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Isaac Sánchez
Ojalá productos únicos y originales en el cine como la nueva de Blade Runner o la nueva de Dune.
16 Sep, 11:28 AM UTC
Yo en la peda del 16 explicando todo sobre Blade Runner por segunda vez:
16 Sep, 06:01 AM UTC
Seeing MCU fans trash Blade Runner 2049 because of Denis Villeneuve's comments, makes me laugh because that movie is 10 times better than the best MCU movie for sure
16 Sep, 03:22 PM UTC
Evan Von Doom: Rebirth of the Cool
Yeah if I directed Arrival, Blade Runner 2059, Prisoners, and Sicario, I'd also hate the MCU for being brought up by every interviewer I have to deal with lol
16 Sep, 02:55 PM UTC
The Prince Charles Cinema
We've got a 35mm print of the trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's #LICORICEPIZZA! It'll play ahead of our Blade Runner: Double Feature, Commando, Taxi Driver [35mm], and, of course - Boogie Nights [35mm]. Filming or taking photos of the screen is strictly prohibited. @ThePCCLondon's photo on Blade Runner
16 Sep, 01:10 PM UTC
Que también es verdad que si te lo dice alguien cuyas dos últimas pelis son Dune y Blade Runner 2049 (que muy buenas; pero originales, lo que es originales, no serían) pues dices "Hombre, igual no toca"
16 Sep, 12:31 PM UTC
Sixteen Colors
Checking in on ACiD circa 1992. ANSI by Blade Runner, Slam Dunk, RaDMan & Black Spyrit // ACiD #ansiart #ansi #ascii #asciiart #pixelart #textmode #text #art #demoscene #bbs #retrocomputing #retrographics #8bit #8bitart #typography #graffiti #graffitiart
16 Sep, 03:11 PM UTC
@MCU_Direct Need to be more worried about if Dune will bomb like his Blade Runner movie 😂
16 Sep, 02:38 PM UTC
Blade Runner 2049 is better than every single MCU movie and it’s not even close lol
16 Sep, 03:24 PM UTC
amy dunne
if a director wants to talk bad about marvel i will support them idc i give a shit disney didnt give me blade runner 2049
16 Sep, 03:31 PM UTC
I swear some 14yo mf is going to slander Denis Villeneuve and Blade Runner 2049 today after his comments on Marvel movies, which btw he was right. Man's based as hell. Plus Dune seems like it'll have a great opening so.... Denis nation stays winning. Stream #DUNE on HBO Max.
16 Sep, 03:11 PM UTC
The Gauntlet
If you dig The Between and Victorian horror, the Humble Bundle has a collection of comics from Titan Comics which includes Penny Dreadful adaptations, as well as Robotech, Blade Runner, Star Trek, The Raid, Captain Kronos, and a bunch more. @humble
16 Sep, 03:01 PM UTC
𝙲𝚑𝚛𝚒𝚜 𝚂𝚊𝚕𝚊𝚣𝚊𝚛📚🎬
As much as I enjoyed Blade Runner 2049, much of the issues I had with the film lies in the third act… just like every marvel film
16 Sep, 03:40 PM UTC
Milktea Alliance 8⃣1⃣7⃣ W.S.
@JackPosobiec Viewing Blade Runner 2049 on an IMAX screen was an incredible cinematic experience
16 Sep, 03:35 PM UTC
The Nerdpocalypse
@BradSmoley Yup, and frankly I am really annoyed these directors fall for this shit. You are outwardly trashing other artists. Villeneuve is saying 50% of their movies are cut and paste…dude you did a sequel to Blade Runner and now a remake of Dune. Stop it. I love his work, but stop.
16 Sep, 03:34 PM UTC
Caleb Dume was in there. God Bless.
Then there’s this. I am well-known “Blade Runner” apologist………but that movie didn’t need a sequel. It REALLY didn’t need a sequel.
16 Sep, 03:43 PM UTC
@PardonMeImBlunt And co-written by Ivor Powell who produced The Duellists Alien and Blade Runner. Apparently, this film was originally called BIOS.
16 Sep, 03:39 PM UTC
@chilltulpa I'd say Blade Runner, but it's better than Alien 😂
16 Sep, 03:37 PM UTC
sobre o surto do villeneuve só vou falar que muitos dos últimos filmes da marvel são melhores que o blade runner dele
16 Sep, 03:36 PM UTC
Fabian Ellis 🎬
@jaydoescomics Yes. Still not going to be rewatching most MCU films like you rewatch the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy or The Matrix or a Nolan film or the Lord of the Rings or the original Spider-Man trilogy or Blade Runner etc. Big budget blockbusters can be much more well crafted imo
16 Sep, 03:36 PM UTC
still wondering if ana de armas character in blade runner being called jack off instructions is intentional
16 Sep, 03:36 PM UTC
Francis Tommaso
@horrorgeek @ChrisNe91542427 He can be hit or miss but I really enjoyed Blade Runner and Enemy. I've been looking forward to his take on Dune but the hardcore Dune fanbase has kind of burned me out on it already.
16 Sep, 03:35 PM UTC
Francis Tommaso
@ChrisNe91542427 @horrorgeek He did the Blade runner sequel a few years ago. Good director but he likes to make the occasional "hot take."
16 Sep, 03:30 PM UTC
Cihat Gemici
Dennis Villeneuve filmografisinde aşırı kişisel sıralamam şöyledir; 1.Arrival 2.Incendies 3.Enemy Floor 5.Prisoners 6.Sicario 7.Blade Runner 2049 8.Maelström 9.Terre des Homes 10.Polytechnique 11.32 August on Earth
16 Sep, 03:30 PM UTC
we do not need Blade Runner 3, i loved the sequel, but that is enough.
16 Sep, 03:28 PM UTC
⚔️🚩 You're Leninism
@neutrinoinbloom It always cracks me up how the end credits theme to Blade Runner was the song for futbol matches on TV in Argentina.
16 Sep, 03:27 PM UTC
i had a dream about a new Blade Runner movie being released. may be it’s time to rewatch 2049
16 Sep, 03:24 PM UTC
i like dilfs
@plumithia yeesss! can’t wait for “star wars: the rise of the force avengers captain marvel guardian of the dark phoenix awakens bloodline dead don’t die gemini man blade runner aladdin civil war infinity war mortal kombat 2049 episode 7: last night in soho” (dir. edgar wright 2021)
16 Sep, 03:24 PM UTC