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Field Yates
He got a chance and Blewitt.
12 Jun, 01:35 PM UTC
Chicago Bears
#Bears roster update: We have waived kicker Chris Blewitt.
12 Jun, 01:25 PM UTC
NFL Update
The #Bears have released K Chris Blewitt.
12 Jun, 01:28 PM UTC
Ian Rapoport
The #Bears made a kicker move, waiving K Chris Blewitt. They still have Elliott Fry and Eddy Pineiro on their roster.
12 Jun, 01:38 PM UTC
Chicago Bears
We have waived kicker Chris Blewitt. 📰: @ChicagoBears's photo on Blewitt
12 Jun, 02:38 PM UTC
Adam Hoge
The #Bears waived kicker Chris Blewitt.
12 Jun, 01:25 PM UTC
Brad Biggs
The #Bears have announced they waived K Chris Blewitt. That leaves two kickers on the roster with the chance the team's kicker for Week 1 isn't on the roster right now.
12 Jun, 01:28 PM UTC
Max Markham
Nothing against Chris. But I’m so glad I don’t have to hear lame “Blewitt” jokes for the rest of the year.
12 Jun, 01:56 PM UTC
Kevin Fishbain
Chris Blewitt was probably the best of the kicking candidates in rookie minicamp (from the kicks I saw). Today he was waived. It’s Eddy Pineiro vs. Elliott Fry now, and don’t rule out kicker-to-be-claimed-later.
12 Jun, 01:30 PM UTC
Austin F
Jamie Kohl (#Bears kicking consultant) also runs a high-profile kicking camp Kickers that attended Kohl’s camp: Fry Blewitt (cut) Pineiro (struggling) Kickers who didn’t attend Kohl’s camp: Bednarski (went 12/12 on the last day of the tryout- no contract) See a correlation?
12 Jun, 03:07 PM UTC
NFL Research
.@ChicagoBears fans look away... Lowest Clutch FG % Since 2014 (Incl. Playoffs) M/A % Bears 4/9 44.4 Vikings 4/8 50.0 Browns 5/10 50.0 Clutch = last 2 min. of 4th Qtr & OT when score is within 3 pts Bears waived K Chris Blewitt today
12 Jun, 05:57 PM UTC
Around The NFL
Bears waive kicker Chris Blewitt @AroundTheNFL's photo on Blewitt
12 Jun, 02:01 PM UTC
Bears Nation
Welp, kicker Chris Blewitt has been cut from the Bears following yesterday’s minicamp performance The Bears have now spared themselves from the endless number of memes that were imminent if Blewitt was the kicker that survived
12 Jun, 04:02 PM UTC
Bleacher Nation Bears
Bears Waive Kicker Chris Blewitt As Kicking Competition Continues to Sputter (via BN)
12 Jun, 05:39 PM UTC
Ser Joshua Akers
Well chris you “blewitt” 🙊🤣
12 Jun, 05:02 PM UTC
Andrew Roffe
Don’t care. Still ordering my Blewitt jersey for the season. @WaddleandSilvy
12 Jun, 05:44 PM UTC
Bears en Español
Los #OsosdeChicago anuncian que han cortado a Chris Blewitt. Eso solo deja a Eddy Piñero y Elliot Fry como los 2 unicos dos kickers en el roster. #FanaticOSOS #Podcast
12 Jun, 04:44 PM UTC
Dan Gerson
A Bears kicker with the last name Blewitt was never going to work.
12 Jun, 05:42 PM UTC
Kylo Aaron
Honestly, a kicker with the last name Blewitt making it this far is super impressive.
12 Jun, 01:42 PM UTC
@FieldYates @Gagepcheslock did you really want a guy with the last name of blewitt??? Who’s the next guy you guys are looking at Nathan Dubbeldoinc?
12 Jun, 05:56 PM UTC
Peter J. Gregory
He Blewitt. I'll show myself out...
12 Jun, 05:36 PM UTC
Steve Dawson
Glad we waived him before he Blewitt like Parkey🤷🏼‍♂️
12 Jun, 05:30 PM UTC
@BearsPR @AroundTheNFL You already have a kicker who Blewitt 👈😎👉
12 Jun, 05:24 PM UTC
Dwight Schrute
And if he misses a field goal we can say he Blewitt :)
12 Jun, 05:20 PM UTC
@RapSheet @DCPandC Don’t need Blewitt or anyone else for that matter when @elliott_fry22 is on your roster 🤷🏼‍♂️
12 Jun, 06:00 PM UTC
Rory Nacey
@KG87KG @AroundTheNFL @DaleMc87 I was routing for Blewitt I guess you can say he Blewitt... I'll see myself out
12 Jun, 05:59 PM UTC
Adam Kowalski
Damn. Blewitt blew it.
12 Jun, 05:59 PM UTC
The Contract
@MySportsUpdate Amazing Pitt has a QB with the last name Pickett and a kicker with the last name Blewitt
12 Jun, 05:56 PM UTC
7th Round Media
Bears Coach Matt Nagy says the team doesn’t plan on signing another K after cutting Chris Blewitt earlier today
12 Jun, 05:55 PM UTC
When it comes to kicker tryouts, I guess he Blewitt.
12 Jun, 05:51 PM UTC
12 Jun, 05:49 PM UTC
🎶The Meatball Composer 🎶
I’m glad the Bears cut Blewitt, even though it’s based on the very irrational distrust of his last name. 😂😂😂
12 Jun, 05:48 PM UTC
Drew Warren Rogers
You just can't have a kicker named Blewitt... Bears boot Blewitt, cut number of kickers to 2
12 Jun, 05:45 PM UTC
Joshua B. Cho
@ChicagoBears @montway This is a good move. Anytime he’d miss you know the announcers would have a field day with his name. He kicks the ball, AND!! ... He Blewitt!!! #puns #tooeasy
12 Jun, 05:44 PM UTC
Stu Werner
Bears waive Chris Blewitt, leaving kicker competition down to 2
12 Jun, 05:40 PM UTC
Jeff Brown #SixTimes
I guess Blewitt blew it.
12 Jun, 05:36 PM UTC
BJ Roth
When you lose in the playoffs like the @ChicagoBears did last season, you probably don’t want your next kicker to be named Blewitt (blo͞o-ət). #TooSoon
12 Jun, 05:34 PM UTC
@aoshea66 Holy cow that was a stretch. You almost Blewitt right over my head!
12 Jun, 05:33 PM UTC
@BearsPR He had a chance... and he Blewitt
12 Jun, 05:31 PM UTC
Josh Allenberg
@Adam_Jacobi You could say he had a chance and he Blewitt.
12 Jun, 05:30 PM UTC
BREAKING: Blewitt Blew It, Cut From History’s Saddest Kicking Competition By Bears
12 Jun, 05:28 PM UTC
Well, he had his chance... and he Blewitt
12 Jun, 05:28 PM UTC
Robert Radulski
@Rich_Campbell With Blewitt being released today, would you have ranked him the worst of the three based on what you saw in practice or heard through sources?
12 Jun, 05:27 PM UTC
Steve Wojchowski
@RapSheet You should never have a kicker named Blewitt anyway.
12 Jun, 05:18 PM UTC