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Shi Davidi
Russell Martin "brought a combination of knowledge and grit that was contagious. Pitchers trusted him and he was all about winning, never personal stats." On the Canadian catcher's transformative role with #BlueJays and the void that's left: https://t.co/ezdPXGRbNG
12 Jan, 05:12 AM UTC
Shi Davidi
“Winning was just part of who he was. It wasn’t OK to be just good enough. He brought a much higher expectation to who we were as a team.” On Russell Martin’s transformative role with the #BlueJays and how he became the bedrock of two ALCS runs: https://t.co/ezdPXGRbNG
12 Jan, 02:44 PM UTC
Bob Nightengale
The #Bluejays are paying $16.4 million of remaining $20 million of Russell Martin’s contract, #Jays say. It means they will be paying $54 million this year to players to NOT play for them including Troy Tulowitzki with #Yankees
11 Jan, 11:55 PM UTC
Shi Davidi
#BlueJays arb roundup: Marcus Stroman ($7.4m), Ken Giles ($6.3m), Kevin Pillar ($5.8m), Randal Grichuk ($5m), Aaron Sanchez ($3.9m), Devon Travis ($1.925m), Brandon Drury ($1.3m) and Joe Biagini ($900k) agree to one-year deals; Ryan Tepera doesn't sign, headed for a hearing.
12 Jan, 04:08 AM UTC
Toronto Blue Jays
#BlueJays firefighter calendar on the way! 🔥🔥🔥 #TBJWinterTour Toronto Blue Jays's photo on #BlueJays
12 Jan, 09:04 PM UTC
Ben Nicholson-Smith
#BlueJays now have ~$100 million in 2019 payroll commitments That total takes into account recent arb deals, new pitchers & Dodgers' portion of Martin's deal. It doesn't count future additions or league min players For context, Jays had a 2018 payroll of 167,138,865 per the AP
12 Jan, 04:08 PM UTC
❄️Blue Jays Dad❄️
There’s a lot of talent in this pic! And what a ride it was. Now, on to the next, #BlueJays ❄️Blue Jays Dad❄️'s photo on #BlueJays
12 Jan, 06:44 AM UTC
The #BlueJays find themselves on the cusp of a new era, hoping for an exciting ascent for their young stars. Maybe even as exciting as it used to be, when Russell Martin was at the heart of making it all happen. (via @ShiDavidi) https://t.co/IW3F8zXK5Y
12 Jan, 04:56 AM UTC
Ben Nicholson-Smith
After trading Russell Martin, where do the #BlueJays go from here? A closer look at the trade & what it means up @Sportsnet https://t.co/9uzlWR0s7C
12 Jan, 03:46 PM UTC
Ben Nicholson-Smith
So #BlueJays' payroll will indeed be dropping substantially this year even if they keep spending in the weeks leading up to spring training.
12 Jan, 04:12 PM UTC
MLB Pipeline
Remember when Nate Pearson threw some 103-104 mph-🔥 in the Fall Stars Game? After his 2018 @MLBazFallLeague campaign, there's no doubt the 6-foot-6 #BlueJays prospect has one of the best fastballs in @MiLB. Here's our top pick for each #MLB team: https://t.co/uen2axXZgE MLB Pipeline's photo on #BlueJays
12 Jan, 08:40 PM UTC
The #BlueJays have officially signed David Phelps. https://t.co/7VuIAiNjO5 Sportsnet's photo on #BlueJays
12 Jan, 08:08 PM UTC
The Canadian Baseball Network
Elliott: Reds' Byckowski CBN Scout of the Year https://t.co/trgP1YQX99 By: Bob Elliott (@elliottbaseball ) #reds #bluejays @baseballcanada The Canadian Baseball Network's photo on #BlueJays
11 Jan, 10:55 PM UTC
Lisa Kowalski
Original #watercolorpainting - Blue Jays - #BlueJays #birds #homedecor #birdwatching https://t.co/UZHugMnNBT #KISTeam #etsyteamunity
12 Jan, 03:38 PM UTC
MLB Pipeline
"It was a moment that I'll cherish for the rest of my life." #BlueJays' Jonathan Davis discussed his call to #MLB, what he hopes to bring to the game in 2019 and more at the @MLB/@MLB_PLAYERS Rookie Career Development Program. Watch: https://t.co/33yMdB6CPx MLB Pipeline's photo on #BlueJays
12 Jan, 04:22 PM UTC
MLB Trade Rumors
How close did unsigned arbitration players come to signing? #Nats #Yankees #Reds #Rays #Athletics #Dbacks #tigers #Bluejays https://t.co/2vdEc6lbKo MLB Trade Rumors's photo on #BlueJays
12 Jan, 04:21 PM UTC
Brandon Warne
This week's Flashback Friday is out! #MNTwins-#BlueJays in the first-ever MLB game televised on TSN. Rookie Kirby Puckett! Young Kent Hrbek! Ron Washington playing third base! EXHIBITION STADIUM!!! https://t.co/wWFpVkIVeJ
11 Jan, 09:56 PM UTC
Keegan Matheson
#BlueJays have made the David Phelps signing official. With the Martin deal to balance it, Toronto’s 40-man roster remains at 40.
12 Jan, 08:06 PM UTC
Marc Westy Nolan
When your #30 prospect is Ryan Noda, the MiLB leader in BB. Who has a .421 OBP and a .905 OPS with 20 HR and can play multiple positions, I would say your system is pretty damn deep. #Bluejays #MLB #LovinTheFuture
12 Jan, 03:34 AM UTC
Ryan Andrews 📎
All right, I am finally thawed out from the final event of the 2019 #BlueJays Winter Fest in Halifax. I can't speak for the likes of Kevin Pillar and Devon Travis, but when the soldiers are shivering, you know it's frigid. Got some good video of a challenge and plenty of photos!
