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Séamas It Ever Was
A reminder that the Bloody Sunday inquiry found - the killings were unjustified - none of the 14 dead (7 of whom were children) had guns - no warnings were given - no soldiers were under threat - the troops were the first to open fire One prosecution is a disgrace.
14 Mar, 11:19 AM UTC
Crimes of Britain
A reminder that the Bloody Sunday massacre saw British soldiers fire on a civil rights march resulting in the death of 14 Irish people. 1 soldier is set to face prosecution while 16 are off the hook. The lives of Irish and other colonised people are worth nothing to the British.
14 Mar, 11:27 AM UTC
CW Bugged telephone conversation from Victoria Barracks, Derry on Bloody Sunday 1972. "...they're pulling stiffs out there as fast as they can get them out" "There's nothing wrong with that, Alan" "Well, there is because they're the wrong people" Newsworthy_ie's photo on Bloody Sunday
14 Mar, 02:30 PM UTC
aoife-grace moore.
Patrick Doherty had six children when he was shot in the back on Bloody Sunday, he plead for help and died on the street when the man who came to his aid was shot in the face. No soldier will be prosecuted for his death. aoife-grace moore.'s photo on Bloody Sunday
14 Mar, 01:15 PM UTC
PJ Gallagher
14 innocent people murdered on Irish streets and 1 British solider will face charges. It took almost 50 years and only 1 will be accountable. The British army and establishment is a disgrace and Bloody Sunday is only the tip of the iceberg. #BloodySunday
14 Mar, 01:50 PM UTC
CNN International
BREAKING: A former British soldier will stand trial for firing on civil rights protesters in Northern Ireland in 1972, an event that came to be known as Bloody Sunday, prosecutors said. But 16 other ex-paratroopers will face no action
14 Mar, 11:12 AM UTC
Sinn Féin
We shall overcome... solidarity with the Bloody Sunday families. #BloodySunday Sinn Féin's photo on Bloody Sunday
14 Mar, 09:55 AM UTC
Rɪᴄʜᴀʀᴅ Kᴇᴍᴘ ⋁
Despite all the depredations of this government it is still almost unbelievable that they are willing to allow a Lance Corporal - A LANCE CORPORAL - to bear full responsibility for Bloody Sunday in 1972 and face imprisonment for it.
14 Mar, 04:49 PM UTC
James Forsyth
I really would urge you, and particularly if you are opposed to prosecutions, to read this piece by @douglaskmurray on Bloody Sunday. It makes the case for what is happening better than anything else I’ve read
14 Mar, 09:43 AM UTC
Njames World 🇬🇧
Come and join the British army, once you've served we couldn't give a damn about you. You can end up homeless for all we care, you might have mental problems but again we don't care. We will train you to kill, give u a gun then prosecute for murder.
14 Mar, 02:41 PM UTC
alex thomson
WARNING: if soldiers are charged over Bloody Sunday legal proceedings become active. That means comment on social media beyond the facts of the charges is a risk of contempt which is a serious criminal offence. Be careful.
14 Mar, 10:02 AM UTC
Andrew Pierce
Only one soldier from Bloody Sunday to be prosecuted. Are any terrorists from 1972 being prosecuted?
14 Mar, 10:29 PM UTC
Mark Tighe
"Having watched all of the Bloody Sunday shooters testify, I can say with certainty that they include not only unapologetic killers, but unrelenting liars."
14 Mar, 03:01 PM UTC
Dawn Foster
Bloody Sunday families call for investigation into British defence secretary Gavin Williamson
14 Mar, 03:26 PM UTC
Carl Kinsella
This morning, Ireland was scarred with yet another injustice at the hands of the UK. I really had to write something about it, so I wrote this.
14 Mar, 06:42 PM UTC
Crimes of Britain
Just days before a fresh inquiry into Bloody Sunday was announced the British Army destroyed rifles that were used in the murders.
14 Mar, 07:45 PM UTC
Rɪᴄʜᴀʀᴅ Kᴇᴍᴘ ⋁
Unacceptable for NI Public Prosecutor to bring charges against Soldier F. He alone carries the can for the whole of Bloody Sunday. Meanwhile IRA terrorists are given Pardons, early release & comfort letters. However I do not believe he is likely to be convicted half a century on.
14 Mar, 04:29 PM UTC
Njames World 🇬🇧
Imagine being 20 yrs old and you've joined the army. You're then put on the streets of Northern Ireland in the 1970s during a protest which turns violent. You use the gun the government provide you with. Then 50 years later you're charged with murder.
