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Boruto gets a good animated fight once every 6 months, and then fanboys think the ENTIRE series is automatically redeemed. BLEACH has like 50+ fights yet to be animated, but that won't automatically make the series perfect. Also, Sasuke getting jobbed like Vegeta is so lame.
21 Jun, 05:42 PM UTC
Lesley-Ann Brandt
I use to work for Redbull in Sales and Marketing. Great company. Sir, you are old enough to know that 12 cups of anything a day, except water, is not good for you. This is the kind of person that needs warning labels on bleach. 🙄
21 Jun, 09:57 PM UTC
Mr. Jay (R.I.P Miura)
Best Arcs per Shounen series TO ME. HxH: Chimera Ant MHA: Post Liberation War One Piece: Marineford JJK: Hidden Inventory Naruto: Chunnin Exams or Pain Arc BC: N/A (Dropped it at elf arc) Bleach: Soul Society
21 Jun, 04:41 PM UTC
Bleach News: Second Half of the Year is Here! There will be many Events and announcents thought! Stay tuned this second half!
21 Jun, 11:57 AM UTC
BLEACH 白哉と苺花 伯父と姪
21 Jun, 01:39 PM UTC
BLEACH Brave Souls公式
6/22は【ザエルアポロ】の誕生日!本日ログインで【バースデーメダル】がもらえるぞ!今すぐゲームにログインしよう!! #ブレソル @Bleach_BS's photo on BLEACH
22 Jun, 03:14 AM UTC
Bryan Behar
The virus wasn't real. It was a Chinese hoax. A Democratic witch hunt. It can't be spread. It goes away. Take hydroxychloroquine. Drink bleach. Shine a light in your body. Oh, but let's send all infected people to solitary confinement on Guantanamo.
21 Jun, 05:58 PM UTC
BLEACH Brave Souls公式
6/22は【イールフォルト】の誕生日!本日ログインで【バースデーメダル】がもらえるぞ!今すぐゲームにログインしよう!! #ブレソル @Bleach_BS's photo on BLEACH
22 Jun, 03:13 AM UTC
BLEACH Brave Souls公式
【新キャラ】グリムジョー【アリーナガチャ―豹王―】 まもなく登場予定の新キャラを運営メンバーが紹介! 動画はコチラ▼ #ブレソル @Bleach_BS's photo on BLEACH
22 Jun, 07:57 AM UTC
eternity ♡ zZz
colorism in south asia , our hometowns , is so widely normalized it's scary. there's a popular face cream called "fair and lovely" and most skin care has bleach. being "lighter" to fit eurocentric beauty standards is taught from birth, please stop normalizing it in art of sa ccs
22 Jun, 05:07 AM UTC
shien@don't repost&use/転載使用禁止
呪術の巻頭歌①/両面宿儺(御形ver) 🥳🥳宿様イマジナリー受肉祭🥳🥳 引用:BLEACH Vol.32 Poem #呪術廻戦ファンアート #JJK #JujutsuKaisen
21 Jun, 11:00 AM UTC
Bleach: Brave Souls
Arena Summons: Pantera is coming with ★5 Grimmjow! #BraveSouls @bleachbrs_en's photo on BLEACH
22 Jun, 07:30 AM UTC
ℛႮℕⅈℕ | #لقد_ضحك
New Coloring 🎨 لإيشيدا يوريو من عمل #BLEACH رايكم وكذا ؟ ركزت على التناسق والانعكاس وذي الشغلات مقبلات م قبل التلوين الأعظم ...❄ ِ
21 Jun, 03:52 PM UTC
BLEACH Brave Souls公式
【近日開催】アリーナ開催を記念して、『アリーナガチャ―豹王―』開催! 新規のアリーナアビリティを所持するキャラクターが新登場!今回の★5キャラクターは【グリムジョー】だ!お楽しみに! #ブレソル @Bleach_BS's photo on BLEACH
22 Jun, 08:30 AM UTC
Tomi T Ahonen
Donald Trump: Monster-In-Chief Wanted to drop a nuke on hurricane Told Americans to drink bleach And now this Wanted to send Covid infected Americans to Guantanamo PS. Guantanamo aka Gitmo would be good prison for the Insurrectionists of January 6, including those who planned it @tomiahonen's photo on BLEACH
21 Jun, 06:14 PM UTC
BLEACH Brave Souls公式
本日11:00より行っていたアリーナ機能のメンテナンスが、15:17に終了しました。 メンテナンスが予定より長引いてしまい、皆様にご不便をお掛けしましたこと、お詫び申し上げます。 今後とも「BLEACH Brave Souls」をよろしくお願いします。
22 Jun, 06:59 AM UTC
Le manga à enchaîner les masterclasse, mais des gens veulent nous faire croire que Bleach mérite pas ça place
21 Jun, 10:40 PM UTC
Dans Bleach, l'anniversaire de Szayelaporro Granz est le 22 juin #birthday
22 Jun, 08:32 AM UTC
Inioluwa Ayomide🥰❤️💋👑🌹🌷❣️🤍
Doing sales on face cream Frame 1-4k each Frame 2-2k each Suitable for all skin tone Note: it doesn't bleach Location: Lagos Delivery available nationwide and not free☺️ Kindly Rt
22 Jun, 07:37 AM UTC
25 likes and I’ll bleach my hair
22 Jun, 12:50 AM UTC
Best Arcs per Shounen series TO ME. HxH: Yorknew City MHA: My Villain Academia(Liberation army arc) One Piece: Water7(not caught up) JJK: Star Plasma Vessel Naruto: Pain Arc or Jiraiya The Gallant BC: Elf Arc(not caught up) Bleach: Soul Society(stopped after they yoinked shawty)
21 Jun, 07:55 PM UTC
【ご予約受付中!】 G.E.M.シリーズ BLEACH 市丸ギン 破面篇 『破面篇』での市丸ギンの戦闘シーンを切り抜いて立体化! #BLEACH
22 Jun, 07:55 AM UTC
【交換 買取 回収】 BLEACH 原作 コレクション缶バッジ WJ50周年展 コレ缶 デコレクション缶バッジ 扉絵ポストカード ポスカ 求:朽木白哉 各1 メディア欄との異種交換>買取 買取はPayPayメルペイ送金>ゆうちょ振込、及び未使用品に限ります。 難しいと思いますが宜しくお願いします。 ※プロカ必読
22 Jun, 06:49 AM UTC
There is a chlorine shortage this year, so everyone with a pool did you know you can use regular bleach in your pool or spa? Several YouTube videos to show you the conversion rate.
21 Jun, 09:41 PM UTC
❌Squirty gaping Slut 💦🔞
🍺❓TRUE OR FALSE?❓🍺 I once got sacked from a brothel because I caught a girl pouring bleach into my mouthwash in my room that I rented out, I caused a scene and the manager didn’t believe me, and asked me to leave 😱😱
22 Jun, 08:04 AM UTC
gabis🎴d-5 !!!!
i have to bleach my hair again ☠️
22 Jun, 08:56 AM UTC
Yoruichi Shihouin🔞❤️ Version 1 #bleach #nsfw #nsfwart #bleachfanart #hentai #lewdart #lewd #animeart #nsfwartist
22 Jun, 08:41 AM UTC
Should I start watching naruto, one piece or continue bleach or hxh #animetwt #anime
22 Jun, 08:50 AM UTC
Ice Bear
@BiasedCityFan2 I'm gonna go bleach my eyes real quick
22 Jun, 08:58 AM UTC
Un débat pour lequel personne est prêt les ost de bleach et snk foudroie celle des autres oeuvres
22 Jun, 08:57 AM UTC