12 Jan, 07:45 PM UTC
Outta The Park Podcast
NICE PICKUP! #BlueJays. What are your thoughts everyone? https://t.co/u2xIHljMeE
12 Jan, 08:51 PM UTC
Jeremy Stowe
Russell was a classy member of the #BlueJays from beginning to end. 🇨🇦 https://t.co/W4ne3ApuuF
12 Jan, 08:37 PM UTC
CFB Halifax
C'est possible que ce soit ACE qui a eu le plus de plaisircette fin de semaine! #BlueJays #MarineRC #TBJWinterTour https://t.co/gx3WCOIfTI
12 Jan, 07:12 PM UTC
steve buffery
Old news but the #BlueJays have confirmed they have signed FA RHP David Phelps to a one year deal at $2.5 million US with a club option for the 2020 season.
12 Jan, 08:20 PM UTC
Blue Jays PBP
TRANSACTION: #BlueJays signed free agent RHP David Phelps.
12 Jan, 08:16 PM UTC
Eric Cross
#BlueJays top-25 will be posted Monday on @Fantrax. You know what that means.... Eric Cross's photo on #BlueJays
12 Jan, 07:53 PM UTC
MLB Quality of Pitch
#BlueJays Aaron Sanchez Pitch Quality History Decline in pitch quality the past four seasons 5.12 QOPA (2015) 5.04 QOPA (2016) 4.79 QOPA (2017) 4.55 QOPA (2018) MLB Quality of Pitch's photo on #BlueJays
12 Jan, 04:36 AM UTC
Welcome to #Toronto David Phelps #BlueJays
12 Jan, 09:18 PM UTC
Jordan Davidson
Careful Marcus, Little Willy might eject you from Twitter. #BlueJays https://t.co/ZwjFI9YWUO
12 Jan, 09:17 PM UTC
Kristen Ashley #GTB
Such an amazing experience:) thankful to get these interviews xoxo @BlueJays @RogersCentre #bluejays #rogerscentre https://t.co/kJgJwRioPS
12 Jan, 09:07 PM UTC
Tammy Rainey
#BlueJays moment incoming: (this should probably be a blog post somewhere) If we assume Clayton Richard breaks camp in the rotation (I don't but veteran privilege and all that) and that the obvious relievers make the cut (including Elvis for an 8 man pen) and then look at AAA...
12 Jan, 08:47 PM UTC
Wendy Ng
So sad to see my favourite Blue Jay @russellmartin55 go! 😍😭👋🏽 Thank you for giving it your all every time you were on the field...and for putting Angel Hernandez in his place 🙏🏽 #DontMessWithRuss #BlueJays @BlueJays Wendy Ng's photo on #BlueJays
12 Jan, 02:21 AM UTC
Radio Scouts | Blue Jays Blog & Podcast
.@NickHill_3 is back with an Advanced Rookie ball iteration of his Stat Scouting the Minors series. ICYMI, Nick digs into every level of the minors this offseason to find the top statistical players using KATOH inputs. Ronny Brito! #BlueJays https://t.co/k8DDnGjldD
12 Jan, 08:00 PM UTC
Halifax Cards
Reading up on former #BlueJays. Alan Ashby (1st Jay reach 100 games) had a pretty cool career. He caught Nolan Ryan’s 5th No-Hitter (1981/09/26) & his record breaking 3,510th K (1983/05/02). https://t.co/aYpAPUbfrs Halifax Cards's photo on #BlueJays
12 Jan, 09:28 PM UTC
@bnicholsonsmith For the #BlueJays and the new #Rogers CEO, it is all about money. It has been since the end of 2016. To heck with winning. That's obvious. #Notfoolinganyone
12 Jan, 09:13 PM UTC
Kathleen 👑
My new mat 😍🙋🏽‍♀️⚾️ @BlueJays #BlueJays #MLB #Toronto #weekendvibes #SaturdayThoughts Kathleen 👑's photo on #BlueJays
12 Jan, 09:04 PM UTC
Randy Skurdal
Yes why don't the #Jays sign Harper??? If they can pay $56 million for players to play for other teams why not spend on one to play for the #blueJays ? https://t.co/8lxo6R8Bfc
12 Jan, 08:53 PM UTC
@MStrooo6 and @RGrich15 you boys best be learning Spanish. Vladdy Jr. is going to need to communicate with you guys. #BlueJays
12 Jan, 08:51 PM UTC
@ShiDavidi I'm pumped to see him with a full year in. He's a talent and brings a swagger. Compliments well with @MStrooo6 #BlueJays
12 Jan, 08:48 PM UTC
that's a steal. #BlueJays https://t.co/nrYBq6gMVy
12 Jan, 08:46 PM UTC
@MLBTheShow keeping me sane until The @BlueJays season starts. #bluejays #theshow2019 @MLB Jeff's photo on #BlueJays
12 Jan, 08:16 PM UTC
Hayden Godfrey
#BlueJays make David Phelps signing official; $2.5 million guaranteed in 2019 with a maddeningly confusing option for 2020. https://t.co/TlwSLOkkTy
12 Jan, 08:05 PM UTC
Go Blue Jays
Blue Jays: Getting to know prospect Ronny Brito - FanSided https://t.co/qytVMIMsfI #BlueJays #BlueJaysInvade #TrueToTheBlue Go Blue Jays's photo on #BlueJays
12 Jan, 07:51 PM UTC

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