14 Mar, 07:13 PM UTC
Never have we seen such noble and dignified people as the Bloody Sunday families
14 Mar, 05:33 PM UTC
MyLimes Na gCopaleen
I really don't want to do a 'pull up a chair time for a thread' thread but it is worth remembering why those people murdered on Bloody Sunday were marching in the first place. (1)
14 Mar, 05:08 PM UTC
Danny Morrison
There you have it. Officially responding to the charging of one soldier over Bloody Sunday, the British Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson can't even acknowledge that Irish civil rights marchers were shot dead. Danny Morrison's photo on Bloody Sunday
14 Mar, 01:26 PM UTC
CW Bugged telephone conversation from Victoria Barracks, Derry on Bloody Sunday 1972. "We may have to come back to Derry if our soldiers carry on shooting people at this remarkable rate" "Hahaha. Well yes. I'm from Belfast myself and I think it's entirely a good trend myself" Newsworthy_ie's photo on Bloody Sunday
14 Mar, 09:56 PM UTC
Johnny Mercer MP
Mis-understands the issue. I do not defend Soldier F -I was one of those who agreed Marine 'A' should be in prison. But the processes are abhorrent and unfair, and the Govt's meaningless platitudes are genuinely contemptuous for those affected
14 Mar, 12:18 PM UTC
Madden & Finucane
Press Statement for Immediate Release - Bloody Sunday
14 Mar, 11:12 AM UTC
Vanguard Bears
IRA confirm Bloody Sunday victim was one of their own. 𝗘𝗡𝗗 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗣𝗘𝗥𝗦𝗘𝗖𝗨𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡 𝗢𝗙 𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗣𝗔𝗥𝗔𝗧𝗥𝗢𝗢𝗣𝗘𝗥𝗦.
14 Mar, 09:29 PM UTC
Irish Republican Socialist Party
Recordings from the British army command following Bloody Sunday. Time we finally break away from this rotten state Irish Republican Socialist Party's photo on Bloody Sunday
14 Mar, 10:24 PM UTC
John Wight
Bloody Sunday was a key milestone in the descent of the Six Counties into four decades of conflict, known as The Troubles. The PIRA were a child of British colonial and sectarian oppression, British colonial and sectarian oppression was not a child of the PIRA. #BloodySunday
14 Mar, 10:39 AM UTC
Craig Logan
Regardless of the rights or wrongs of Bloody Sunday, you cannot prosecute a British soldier when IRA terrorists, child killers who participated in slaughter of innocents are given 1. Release under the GFA and 2. Side letters to avoid prosecution. It’s a disgrace.
14 Mar, 10:26 PM UTC
Vanguard Unionists O.V.F
The real facts over bloody sunday Vanguard Unionists O.V.F's photo on Bloody Sunday
14 Mar, 08:21 PM UTC
Rɪᴄʜᴀʀᴅ Kᴇᴍᴘ ⋁
Bloody Sunday: This persecution is a stain on our nation, warn MPs | Daily Mail Online
15 Mar, 05:46 AM UTC
AFP Londres
Un ancien soldat britannique va être poursuivi pour deux meurtres commis durant le "Bloody Sunday" de 1972 #BREAKING
14 Mar, 11:24 AM UTC
Riccardo Noury
Oggi, a distanza di 47 anni e quasi due mesi, un soldato (uno solo) britannico è stato rinviato a giudizio per il massacro del "Bloody Sunday", quando il 30 gennaio 1972 a Derry, Irlanda del Nord, i parà britannici uccisero 14 manifestanti pacifici.
14 Mar, 10:25 PM UTC
Face in the Crowd
One ex soldier to be put on trial for Bloody Sunday , this is a fucking disgrace & should never happen 🇬🇧 #SoldierF Face in the Crowd's photo on Bloody Sunday
14 Mar, 04:53 PM UTC
Another reason for Brexit, apart from avoiding Tax, is that the UK Government fears Bloody Sunday and other State Induced Murders and Terrorism in Northern Ireland being declared a War Crime and all the Politician, Spooks and Generals responsible being carted off to The Hague?
14 Mar, 11:46 AM UTC
beyblade haggadah
ELSEWHERE: British and American friends, you may notice your Irish pals are angry today. It's because while all the Brexit bulshit is going on? The Bloody Sunday inquiry has decided to prosecute only ONE soldier for the massacre. One, his defense paid for by the British state.
14 Mar, 08:20 PM UTC
Danny Donnelly
It’s desperately sad that the Bloody Sunday families will not all get the justice and closure they so deserve.
