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Senator Bob Dole
“Norm @normmacdonald was a great talent, and I loved laughing with him on SNL. *Bob Dole* will miss Norm Macdonald.” @SenatorDole's photo on Bob Dole
14 Sep, 07:54 PM UTC
Steve Kornacki
A week after his defeat in the 1996 presidential election, Bob Dole meets the man who portrayed him on Saturday Night Live, Norm MacDonald @SteveKornacki's photo on Bob Dole
14 Sep, 06:59 PM UTC
Jenelle Riley
I will always think of him when I think of Bob Dole - he was more Dole to me than the real thing!
14 Sep, 06:42 PM UTC
This brings the point home that Bob Dole outlived Norm MacDonald @MKupperman's photo on Bob Dole
14 Sep, 11:08 PM UTC
The Hill
Bob Dole pays tribute to Norm Macdonald @thehill's photo on Bob Dole
15 Sep, 01:49 AM UTC
Sameer Singh
@SenatorDole @normmacdonald WTF? Bob Dole outlived Norm MacDonald? What timeline is this?
14 Sep, 08:44 PM UTC
Jennifer Palumbo
Norm MacDonald and Bob Dole on SNL after the 1996 election. #RIPNormMacDonald's photo on Bob Dole
14 Sep, 10:04 PM UTC
Aryeh Cohen-Wade
That Bob Dole, who was the "too old guy" in 1996, outlived Norm MacDonald, who played him on SNL, is really something.
15 Sep, 01:47 AM UTC
Frank Sennett
The Bob Dole on MTV’s The Real World sketch is an all-time classic.
15 Sep, 01:59 AM UTC
David Finnerty
@thehill Bob Dole likes peanut butter. He’s never made a secret of that.
15 Sep, 01:58 AM UTC
John McFerrin
Bob Dole doesn't like this
15 Sep, 01:57 AM UTC
Darren White
@HarleyKeiner Bob Dole’s Peanut Butter
15 Sep, 01:56 AM UTC
Dustin Cooley
@thehill How the fuck did bob dole outlive norm?!
15 Sep, 01:56 AM UTC
Paul Mckenney
@KySportsRadio Pretty good for sure Mr.Jones but favorite skit of Norm is playing Bob Dole in the Real World parody. An absolute classic.
15 Sep, 01:56 AM UTC
Amanda, Princess of Pockets
Norm's run on Weekend Update was always a must-see for me in college, plus of course his Burt Reynolds and Bob Dole. A friend texted me about his death today and I audibly gasped. Cancer sucks.
15 Sep, 01:56 AM UTC
Andrew Arbuckle
Gonna go ahead and retweet Bob Dole....for Normy. RIP.
15 Sep, 01:55 AM UTC
It's extremely disturbing that Bob Dole has now officially outlived Norm Macdonald
15 Sep, 01:54 AM UTC