick Mr Whiskey 79
I am 42 and just learning bout blackout Wednesday I had no ideas u had to wait til Wednesday
24 Nov, 04:14 PM UTC
Before blackout Wednesday commences, remember to be safe tonight. Do not drink and drive!
24 Nov, 10:56 PM UTC
Coach Caleb
I’m gonna take blackout Wednesday a little too serious tonight
25 Nov, 12:02 AM UTC
It’s blackout Wednesday. Do I A) play music or B) run halo or battlefield with the boyz Either way I’m getting drunk
25 Nov, 12:21 AM UTC
elise (っ◔◡◔)っ
happy blackout wednesday to all who observe
25 Nov, 12:14 AM UTC
happy blackout Wednesday to all!!!
24 Nov, 03:57 PM UTC
Scooby Doon
Blackout Wednesday is my favorite holiday
24 Nov, 11:21 PM UTC
niloq (8-2)
it’s blackout wednesday
25 Nov, 12:33 AM UTC
Danny Rockett
Tonight! The Son Ranto Show! Live in 1 hour! Join me @crawlyscubs and @CubX3 for some #Cubs talk on this Blackout Wednesday! You'll be thankful you did!
25 Nov, 12:05 AM UTC
Dr. Chad Flemming
@TakeAKnee87 @tommyshilling @stoolpresidente I know it’s blackout Wednesday but damn you must’ve started early!!
24 Nov, 11:20 PM UTC
Cooper Rush Fan Account
Happy Blackout Wednesday! Today is the top day for bars in America. It’s YOUR duty to go and get drunk at your local bar tonight. For America.
24 Nov, 09:38 PM UTC
Just got back from field happy blackout Wednesday everyone!!!!!
24 Nov, 11:25 PM UTC
It's blackout Wednesday. Be safe ya'll
24 Nov, 09:22 PM UTC
☆ KT ☆
me and morgan ??? in the same city ??? on blackout wednesday ??? everyone buckle your seatbelts.
24 Nov, 10:59 PM UTC
John Dillinger
'bLaCkOuT wEdNeSdAy' is the first official drinking day of the holiday season. Las Vegas:
25 Nov, 12:23 AM UTC
This blackout Wednesday is a house party and it’s going to be the new trend because I cannot with these crowded ass bars lol I’m with the old folks in a basement rolling some dice 🎲
25 Nov, 12:22 AM UTC
Blake Hoppe
Merry Blackout Wednesday
24 Nov, 08:01 PM UTC
Son Ranto Show
Tonight! The Son Ranto Show! Live in 1 hour! Join me @crawlyscubs and @CubX3 for some #Cubs talk on this Blackout Wednesday! You'll be thankful you did!
25 Nov, 12:05 AM UTC
*guy (very high) walks up to pharmacy counter* “hi, how can I help you?” “uhhh, i forgot…” blackout wednesday indeed
25 Nov, 12:24 AM UTC
Trying to figure out what to do for blackout Wednesday damn near the hardest thing to do maneee
24 Nov, 08:15 PM UTC
What’s the blackout Wednesday move partna
24 Nov, 11:55 PM UTC
Matt Zawaski AKA Father Zo
Mrs. Zo’s company sent her this loaded box of Meats and Cheeses for the Holidays and it had 4 cans of this wine in there. It says 2 cans = 1 bottle. It’s Blackout Wednesday so I’m gonna test that ratio. I’m a canned wine guy tonight.
25 Nov, 12:58 AM UTC
Holly J
Bringing this back in honor of blackout Wednesday
25 Nov, 12:41 AM UTC