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Letting Bo Boroski ref the National Title game is shameful and gross
06 Apr, 01:09 AM UTC
Rob Dauster
The problem with shitty charge calls in college basketball is that players get only five fouls. Suggs is now on the bench because Bo Boroski is bad at his job.
06 Apr, 01:27 AM UTC
Barstool Hawkeyes
How the fuck is Bo Boroski reffing the National Championship?
06 Apr, 01:36 AM UTC
Barstool Illini
Imagine playing in the National Championship and having Bo Boroski as one of your officials 😕
06 Apr, 02:51 AM UTC
Graham Couch
Odds that it's Bo Boroski that whistles Suggs for a third foul before halftime. Yes -700 No +950
06 Apr, 01:45 AM UTC
Martha the Mop Lady
College Basketballs biggest stage and you give them Bo Boroski.... Hellen Keller would be an upgrade.
06 Apr, 01:22 AM UTC
Joe Rexrode
Bo Boroski getting this assignment is quite a depressing comment on the state of CBB officiating.
06 Apr, 01:30 AM UTC
Chris Nalwasky
Bo Boroski is officiating the NCAA Tournament final.....he just called a foul on Myles Johnson.
06 Apr, 12:53 AM UTC
Anthony Calhoun 📺
Indy’s own Bo Boroski will be one of the three referees working tonight’s Championship Game between #Gonzaga #Baylor. This is Bo’s FIRST title game. @WISH_TV @VisitIndy @IndSportsCorp @ACwishtv's photo on Bo Boroski
06 Apr, 12:36 AM UTC
Ben Kolodzinski
Hey @BigTen @B1GMBBall do yourself a favor and Twitter search “Bo Boroski”. He’s already trending nationally and it’s not even 4 minutes into the game. You did this. You allowed this. You trot him out literally every day. You allow this publicity.
06 Apr, 01:29 AM UTC
Sheehan presented by Fireball Whiskey
Bo Boroski doing anything to cash in on his Gonzaga +4.5 DraftKings promo right now.
06 Apr, 03:06 AM UTC
Ben Stevens
Bo Boroski officiating the National Championship game.
06 Apr, 01:12 AM UTC
Bob Kravitz
Awesome to see my friend Bo Boroski officiating the national title game. Great moment for him.
06 Apr, 03:09 AM UTC
George Balekji
“But where’s Bo Boroski?” - Bo Boroski @GeorgeBalekji's photo on Bo Boroski
06 Apr, 04:00 AM UTC
B1G Mhawk
Alright. No one wants to admit it so I will. Bo Boroski reffed quite well tonight.
06 Apr, 03:30 AM UTC
Tom Eggemeier
Bo Boroski might be having the worst national championship game ever by a referee.
06 Apr, 03:03 AM UTC
J.P. Pelzman
Credit to Baylor. This was Gonzaga's best team and the Zags were off their game from the start, although the Bo Boroski factor didn't help. But you can't blame even Bo Boroski for a blowout of this magnitude
06 Apr, 03:23 AM UTC
Jalen Paul
Get Bo Boroski out of basketball.. he makes every call 🤦🏻‍♂️
06 Apr, 03:03 AM UTC
joey spartan (call me Salt 🧂🧂🧂)
Dear AMERICA: If you hated Bo Boroski this evening, imagine going through an entire season with the guy. Join me in disliking Bo Boroski. He might be a good guy, prolly is, I don’t know. But he’s a bad referee and whoever gave him the green light tonight should be fired
06 Apr, 03:51 AM UTC
Zach Osterman
Bo Boroski just hit Jared Butler with an intentional foul, which is about as much drama as we've got left here. Baylor up 14 with 6:10 to go.
06 Apr, 03:12 AM UTC
Gruff in 2021
Only reason for Bo Boroski to work this game is that someone has a big bet that they need to pay out.
06 Apr, 03:05 AM UTC
Graham Staudt
A Bo Boroski crew never misses an opportunity to make it about them.
06 Apr, 03:12 AM UTC
bo boroski Herschel Roy RFID
06 Apr, 05:14 AM UTC
Hire Becky Hammon
Even Bo Boroski's best effort couldn't get past this freight train
06 Apr, 03:16 AM UTC
Chris Yates
Let’s see if Bo Boroski has one more run left in him: double-foul call into a five-minute monitor review for a flagrant one would be niiiiice! #NationalChampionship #FinalFour
06 Apr, 03:15 AM UTC
Tyler Olinske
There is the Bo Boroski that we know and love.
06 Apr, 03:12 AM UTC
Chris Shanley
I just want to know who let Bo Boroski officiate the Natty
06 Apr, 03:03 AM UTC
Mjolnir and Rails
@drewhamm5 Gard is going to step down and take the role of "Assistant who yells at Bo Boroski after the only actually good call of the game"
06 Apr, 03:34 AM UTC
Steven Elonich
Upset of the night was not having a single replay with Bo Boroski officiating.
06 Apr, 03:30 AM UTC
Mitchell Deter
I still cannot believe the NCAA officiating committee decided Bo Boroski was the correct decision for this game
06 Apr, 03:16 AM UTC