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Mr. Bob Odenkirk
Finale thank you from Bob Odenkirk @mrbobodenkirk's photo on Bob Odenkirk
16 Aug, 05:54 AM UTC
Culture Crave 🍿
Bob Odenkirk says goodbye to Saul Goodman #BetterCallSaul @CultureCrave's photo on Bob Odenkirk
16 Aug, 07:33 AM UTC
Entertainment Weekly
'Better Call Saul' creators Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan, along with stars Rhea Seehorn and Bob Odenkirk, prepare you for the 'gut-wrenching' and 'surprising' final episode. https://t.co/6fLz7bDqPK
15 Aug, 05:05 PM UTC
Bob Odenkirk turned a one note comedy character into one of the most brilliant characters ever on television. They are sticking the landing. #BetterCallSaulFinale
16 Aug, 02:22 AM UTC
Los Angeles Times
.@mrbobodenkirk reacts to the @BetterCallSaul series finale and bids farewell to the character of Jimmy McGill: “I’m a little shattered about it.” https://t.co/pHMMUA1KaW
16 Aug, 02:54 AM UTC
better call saul caps
“In the end I think the writers acknowledge with the ending that they wrote that it really is this relationship was the real life of the show inner life and outer life.” -Bob Odenkirk https://t.co/QwaWbw6qBK
16 Aug, 06:25 AM UTC
Better Call Saul est terminé Merci Vince Gilligan, Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks etc… Masterpiece 🫡 https://t.co/Sdvip6elMQ
16 Aug, 07:40 AM UTC
Los Angeles Times
Bob Odenkirk on #BetterCallSaul: "Rhea and I have always felt these characters were very emotionally intelligent. They were bigger people than they had shown themselves to be." Read his reaction to the finale: https://t.co/pHMMUA1KaW
16 Aug, 05:00 AM UTC
#BetterCallSaul ¡Magníficas actuaciones de Bob Odenkirk y Rhea Seehorn! Un tal Jimmy McGill y Kim Wexler ya son leyenda. Vince Gilligan y Peter Gould: ¡Gracias por escribir la mejor serie del mundo! Superar lo anterior que era insuperable ya fue posible y con creces. #Netflix https://t.co/AE4ZNjd2cG
16 Aug, 11:00 AM UTC
Konbini France
En février dernier, Bob a dit que c'était la meilleure des saisons. Il avait raison ou pas ? https://t.co/vEzorD3D5y
16 Aug, 11:35 AM UTC
Sander Bos
@mrbobodenkirk @aanenmatig Thank you very much, Bob Odenkirk. You’re an amazing actor.
16 Aug, 12:14 PM UTC
Visit new #bests #tiktok https://t.co/XzP1o94Blw #Good Tuesday #KCON #Bulma #Bob Odenkirk
16 Aug, 12:16 PM UTC
Brian O'Donnell
While Better Call Saul had a fantastic finish it was not the first time Bob Odenkirk played a horrible person in a black and white feature… https://t.co/1oJV89Rm8c
16 Aug, 12:16 PM UTC
Better Call Saul: Bob Odenkirk ringrazia i fan e la #BetterCallSaul #BobOdenkirk #BobOdenkirkVideo #SaulGoodman https://t.co/JY0zwhF1eA
16 Aug, 12:15 PM UTC
Macarena Luz Bianchi
“Life demands surrender and acceptance [laughs], and if you want to be happy — or I don't know …— but be at peace, ultimately you'll come to a point where you have to surrender yourself to the world that that exists and not the one you wish existed.” https://t.co/Rnpu83wA7l
16 Aug, 12:12 PM UTC