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Julia Davis
Bloomberg is 5′ 8″. Putin is 5′ 7″. Do you call him "Mini Poo"?
13 Feb, 04:17 PM UTC
STASH ☮️❤️📷🇨🇦🇺🇦
@CaslerNoel @realDonaldTrump Bloomberg is 5’8”. Barack Obama is 6’1” Trump is not 6’3” ⬇️
13 Feb, 02:49 PM UTC
@ChidiNwatu @realDonaldTrump @MikeBloomberg Anywho - Bloomberg is 5’8”. DJT lies again.
13 Feb, 01:37 PM UTC
Morten Øverbye
@realDonaldTrump In reality, Bloomberg is 5′ 8″. Putin is 5′ 7″. @morten's photo on Bloomberg is 5
13 Feb, 02:30 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump Bloomberg is 5’9”, physically superior to you because he’s not obese, intellectually superior because he hasn’t spent his whole life addicted to stimulants and can out spend you 100 times over. Your brain is gone, fried. It won’t be long till you can’t even feed yourself.
13 Feb, 03:55 PM UTC
leftist grifters of america
My sources are confirming that Bloomberg is 5'4 Google has him listed as 5'8 The only way to account for this discrepancy is that the latter measurement was taken when he was standing on the corpse of a freshly slain homeless person.
13 Feb, 05:04 PM UTC
Susan Robbins
@realDonaldTrump Bloomberg is 5'8" and in a debate he will wipe the floor with your cotton candy hair and fake tan, whether he stands on a box or not.
13 Feb, 05:12 PM UTC
@periclesukraine And so what if Bloomberg is 5'4''? I rather be like Bloomberg than like that sack of shit. The best perfumes come in small bottles.
13 Feb, 05:14 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump Mr Bloomberg is 5’ 8”. As always Trumpy dump gets all his facts wrong and shows his smallness by attacking. Please someone shut this puss filled zit on the nose of humanity up.
13 Feb, 05:14 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump Bloomberg is 5’8” of high energy and superior intellect.
13 Feb, 05:12 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump Bloomberg is 5'8 you fucken lying piece of shit. On the other hand, your master Putin is only 5'7"
13 Feb, 05:09 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump .Bloomberg is 5’8”....he doesn’t put 3” lifts in his shoes like you do! But..wait..those lifts must be the reason you look like you are falling forward when you stand!!! ) Or maybe it is your gross weight pitching you forward....?
13 Feb, 05:09 PM UTC
Elizabeth Olivia
@GovBillWeld @realDonaldTrump Trump claims he is 6'3" and Bloomberg is 5'4". Both numbers appear to be lies - no way there is that much difference in their heights. Gov Weld, thank you for campaigning against Trump for the GOP nomination. You're making a difference.
13 Feb, 05:08 PM UTC
@DanScavino Bloomberg is 5'8. How tall are you?
13 Feb, 05:08 PM UTC
Hey .@realDonaldTrump Mike Bloomberg is 5'8" tall, one inch taller than your overlord, Vladimir Putin......and about 100 richer than you. #Resist #MAGA #KAG
13 Feb, 05:03 PM UTC
Moira Dwyer
@realDonaldTrump Mr. Bloomberg is 5’8”. Once again you are lying to make yourself look better. It’s not working. Besides, he is not obese and always dresses well. No cheap I’ll fitting suits for him!
13 Feb, 05:00 PM UTC