14 Mar, 11:08 PM UTC
Michael Foley
Bloody Sunday 1920, 14 innocent people killed in Croke Pk. British authorities buried two inquiry reports for 83yrs. Bloody Sunday 1972, 14 more innocent lives lost. 1 soldier out of 18 charged with murder 47yrs later. Two horrific days still tied together through history.
15 Mar, 01:23 AM UTC
Bob For Full Brexit
Bloody Sunday paratrooper cannot get a fair trial, say supporters, amid fears murder case could take five years. What evidence after 50 years? What about trials against ADAMS & IRA?
15 Mar, 06:54 AM UTC
Trevor Coult MC
Bloody Sunday in a nutshell!
15 Mar, 07:06 AM UTC
CAIN Web Service
CAIN (@CAINWebService) – PPS documents about the Bloody Sunday prosecution decisions, plus some photos from today's event. CAIN Web Service's photo on Bloody Sunday
14 Mar, 02:42 PM UTC
Flat Earth Society
@Dale_Pankhurst @newsworthy_ie: CW Bugged telephone conversation from Victoria Barracks, Derry on Bloody Sunday 1972. "There's nothing wrong with that, Alan" "Well, there is because they're the wrong people" Flat Earth Society's photo on Bloody Sunday
14 Mar, 06:55 PM UTC
Bloody Sunday: Martin McGuinness linked to RUC murder ‘to militarise civil rights march’
15 Mar, 06:48 AM UTC
Carlos Zacharioudakis
Tuurlijk, pas 47jr na Bloody Sunday gaan ze 1 (één!) oud-soldaat berechten, die waarschijnlijk al in een bejaardentehuis zit, voor de moord op 13 ongewapende demonstranten. De rest vd militairen gaat vrijuit wegens 'gebrek aan bewijs' #schande #nieuwsuur
14 Mar, 09:40 PM UTC
Bloody Sunday : 47 ans après, un ex-soldat britannique poursuivi pour meurtres #Monde L'important's photo on Bloody Sunday
15 Mar, 06:13 AM UTC
Martin Doyle
Max Hastings, then of the BBC, and a senior British army officer having the chats after the Bloody Sunday massacre - appalling & deeply revealing. Hear the incredulous tone at very idea of possible military casualties
15 Mar, 07:11 AM UTC
My Actual Face
"Wat about the IRA?" might not be the brilliant response to Bloody Sunday soldiers folk think it is.
15 Mar, 07:11 AM UTC
Bloody Sunday: «Seguiremos hasta que todos los responsables sean juzgados» naiz:'s photo on Bloody Sunday
15 Mar, 07:15 AM UTC
Sindh Post
Read More: #British #Soldier #Murder #World #Sindhpost
14 Mar, 05:10 PM UTC
ManofAran 🇮🇪🇪🇺
@jfk_dublin @vfohalloran @boucherhayes @sameoldniamh Not a nice way to treat our fellow Irish men and women who have suffered suppression for the best part of a century. Tell that to the families of the victims of bloody Sunday.
15 Mar, 07:14 AM UTC
Tommy Robinson is a Shithouse
I for one hope every English soldier involved in bloody Sunday dies a slow and painful death
15 Mar, 07:14 AM UTC
Jim Hagart
Bloody Sunday: as former British soldier faces murder charges, Northern Ireland still divided by legacy of violence via @ConversationUK
15 Mar, 07:14 AM UTC
gerard kennelly
@frankbullshitt Eamonn McCann was on #NolanLive last week and he deflected when will IRA murderers be held to account same as bloody sunday
15 Mar, 07:12 AM UTC
Buffers Ally
@JimAllister Iam sure you support the rule of law, anyone who committed murder should be brought to justice where there is evidence to support a prosecution, Bloody Friday included..? Is that not what is happening in the case of Bloody Sunday and the Murders of 14 innocent people?
15 Mar, 07:11 AM UTC
Pat Connors
British ex-soldier to be charged in Bloody Sunday killings of Northern Ireland protesters
15 Mar, 07:11 AM UTC
New story on NPR: 47 Years After 'Bloody Sunday,' Former British Soldier Faces Prosecution For Killings
15 Mar, 07:10 AM UTC
New story on NPR: Former British Soldier To Be Prosecuted For 1972 'Bloody Sunday' Killings
15 Mar, 07:10 AM UTC
World News Box
One British Ex-Soldier to Be Prosecuted in ‘Bloody Sunday’ Shootings
15 Mar, 07:09 AM UTC

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